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WWT IWAN Technical Presentation

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Presentation from 9/24/15 webcast presented by WWT Mobility and Access Lead Neil Anderson, on how deploying a Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) strategy will be critical to meet the demands on your business. Bill Thompson and Laks Vijayarajan, technical solutions architects in WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC), covered technical best practices to ensure a successful IWAN deployment.

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WWT IWAN Technical Presentation

  1. 1. Copyright © 2015 World Wide Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Architecting the Intelligent WAN (IWAN) September 24, 2015 Neil Anderson Bill Thompson Laks Vijayarajan Lead, Mobility and Access Solutions Technical Solutions Architect Technical Solutions Architect
  2. 2. What is Driving Change in the Branch? AGENDA
  3. 3. Increasing Demands on the Branch Network RISK | ASSET MANAGEMENT | COMPLEXITY Proliferation of Intelligent Devices More people and more devices, many mobile, are on the network The Need for a Multi- functional Network Collaboration requires voice, video, and data simultaneously Additional Complexity with Shrinking Staff Need for rapid provisioning and real- time services
  4. 4. Mobility and Cloud are Changing the Business Landscape New Digital Experiences Make the Network More Relevant RETAIL Generate More Sales Stores Omni-channel EDUCATION Improved Learning Books iPads FINANCE Customer Loyalty Tellers Remote Agents of executives state achieving digital transformation in two years is critical* 78% *MIT Sloan Management Review, 2013 Digital Transformation Global Executive Study
  5. 5. Mobile Device Traffic AVERAGE NUMBER OF APPS PER DEVICE AVERAGE APP SIZE LATEST OS UPDATE SIZE 41 32 41 23mb 6mb 25mb 1.3gb 400mb 940mb iOS 9 Lollipop Windows 8.1
  6. 6. WAN Demands Exceeding Budgets Exhibit 2: The Widening Network Complexity Gap Building Blocks of IT Endpointson theNetwork VoIP/Video Virtualization Cloud Computing Mobility IoT IT Budgets Network Complexity Gap Source: ZK Research, 2014 5 years Cisco Visual Networking Index, June 2014 Increase 3X in the next GLOBAL IP TRAFFIC GROWTH: will be flat or declining Nemertes Research, August 2014 60%WAN budgets LIMITED WAN BUDGETS:
  7. 7. Intelligent WAN Vision UNCOMPROMISED EXPERIENCE OVER ANY CONNECTION 4G/LTE Internet MPLS Any User Any Application Application Experience Secure Access Lower Costs IT Simplicity Align Infrastructure to Better Business Outcomes Any Transport
  8. 8. AGENDA
  9. 9. Securing Connectivity with DMVPN MPLS Internet Physical: Tunnel0: Physical: Tunnel0: Physical: Tunnel1: Physical: Tunnel0: Physical: Tunnel0: Physical: Tunnel0: -> -> NHRP Table -> -> -> -> NHRP Table -> -> Routing Table: - > interface tunnel0 ip address ip nhrp network-id 10 ip nhrp nhs nbma multicast tunnel source GigabitEthernet0/0/0 tunnel mode gre multipoint tunnel protection ipsec profile INET-PROFILE DMVPN Cloud 1 DMVPN Cloud 2 -> NBMA NBMA?
  10. 10. AGENDA
  11. 11. Realizing Performance with Performance Routing v3 (PfRv3) MPLS Internet Master Hub Transit Hub Border Router Master Branch/Border Router Master Branch/Border Router Border Router Border Router Border Router Border Router domain ATC domain ATC Path discovery: INET Path discovery: MPLS Path: MPLS Path: INET Policies: class VOICE sequence 5 path-preference MPLS fallback INET match dscp ef policy voice priority 1 one-way-delay threshold 150 msec Traffic Class: Dst-Site-Prefix Dst-Site-ID DSCP EF Delay Threshold 150 msec Preferred path: MPLS Backup path: INET Delay > 150msec Traffic Class: Dst-Site-Prefix Dst-Site-ID DSCP EF Delay Threshold 150 msec Preferred path: MPLS Backup path: INET
  12. 12. AGENDA
  13. 13. Improving App Experience with AVC/WAAS UNIFIED PERFORMANCE MONITOR | AVC | FLEXIBLE NETFLOW & NBAR2 Branch Proliferation of Devices Users/ Machines Private Cloud DC/Headquarters Public Cloud Application Visibility & Control (AVC) 60% of IT Professionals Cite Performance as Key Challenge for Cloud No Probes • Deep packet inspection • Passive monitoring for voice, video, critical apps and best-effort apps • No additional hardware (and included in IOS-AX license) Business-Aligned Privacy Enforcement • No need for complex IP and port ACLs • See inside HTTP flows to identify specific Cloud applications Smart Capacity Planning • Better use of expensive bandwidth • Per-branch and per-application level reporting
  14. 14. Improving App Experience with Content Caching Extranet HTTP Akamaized Web Content Akamai Intelligent Platform Authentication to Akamai Intelligent Platform Akamai Connected Cache Branch User Network Challenges • Customer’s own content already cached in the Akamai Intelligent Platform • Last mile access may still be an issue • Users access their own and 3rd party content from the branch Akamai Connect Solution • Cache previously “non-cacheable” Internet content inside the branch • Utilizes the breadth and scale of the Akamai Intelligent Platform • Automatically takes advantages of changes in the Akamai Intelligent Platform
  15. 15. Management and Automation AGENDA
  16. 16. IWAN Management and Automation PRESCRIPTIVE CUSTOMIZABLE 3RD PARTY MANAGEMENT TOOLS Lifecycle Management and Provisioning APIC EM IWAN App (on-prem) Prime Infrastructure (on-prem) (cloud-based, multi-tenant) Assurance, Monitoring, Troubleshooting Prime Infrastructure (on-prem) (on-prem)
  17. 17. Your Next Steps with WWT AGENDA
  18. 18. Advanced Technology Center (ATC) ATC MISSION To create a collaborative ecosystem to design, build, educate, demonstrate and deploy innovative technology products and integrated architectural solutions for our customers, partners and employees around the globe. CLICK HERE
  20. 20. What is Driving Application Changes? Architecting the Hybrid WAN Securing Connectivity with DMVPN Realizing Performance with PfRv3 Improving App Experience with WAAS Your Next Steps with WWT Q&A AGENDA