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hollee r10

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hollee r10

  1. 1. GRASSLANDS By Hollee
  2. 2. ClimateThe sun is almost out allday. The temperature isbetween 113 degrees and 49degrees. Its cold in themorning then warms upfrom the warm big sun whichmakes it hot in thegrasslands.
  3. 3. Grassland factsGrasslands once covered 42%of earth. Prairie is the nameof grassland in Paris.Herbivores are plant eatersand carnivores are meateaters. Lions, tiger, hyena andwild dogs are carnivores.
  4. 4. Grassland world wideYou can find grasslands in/nearBritish places. There are lots ofplaces to find grasslands theres aplace called steppe there’s a bit ofgrassland their. Hear are moreplaces you can find grassland . Hearssome of the other places. East Africa, Tanzania and India. And you cannormally find them between desertsand rainforest.
  5. 5. PlantsIm going to tell you some of thegrasslands plants. Trees ingrassland only have not manyleaves but they still have enoughto feed a giraffe. Theres also biggrass that animals can hide in sothey don’t get killed and eaten.Sometimes there are little poolsin them which is a little hard tofind because of the big grass.
  6. 6. lionLions are carnivores. Carnivores aremeat-eaters. Lions live in packs.That means they live in a group.The male lions usually just layaround and the female lions calledlioness will take care for the cubsand they do all of the hunting. Butthe male lion will protect histerritory. And the male lion willfight any other male lion that wantsto over take him.
  7. 7. BaboonBaboons are a type of monkey.Baboons have the weirdest bottom.Its pink. They have this pink buttsthat makes every one laugh. There isno reason they have pink butts. Theyalso have those big front fangs. Ababoons most often predators arehumans , cheetah and a leopards. Ababoon grows to 4 or 5 feet tall.Baboons weight is up to 80 or 90pounds.
  8. 8. food chain Lion buffalo zebra wildebeestroot berries grass grass