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E publishing

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E publishing

  1. 1. It focuses on: •Introduction of publishing •Process and workflow of e-publishing •Global Market – India SWAT •Self Publishing : How to and Where •Future of e-publishing in India •Career opportunities in e-publishingWay forward……….
  2. 2. Publishing :Publishing is The activity of putting information in the publicarena, which includes document management. It is the process ofaccepting the authors work, refining the content, and making thedocument available to the readers.e-Publishing :The digital creation and distribution of electronic content,including printed materials, Image , text , music, video andsoftware etc.
  3. 3. Publishing Magazines, Books, Comics etc.Integration of Interactive Media like Voice,Video, Hyperlink etc.Payment Methods and VariousSubscription Offers.Cross Platform and DRM Support.Cloud based access mechanism.Multilingual Support.Direct and Indirect Ad Integration.
  4. 4. Publisher Author & Publish eBook Production Import eBook / Magazine Metadata Server & Download eBook Formats Online web portal Internet Internet Internet Main Content ServerIndividual Books and Magazine Application for each Title Internet Reader Internet Apps Store
  5. 5. • You write your book.• Ensure your book is formatted correctly for the publisher.• Send manuscript to publisher or decide on where you wouldlike to publish your e-book.• Develop a key word, search engine friendly book descriptionfor book. (less than 760 words and follow publisher’sguidelines)• Upload book to publisher, descriptions, author bio, cover ofbook, etc.• Start your promotions when it is available live for sale.
  6. 6. The Internet makes it easier to offer your materials to a globalaudienceSelf publishing includes writing, publishing and marketing yourmaterialsNewsletters are a popular medium for self publishingTips for Self-Publishing an ebook• Its going to be good and Quality product :• Create an arresting cover:• Price your e-book cheaply:• Avoid any outfits that dont let you set the price:• Marketing is all about creating awareness for your e-book:
  7. 7. You will market your e-published books similar to your typical book. Press Releases (see my e-book!) Book Reviews Blogs, websites, twitter, facebook , linkedin etc. Online Book signings if you are in print and book trailers for the e-books…podcasts, blog interviews, youtube videos, etc. Print – postcards, etc.
  8. 8. Several items to consider • Their distribution and marketing efforts or ability to sell to our target market. • Royalties or ‘your share’ of the sales. • What are the contract details? • Rights – do you still own your work? By using Apple software there is a question of ownership. By using an e-publishers ISBN rather than you own? • Accessibility and your ability to market the book? • If you are offering both print and e-book can they do both? • E-pub, PDF, Kindle formats offered? • What will be your cost to create? • And others depending on your circumstance.
  9. 9. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Smashwords BookBaby Barnes & Nobles PubIt Lulu Booktango iBooks Author Scribd In sum
  10. 10. • Ebook sales grew 177% last year.• 53% of those who buy eBook readers state that they now read more booksthan they did before. (This is a good thing, right?)• 51% of eReader owners increased their purchases of eBooks in the past year.• 176% Increase in US electronic-book sales in 2009.• 86% of eReader owners read on their device more than once a week.• 51% of eReader owners read on their device on a daily basis. (Wow!)• eReaders are now owned by 1 in 10 Americans. 12% of Americans plan to buyone within 6 months. (Another wow to me!)• The average Amazon customer buys 3.3x as many books after buying a Kindlethan before they had one.• One out of five people who buy digital books from the Kindle store don’t own aKindle device. (i.e., 20% of sales are on iPads, etc.)• iPad controls 16% of the eReader market and rising.• iPad sales are expected to be 15.6 million this year and 46 million next year.
  11. 11. Interesting demographics here:• iPad users: 65% male, 63% under 35, 39% make more than $80k.• Kindle users: 52% male, 47% under 35, 44% make more than $80k.• iPads and Kindles will be available through Best Buy, Staples, Target, Walmart(iPad only) and other retailers by year’s end.• 44% prefer Kindle on the iPad over the iBookstore.
  12. 12. Print-on-Demand is a new method for printing books whichallows books to be printed one at a time, or on demand. Thismethod helps publishers from the process of doing atraditional print run of several thousand books at a time.Custom printing will make every piece of content available ina few minutesBookstores and libraries could offer print on demand servicesPrint-on-demand could help prevent waste and reducedeforestation
  13. 13. Opportunities Strengths•Cost and Revenue •Early Mover Advantage-Lower salaries •India Brand-New Markets •Multinational•Time & Distributing work 24x7 Alliances•Resources & Pool of worldwide •Balanced risktalentThreats Weaknesses•Emerging players •Governance & Bureaucracy•Unable to resolve differences •Unpredictable infrastructure •Cultural/linguistic differences
  14. 14. E-publishing is another mode of publication having many advantages.E-publishing is a very broad term that includes a variety of different publishingmodels namely electronic books (ebooks), print-on-demand (POD), emailpublishing and web publishing services.Cost of production is lower than print publishingSmaller investment in inventoryStorage is much less expensive than physical book storageUpdating is easier and economical
  15. 15. E-publishing is very broad and encompasses a variety of publishing patterns,such as eBooks, print-on-demand, email publishing, web publishing services,etc.India is also known world-wide as a major book-publishing country. Havingmore than around 20,000 publishing entities producing content in more than29 regional languages, India is a huge market for ePublishing.The publishing industry has been witnessing a paradigm shift from print todigital publishing.Peripheral IT and ITES companies has started working on it.Technology will continue to drive evolution in the publishing industry.
  16. 16. E-publishing needsGraduates, post-graduates, doctorates with science, math andlanguage background (English/German/French etc) to work atvarious positions as:Editors, Proofreaders, Programmers, imaging experts, copy-editors, conversion specialists, quality Controllers etc.As the industry is growing at faster pace it offers better prospects
  17. 17. The skills you need to enter, stay in, and progress in the world of work.Fundamental Skills:Communicate•read and understand information•write and speak so others pay attention and understand•listen and ask questions to understand•share information using information and communications technologies (e . g., voice, e-mail,c omputers)Manage Information•locate, and organize information using appropriate technologyThink & Solve Problems•assessSituations and identify problems•seek different pointsOf view and evaluate them based on facts•recognize the human, interpersonal, scientific dimensions of a problem•identify the root cause of a problem
  18. 18. Personal Management SkillsDemonstrate Positive Attitudes & Behaviours•feel good about yourself and be confident•deal with people, problems with honesty, integrity and personal ethicsBe Adaptable•work in dependently or as apart of a team•be open and respond constructively to change•learn from your mistakes and accept feedback Learn Continuously•be willing to continuously learn and grow•plan for and achieve your learning goals
  19. 19. Teamwork SkillsWork with Others•understand and work with in the dynamics of a group•be flexible: respect, be open to opinions and contributions of others•recognize and respect people’s diversity and perspectives
  20. 20. Thank YouYogesh SahuGeneral ManagerNE Mobile Indiayogesh.s@nemobile.in