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Wow Bali Prospectus

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Yayasan Global Banjar Internasional 2012-2016 Prospectus. For more information, please visit www.WowBali.com and/or Facebook.com/wowbali for more up to date information. Wow Bali is a transparent management foundation and inclusive development based on mutualism and sharing of resource.

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Wow Bali Prospectus

  1. 1. YAYASAN GLOBAL BANJAR INTERNASIONAL WOW BALI INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVE Bali, Indonesia About WOW Bali Wow Bali is an internationally recognized program on regenerative sustainable development that started in 2012 in Bali, Indonesia. WOW Bali Co-founder and Creative Director Hai Dai Nguyen developed the Sustainable Dynamics Framework based on his case studies of grassroots sustainable community-based ecotourism best practices in Bali, Indonesia since 2008. “Sustainable Dynamics” are the forces and properties that enable a community to coexist and operate interdependently. WOW Bali program and projects are sustained through mutualism and creative economics with its partners, allowing for the regeneration of new initiatives. The program used to operate under the Yayasan Tri Hita Karana Bali, an organization founded on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana—the core of the Balinese belief system, which traces the “causes of goodness” on a harmonious relationship between God, people, and nature. Tri Hita Karana Bali exists to educate both adults and children about organic farming practices. Through its various projects and workshops, it is able to sustain its advocacy towards preserving the Bali culture and raise environmental awareness through the principles of permaculture. In 2015, after three years of developing sustainable local initiatives, WOW Bali evolved from being a program into its very own Yayasan Global Banjar Internasional with the support of its long-term local partners. Board of Directors: Contact Information Address 1: No. 8 Jl Cocoa II, Desa Kedewatan, Ubud, Bali 80571– Indonesia Address 2: WOW Smart Center Sekar Bumi Tropical Farm Jl. Raya Sekar Bumi No.99, Br. Buhu Desa Kerta Payangan, Gianyar, Bali 80572 – Indonesia Tel. No. +62 819-9954-5666 Email: wow@wowbali.com oxoxhd@gmail.com Website: www.wowbali.com Hai Dai Nguyen Sienara Arsyad Ketut Subagia Tracy Nguyen This initiative for international collaborations on sustainable development builds upon the existing efforts and aspirations of people behind Wow Bali, a program in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, that has a mission to co-develop “regenerative” processes for a more “Sustainable Dynamic” living and learning (with)in 21st century communities.
  2. 2. Vision | Mission WOW Bali envisions a world in which everyone is happy, healthy, and prosperous by virtue of living in complete harmony with the “dynamic” (forces and properties) of human culture and the natural ecosystem. This would be an evolutionary systemic solution of sustainable cultures here in Asia and most indigenous and traditional cultures of the world. Our mission is to co-develop “regenerative” processes for a more “Sustainable Dynamic” (S|D) in living and learning for 21st century communities. (S|D) designs are based on human-centered processes and evolutionary design system for the integration of local wisdom (native intelligence) with applied modern methodologies. WOW Bali aims to develop systemic, holistic, transrdisciplinary, and participatory learning experiences to cultivate human’s “creative potentials”. The goals for international collaborations in various areas of sustainable development (such as, but not limited to sustainable ecotourism and agrotourism) are premised upon the “regenerative” (easy- to-do; simple-to-share) processes that WOW Bali fosters, based on today’s living culture. We believe that sharing of practices, when sustained, can yield valuable impacts not only for individuals and groups involved but also for the communities within which they work or function. Through collaboration, we seek to co-develop ecological communities in the long run so that sustainable practices can thrive and regenerate. They will be showcased in various platforms to serve as models for others to emulate. Programs | Offerings LEARNING EXCHANGE For WOW Bali, learning is a dynamic process and is unique for every individual. We support and apply ‘active learning’ (action research) methodologies to inspire creativity and maximize individual learning experience. DYNAMIC WELLNESS (aka ‘WOW Dynamics’) Learning about the natural dynamics of the human body has a lot to teach us about sustainable living, our relationships with others, with nature, and with the divine. We have researched and affirmed simple regenerative wellness processes (universal modalities) based on traditional cultures and native intelligences that connect us back to nature. These are simple reminders of own creative human’s autonomy, which inspires experiential dynamics towards sustainable human transformation. SUSTAINABLE TOURISM WOW Paradise authentic learning tours fuse ecological, academic, cultural and adventure tours to give you a one-of-a kind travel and learning experience. The sustainable eco-villages (WOW Smart Centers) we are co-developing in Bali will welcome you and share a piece of paradise that you can bring with you long after your visit. CREATIVE COLLABORATIONS
