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Introduction to Android Animations

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Jérémie Laval shows how you can fall in love with Android animations and how you can get your users to fall head over heels for your Mono for Android apps.

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Introduction to Android Animations

  1. 1. Xamarin SeminarIntroduction to Android Animations 14th February 2013
  2. 2. AgendaIntroduction to Android Animations Jérémie Laval Xamarin Engineer jeremie.laval@xamarin.com @jeremie_laval http://blog.neteril.org Xamarin
  3. 3. Foreword“The best UI animations are the ones your users dont notice because they feel natural” Xamarin
  4. 4. Android Animation APIs 1. View Animations 2. Property Animations 3. Layout animations Xamarin
  5. 5. View Animations-Pre-Android 3.0-Only on View-Limited range of effect-Simple and straightforward Xamarin
  6. 6. Property Animations-New in Android 3.1-Generalized framework for animations-Custom property support-Complete instrumentation API Xamarin
  7. 7. Layout animations-Easy to use ( just add android:animateLayoutChanges="true" )-Fade in/Fade out + Slide in/Slide out effects-Nice for transition between element states Xamarin
  8. 8. In Conclusion Xamarin
  9. 9. Resources- Sticky GUIs: http://parleys.com/#st=5&id=2897- Android Developers DevBytes http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWz5rJ2EKKc_XOgcRukSoKKjewFJZrKV0- Android API Guide: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/graphics/ index.html- Our Xamarin docs: http://docs.xamarin.com/android/Recipes/Other_UX/ Animation- Android tricks series on Xamarin blog: http://blog.xamarin.com Xamarin
  10. 10. Xamarin Seminar Please give us your feedback http://bit.ly/xamfeedback Follow us on Twitter @XamarinHQ 14th February 2013