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Paper or Digital: Where the Legal Industry Weighs In [Infographic]

This infographic illustrates the vast amount of paper that is generated in the legal industry and illustrates how Xerox can help digitize and manage workflow processes, resulting in a fast and cost-effective law firm with less paper waste.

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Paper or Digital: Where the Legal Industry Weighs In [Infographic]

  1. 1. Paper or Digital? Where the legal industry weighs in. With competition at an all-time high, nearly all law offices have turned to digitization and automation to cut costs, improve records management and shore up compliance. Yet just 30 percent of firms are truly reengineering work processes.1 It’s time to kick those paper-based habits—and tip the scales of digitization in your favor. ©2015 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox® and Xerox and Design® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. BR15895 1. “Law Firms in Transition.” Altman Weil, 2014. 2. “Earth Week—A Few Facts About Paper Consumption.” Shake Simply Legal, 2014. 3. “Law Firm Survey: It’s Not Easy Being Green; Unimportant Docs Get Printed, Paper Costs Grow.” ABA Journal, 2011. 4. “ARE YOU AT RISK? The Biggest Malpractice Claim Risks and How to Avoid Them.” American Bar Association, 2010. 5. “Fundamentals of Law Office Management.” Pamela Everett-Nollkamper, 2013. 6. “Ten Ways Law Firms Lose a Lot of Money.” CBA Practice Link. 7. “New Survey Reveals Trends on Document Automation, Mobile Priorities and Law Offices of the Future.” Legal IT Insider, 2014. 8. “ILTA’s 2014 Technology Survey.” International Legal Technology Association, 2014. 9. “Just 22 Percent of Law Firms Use Encrypted Email.” eSecurity Planet, 2014. Up to 100,000 sheets of paper are generated by a single attorney on average per year.2 $900a year is spent maintaining one standard law firm filing cabinet.6 of firm managers say half of their regularly printed documents are unimportant.3 Up to 3 hours a day are wasted looking for files, documents or case information.5 of malpractice claims are due to administrative errors, including losing or misfiling documents.4 of firms are still struggling to go “virtually paperless.”7 28.5% 95% 42% of firms still do not automate the tracking of physical files.8 50% Just 19% of firms use enterprise- grade file collaboration services— a red flag for security.9 Nearly 40%of firms do not have software to manage ethical walls.8 20% of firms still do not have software for records management of physical files.8 Xerox can help you turn truckloads of paper into streamlined digital workflows. So you can be the fast, compliant, cost-effective law firm today’s clients demand. Visit xerox.com/legalinfographic