  3. 3. Building a sustainable future requires us to work together. WOW Bali International Initiative supports and practices creative collaborations with various stakeholders through mutualism partnerships in sustainable dynamics. Milestones and Major Projects In January 2013, WOW Bali and Yayasan Tri Hita Karana Bali was case studied by Presidio Graduate School for Sustainable Management for IDEO’s HCDConnect sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with their effort on “Permaculture to Save a Disappearing Culture.” In July 2013, WOW Bali presented Sustainable Community-based EcotOURism Best Practices at the Grassroots Level during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Workshop on Low Carbon Towards Green Growth in Koh Samui, Thailand to showcase ecotourism as an effective tool for cultural preservation and affective tool for people development. The S|D Framework was introduced during this presentation, highlighting holistic participation as a key element in community-based sustainable development. Whereas WOW Bali focused on systemic, holistic, interdisciplinary and participatory eco-solutions based on evolutionary design thinking, UNWTO Acting Director of the Sustainable Development of Tourism Programme, Dr. Dirk Glaesser, emphasized that the “important first lesson (in sustainability): a holistic view is necessary.” In August 2013, WOW Bali and Sekar Bumi Farm were showcased observational case studies in back-to-back international conferences: International Centre for Research on Agroforestry (ICRAF) during the 6th Annual International Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference and to the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Workshop on Agro-tourism Development and Marketing for Improving Farm Household Incomes. These learning exchanges paved the way towards the long term development of the Cultural Wealth Collaboration Project; a collaborative conservation effort that witnesses the evolution of traditional lifestyles and cultures in the midst of a monetary-based society. http://bit.ly/2sl9MlJ
  4. 4. In November 2013, WOW Bali presented at the Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation (FEALAC) Seminar on Sustainable Tourism and Tourism Ethics during which WOW Co-founder shared the basics of sustainable development to international delegates and how the sustainable dynamics of culture is much like the biodiversity of nature. http://bit.ly/2rypvuQ In December 2013, WOW Bali launched WOW Affect New Year Celebration in collaboration with The Mansion Bali Resort as part of the Eco-Life Celebrations Program to develop and showcase dynamic wellness and celebration programs and implement eco-effective solutions that could transform and improve efficiency in the use of resources in luxury settings. http://bit.ly/2rxYpEi In March 2014, The Human Biodiversity Framework was co-developed, as a result of the case study by the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity and the Development Academy of the Philippines. The framework integrates WOW Bali’s eight (8) pillars of sustainable dynamics and dynamics wellness modalities current regional development here in Gianyar Regency. Learning exchange and case study with the ASEAN Center for Biodiversity highlighted one of the biggest global issues in sustainability—the massive loss of ecological biodiversity. WOW Bali’s integration of human-level and systemic regenerative solutions for the sustainable development of the people and the planet recognizes human impact on the ecology. http://bit.ly/2rPSEkF The Human Biodiversity Framework was launched during the ‘Awaken the Spirit’ Conference, Concert and Ceremony organized by WOW Bali at the end of March 2014. Documentation case studies by the Development Academy of the Philippines focused on the application of the Sustainable Dynamics Framework into creative collaborations with different stakeholders. The conference showcased collaborative projects with Yayasan Tri Hita Karana Bali, The Mansion Hotel and Resort, Dwijendra University, Desa Kerta Generations and Fat Radish Community Supported Agriculture, Sekar Bumi Farm, and Bindu Village.
