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What Influences Our Career Journeys?

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Think back to your childhood. Who was the biggest influence on your “dream” job – and the career path that you eventually pursued? How you answer may have a lot to do with your generation – and your gender, according to the newest release of the Today’s Professional Woman Report, a joint Citi/LinkedIn study.

Citi's Catherine McManus moderates a discussion exploring the biggest influences on our career journeys, and how those factors have shaped our perceptions of work-life “balance”, our self-confidence, and the way that we promote ourselves at work. Other panelists include Victoria Pynchon of SheNegotiates.com, Forbes.com columnist and career coach Kathy Caprino, and self-promotion expert Nancy Joyce.

You can read the full Today's Professional Woman Report here: http://bit.ly/1pUgVii

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