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Odoo For Ecommerce

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Open erp development is the trending technique which has been in use regardless of the fields. For E-Commerce, odoo has made the process more customized.

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Odoo For Ecommerce

  1. 1. Why Odoo For E-Commerce ?
  2. 2.  Odoo is the evolved form of the open erp development with more customized options which helps improvement of the business  The ecommerce features was started in odoo from the version 8.0  Ecommerce odoo has the complete integration with the CMS and are very effective in managing sales and transactions happening in eshop ODOO
  3. 3.  The business data and the resources are collected continuously without any manual actions.  The orders and sale are processed without human entries and are done with complete accuracy.  Odoo and eshop integration serves the purpose on 24/7 basis. Automated Business
  4. 4.  The website builder here is getting more flexible. The customized themes renders hand in creating appealing product pages.  Drag and drop is the function applied here to create any type of enhanced image.  More responsive designs are also obtained through this awesome website builder. Website Builder
  5. 5.  Billing plays a vital role in ecommerce business, it should be made uninterruptable to make the goods transaction process successful.  the more complex payment options are handled with ease through integration with the third party payment system.  Various payment options are taken for consideration and the transaction is handled in well secured manner. Billing Options
  6. 6.  With the ecommerce odoo, there comes with the flexibility to manage multiple sales under a single roof.  Many other odoo functionalities like CRM, Website, inventory and so forth are integrated in one system  Third party integration is made for multiple functionalities like shipping, payment, shopping, etc.. Integration
  7. 7.  Bringing the best services or products to vicinity will boost up the revenue increase.  Odoo renders hands in showcasing the top most trending products and they also provide the analytics of the sales transaction and revenue summary.  The repetition of the data is eradicated completely here which in turn paves way for maintaining the accurate data. Reporting
  8. 8.  Odoo categorize the partners in three ways: ready, silver and gold.  Point Perfect Technology Solutions takes the privilege to be Ready Odoo partner who renders hand in the enhancing the progression of the business by implementing the odoo application for various requirements. Odoo Partners
  9. 9. Tower 1A, VII Floor, CHIL SEZ IT Park, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore - 641035, Tamil Nadu , India. Email: business@pptssolutions.com Ph no: +91 422 4037111 Contact