  5. 5. In May 2014, WOW Bali Co-Founderand CreativeDirector made a keynote presentation of the Human Biodiversity Framework during the Asian Productivity Organization 11th Grantees’ Forum, with the theme “Green Productivity Towards a Greener Asian Economy” at the Development Academy of the Philippines in Pasig City, Philippines. The “Sustainable Dynamics” Framework was then recognized as an international collaborative framework for sustainable development. The framework was applied in learning workshops and exchanges with the center executives of the Academy. The APO Forum opened opportunities for collaboration with stakeholders in the Philippines, namely, the Center for Sustainable Human Development of the Development Academy of the Philippines; the renowned Costales Nature Farms and the local government of Majayjay, Laguna; community partners in Sagada, Mountain Province; and the Sovereign Shepherd School of Values and Learning. In August 2014, the 1st International Heliconia Congress was held at Sekar Bumi Farm in collaboration with the Department of Floriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia, and the Regency of Gianyar in Bali. This international event was conducted alongside the WOW Kreatif Camp organized in collaboration with Snerayuza Art Space. During the joint event, WOW Bali launched its WOW Paradise Sustainable Ecotourism Program with focus on Dynamic Wellness, the WOW Smart Center Ecovillage Project and the Global Banjar Vision. In September 2014, the Sustainable Dynamics Collective was formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between WOW Bali and Universitas Dwijendra to develop knowledge sharing and exchange, research & development, practicum programs and academic fora and conferences on wellness and regenerative sustainable development. In May 2015, WOW Bali Co-founder Hai Dai conducted learning exchanges in Vietnam with various creative organizations, technology startup groups (Phibius, Glow, Hello Doctor), government institution (SMEDEC II), and universities (Hoa Sen University) to share about WOW Bali’s Sustainable Dynamics Framework as part of active learning about ASEAN Integration.
  6. 6. In May 2015, WOW Bali became a registered Yayasan Global Banjar Internasional. The name signifies WOW local collaborators’ vision of a ‘global banjar’, which they want to regenerate beyond Bali by offering transformative and sustainable ecotourism. In July 2015, WOW Bali hosted the largest Dharma Youth Camp at WOW Smart Center in Sekar Bumi Farm. Indonesia’s largest Buddhist community share our WOW Dynamics and its Dynamic Wellness processes as natural human’s transformation and benefits of the planet. WOW Bali Co-founder Hai Dai met with Republic of Indonesia Education Minister Anies Baswedan and MIT Professor Otto Scharmer during the Forum on Reinventing Education for 21st Century: U.School: Building Collective Leadership Capacity for Transforming Self, Business, & Society in Paramadina Graduate School Campus in Jakarta in July 2015. Prof. Sharmer centered his talk around Creating Innovations in Education while Minister Baswedan inspired the participants with the underlying philosophy of his reform efforts in Indonesian basic education: education as a movement-building; tri- sector engagement (business, NGOs, government) in further advancing new learning environments. In September 2015, WOW Co-founder Hai Dai and Youth Champion Jaz Linh Nguyen presented WOW Dynamics: Path to Freedom was presented to the International FEALAC Youth Conference (IFYC2015) in Bandung, Indonesia. This served as impetus for the series of regenerative programs for youths focused on marine-preneurship.
  7. 7. Amidst the ripple-effects from IFYC2015, WOW Bali launched the Adventure Learning Tour in October 2015 to bring the FEALAC Youths and youths from Uncollege’s Gap Year Programs to an experiential journey in Bali as a participatory approach in understanding the situation in coastal and upland grassroots communities. REGEN 2.O is WOW Bali's "Ridge to Reef" Development; an alliance aimed at preserving locally-managed marine protected areas (LMMPA) in Tulamben and Amed, BALI. In December 2015, Yayasan Global Banjar Internasional collaborated with Jero Gede Alitan and the Batur Management Team to start WOW Batur Project, a regenerative model for community-based cultural tourism initiative in Mount Batur, Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia. Batur supplies most of the island’s water, which is the lifeblood of the Balinese culture. This collaboration project pays tribute to the significant contribution of Batur and the local communities living in this sacred land, headed by their high priest and political leader, Jero Gede Alitan. In January 2016, collaboration between the ASEAN Youth Leader’s Association (AYLA)- Indonesia Chapter and WOW Bali and commenced with the goal of co- creating the ASEAN Children Festival 2016. In May 2016, WOW Bali landed on the front page of BALI POST, showcasing its mission to bridge modern methodologies with Bali's ancient philosophy, Tri Hita Karana, a high human consciousness that has transcended time, to lead the Z-Generation (14-17 years old) into sustainable (economic, social and environmental) freedom.
