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Marketing, Brand Exercise

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Marketing, Brand Exercise

  1. 1. Brand ExerciseDeadline: Tuesday August 30, 2011. 8pmThe following are the products given for each group. Groups have been listed below. So Group 1 will doNo. 1 Group 2 will do No 2 and so on. 1. A toffee made of natural ingredients 2. A smoke-free cigarette 3. A mobile beauty parlour 4. A B-school for women 5. A washing machine with built-in radio/mp3 playerFor each of these products a) Identify the target customer b) Identify the competition c) Create a name and logo design/slogan or sign off d) Justify your brand elements in terms of its appeal, last-ability, adaptability etc e) State what will be the brand promise your brand will deliver f) Any suggested brand extensions g) What marketing activities will you undertake to popularize your brandGroup 1: Tarun, Anurag, Yogesh, Akash, BhartiGroup 2: Vikash, Pawan, MAK, Nisarg, PriyaGroup 3: Neeraj, Anil Behal, Amit Kanabar,Group 4: Ishan, Prashant, Anil Kamani, ShatakshiGroup 5: Manish, Surender Negi, Ridhima, Deepak,Deadline: Friday September 2, 2011 .....6 pm......presentations to be held in the class onTuesday, September 6
  2. 2. All the best....get those creative juices flowingAll projects must be submitted in ppt/pptx format.Any member of the Group can be asked to present the project in the class.