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Does AdWords Really Work?

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Have you ever asked yourself, 'Does Google AdWords REALLY Work?' It is a common question that anyone who has spent or is considering spending on AdWords asks themselves.

Join us Thursday, November 5th as our PPC experts help you answer that question and so much more.

Learn tactics like:

-If I have strong organic traffic, do I even need to pay for clicks?
-How much is too much to be paying?
-Does AdWords traffic even convert?
-Is AdWords effective enough for me to spend my time on it

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Does AdWords Really Work?

  1. 1@erinsagin LIVE WEBINAR Does AdWords Work? ERIN SAGIN 11.05.15
  2. 2@erinsagin Meet Brian & Erin Erin Sagin • PPC Evangelist & Community Manager • 4th Year at WordStream • @erinsagin Bryan Todd • Co-Author of The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords • Provides AdWords & marketing advice & coaching at Perry Marshall & Associates
  3. 3@erinsagin Launch Poll
  4. 4@erinsagin So, does AdWords work?
  5. 5@erinsagin
  6. 6@erinsagin Destroying the Top 5 PPC Misconceptions
  7. 7@erinsagin Haters’ Misconception #1: My SEO Is So Good That I Don’t Need PPC
  8. 8@erinsagin Reality: SEO Isn’t Reliable
  9. 9@erinsagin 64.6% 35.4%
  10. 10@erinsagin Imagine that your bathtub is overflowing
  11. 11@erinsagin Who would you call?
  12. 12@erinsagin Mobile is killing SEO
  13. 13@erinsagin Where’d those listings go?
  14. 14@erinsagin Even brand searches yield more clicks with PPC
  15. 15@erinsagin SEO is turbulent
  16. 16@erinsagin
  17. 17@erinsagin Haters’ Misconception #2: AdWords Is TOO Expensive
  18. 18@erinsagin Reality: AdWords is only expensive if you’re not getting ROI…
  19. 19@erinsagin Learn how to use it • Account Structure • Keyword Research • Negative keywords • Bidding Strategies • Search vs. Display
  20. 20@erinsagin
  21. 21@erinsagin AdWords Auction Formula: Ad Rank
  22. 22@erinsagin AdWords Auction Formula: Actual CPC
  23. 23@erinsagin
  24. 24@erinsagin Google wants ads to be relevant 65 BAD POOR GREAT! 21 3 4 7 8 9 10
  25. 25@erinsagin Google is customer-centric
  26. 26@erinsagin
  27. 27@erinsagin Remember, you’re in control
  28. 28@erinsagin Haters’ Misconception #3: AdWords Traffic Never Converts
  29. 29@erinsagin Reality: You’re Doing Something (or several things) Wrong
  30. 30@erinsagin Did you fall into the eBay trap?
  31. 31@erinsagin Review your structure
  32. 32@erinsagin Revamp your landing pages
  33. 33@erinsagin Explore remarketing
  34. 34@erinsagin Track ALL of your conversions
  35. 35@erinsagin Haters’ Misconception #4: Managing an AdWords Account is a Full Time Job
  36. 36@erinsagin Reality: It can be, but it doesn’t have to be…
  37. 37@erinsagin Save time by… • Deleting keyword clutter • Deleting useless ads • Implementing ad customizers • Using scripts for efficient reporting
  38. 38@erinsagin AdWords management should be continuous and on-going
  39. 39@erinsagin Utilize tools and automation You can spare 20 minutes!
  40. 40@erinsagin Haters’ Misconception #5: AdWords Is Hard
  41. 41@erinsagin Reality: It’s easy to learn!
  42. 42@erinsagin There’s no shortage of learning materials
  43. 43@erinsagin Launch Poll
  44. 44@erinsagin Give us a call: (617) 963-0555 ext 2 or email: support@wordstream.com Questions?