  8. 8. HealFest 2016 was held at WOW Batur in November 2016 during which WOW co-founder, Hai Dai, shared how ‘WOW Dynamics Framework is not just for optimum living in co-creating abundance as individuals and for our community but can also serve to prevent illnesses and enable healing for others. A week earlier, WOW Batur hosted the Balian (trans. Balinese Healer) Gathering that brough together Bali’s renown Balians to share deep insights into ancient healing processes of the Balinese. This event served to share the thousand-year-old dynamic approach to wellness that is inspired by the willingness to believe in the powerful activation of love, combined with human’s highest divine connections for optimum wellbeing. In mutualism, a collaboration in sharing resources with HealFest, founded by Matt Reimann of ph360; a ‘Personalized Health’ vision featured on TEDTalks, is very much in alignment with WOW Dynamic Wellness framework for sustainable and regenerative development. WOW Bali and ph360 share a common understanding: that there is a great need for personal management of wellbeing in today’s time. One’s abilities to control stress and cure sickness are vital solutions of social, cultural, economic, and environmental wellness of the planet. Fulfilling WOW’s sustainable dynamic collaboration with AYLA Indonesia, the ASEAN Children Festival 2016 (A+CF2016) was held on 15-19 December 2017, setting a pathway towards sustainable freedom. It’s theme: CONNECT, INSPIRE, CO-CREATE applies "WOW Dynamics" framework during the three-day regenerative active learning celebration, where children aged 14-17 from ASEAN countries and beyond were connected to share their well- being and creative processes in order to regenerate their leadership, vision, and actions within their community. With over 130 participants and over 60 Social Projects initiated by the youth delegates from Indonesia, The Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bangladesh.
  9. 9. After the ASEAN Children Festival, the youth mentors gathered in Bali in January 2017 to activate them with transformative leadership during the Global Mentor Fest. The mentors, who spearheaded the A+CF2016, went through workshops in dynamic wellness with simple movements, imagination, posture, and breath work that can shift their energy towards peace and natural balance. They have also shared their active learning during the workshops as a means of activating transformative leadership and creative autonomy. They have found several applications of transformative leadership and creative in their own studies and field of interests. In February 2017, WOW Bali mentored Langit Budaya student group led by Ms. Fitria Pebri to co-develop Blue Sky Culture: Sharing Culture and Spirituality for Dynamic Living. This is a cultural tour that provides dynamic learning opportunity “in the spirit of togetherness” to remind us that “a regenerative sustainable culture is possible under the blue sky”. This project was initiated by students from STMIK Primakara Technopreneurship Campus) Participating in Bali’s biggest beach cleanup and The Economist’s World Ocean Summit in February 2017, WOW Bali Initiated collaboration with Mr. Paul Rossi, the President of The Economist Group’s global media businesses. The project is a ‘Call of Commitment’ to Bali from the Mr. Rossi (From Beach to Boast) will serve to transform Bali’s ocean plastic trash into 3D printed boats which will be provided to fisherfolks in the coastal villages of Bali so they can start their own ecotourism enterprises.
  10. 10. WOW Bali Co-founder revisitedthe Ancient City of Hue in Vietnam to form alliances with Start Up Ecosystem and Innovation Systems Foundation and CoPlus Hub. This collaboration aims to develop the next generation of sustainable youth's professional mentors (16-28 yrs) for children's (10- 14 yrs) authentic learning via social entrepreneurship based on 'WOW Dynamics' leveraging corporate philanthropy marketing for optimum regeneration. WOW Bali also partnered with Hue's Association for Children's Rights for optimum sustainable developments and social protection of marginalized and abused children. Mr. Hai Dai also met with LYD3D which launched affordable 3D printers in collaborations with Makerspace in Da Nang City, Vietnam. Professor Thu at Da Nang University shares her vision of bringing innovations to K-12 and in supporting the next level STEM development. WOW co-founder sees possibilities in regenerative development with Artcodo and LYD3D for our sustainable and regenerative children's rights projects in Vietnam. The first visioning session with International Relations Graduating Students from Sebelas Maret University (UNS) focused on sustainable tourism planning for “Malaka Regenerative” in Malaka Village, North Lombok, Indonesia. In collaboration with WOW Bali, this project was initiated by youths as an application of innovative agriculture to empower the community of Malakas, especially the youth and women. This collaboration to regenerate WOW Sustainable Dynamics programs starts with waste management good practices to sustain profits, to adopting wellness programs for human transformation toward sustainable tourism development.
  11. 11. The ASEAN Youth Friendship Network led by Ms. Hesti Aryani launched the International Youth Friendship Camp 2017 in collaboration with WOW Bali in March 2017. The Program aimed to facilitate connections and strengthen solidarity among youths from all over the world. WOW Bali provided fun and creative approach to truly know thy ‘self’. WOW Bali shared its mutualistic development (that evolved from friendship) that is sustainable and regenerative with the largest organic exotic flower farm in Bali via creative economics. AYLA Indonesia and WOW Bali are set to collaborate with the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) and Anakmuda.net for the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth (AMMY) 2017 side event called ASEAN Youth Expo to showcase ASEAN solidarity through projects being regenerated in different ASEAN countries using a universal, integrative, and transformative framework. This collaboration was initiated as early as 2015 during the International FEALAC Youth Conference, in which Mr. Mirhan Tabrani, the Director of International Partnership of the Youth and Sports Ministry, played a big role. In April 2017, Wow Bali connected its interdisciplinary framework with Sebelas Maret University (UNS) in Surakarta, one of Indonesia's top ten academic institutions. This knowledge exchange led to a collaboration to develop student internship programs for the college students of Sebelas Maret with WOW Bali to actively learn about regenerative development. The students will benefit from dynamic learning opportunities and interdiciplinary participatory approach for
  12. 12. individuals to connect their academic capabilities with professional experiences. Together with WOW Bali during the MOU signing are the Dean of Social and Political Science Faculty, Head of International Relations, Head of Communications, Head of National Exchange, Head of Sociology, Head of Public Administration, Head of Library Studies and International Relations of Sebelas Maret University. WOW Bali consulted for Netflix Dance Documentary “We Speak Dance” this year, showcasing how affective cultural dance via WOW ‘sustainable dynamics’ can affirm cultural uniqueness; beyond the aesthetic of dance and into using dance and the arts as effective tools in socio-cultural development. This process goes back to the backbone of socio-cultural development—traditional beliefs that came before dance and the arts were monetized in performance-based processes. The return of sacredness within dance and the arts connect to one’s creative autonomy; a self-directed course of one’s wellbeing as an offering to their highest self and divinity. This connects people to human’s highest aptitude—creativity for connecting the dots in everyday living. WOW Bali in a partnership with Bali Flow Temple for a dynamic exchange in collaborations to integrate WOW Dynamics framework within creative movements that reconnect one’s flow; fused by the elementals for a deeper understanding of connectedness and intentions. Develop one’s action learning as an inspiration towards creative movements; inspiring creative autonomy as a sacred offering that is imprinted in our cognitive minds via the elementals of fire, water, wind or earth. In short, where ever creative mind goes, blood follows and where blood goes energy manifests; impregnate this manifestation with intentions and imagination then healing begins. WOW Bali launched “Sacred Adventures” in this inaugural cultural exchange with Ratu Pedenda (High Priest of the Balinese Calendar) famous for WARIGA BELOG based on ancient systems used by the Balinese for farming, now has evolved into self-management and personal wellness guidance system, a native intelligence used by collaborative networks. The cultural exchange bridged the Balinese cultural aesthetics with modern cultures and traditional modalities of wellness for global regenerative development. Ratu Pedanda shared the application of the Balinese calendar and how events such as ceremonies and celebrations can help build communities. Under WOW framework and instructional design via technology regenerative development, Ratu Pendanda and WOW Team will co-create wellness, creative autonomy and transformative leadership solutions for sustainable dynamics toward optimum regenerative exchange.