Sensors for Biometry and Recognition - 2016 Report by Yole Developpement

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In a global biometric hardware market worth over $4B, traditional fingerprint/palm sensors still monopolize 95% of the market, but face and iris sensors lie in wait.

Fingerprint technology impressively dominates the market - but changes are expected

Due to historical reasons, like the criminal fingerprint database established by the FBI with ink-based techniques, fingerprint sensing is the most common biometric technology currently used, by far. We estimate that the annual revenues generated by fingerprint-based solutions are currently $4.25B, representing 95% of the hardware market. Fingerprint sensing dominates technologies like iris, face, palm or voice recognition, because it meets almost all the requirements of a “perfect” biometric recognition technology. It is robust, stable and repeatable, time-invariant, difficult to spoof, has a distinctive meaning, is "unique" amongst a population, accessible, easy to use and acceptably non-intrusive. All other biometric technologies do not yet fulfill those requirements as specifically as fingerprint technology. Hardware revenues generated by the other biometric technologies are relatively low, estimated at $250M, mostly from iris and face recognition. This report identifies the players in the biometric hardware market, and provides technology, market and trend evolution insights. The fingerprint market has experienced an incredible volume increase in the consumer market with the adoption of the active capacitance detection on an increasing number of smartphones to answer the demand of online identification, mobile payment and unlocking applications. Diverse technologies, such as optical, thermal, and Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUT), are also trying to penetrate the consumer market, but are still very limited. The industrial and homeland/security markets are still widely using optical technology. Other biometric solutions like iris, face or voice recognition have been introduced but with a limited impact. Their performance hasn’t yet reached the requirements with regards to cost, reliability, false rejection rate and false acceptance rate to significantly penetrate either the consumer, industrial or homeland/security markets....

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Sensors for Biometry and Recognition - 2016 Report by Yole Developpement

  1. 1. November © 2016 From Technologies to Markets 2016 Report Sensors for Biometry and Recognition Will consumer tech disrupt the market?
  2. 2. 2 OBJECTIVES OF THE REPORT Provide a clear understanding of applications and related technologies. Ecosystem identification and analysis: • Determine applications range • Technical market segmentation • Economic requirements by segment • Key players by market and analysis • Market size and market forecast in $M and Munits Analysis and description of market and technologies involved: • Major actors on a global basis • Detailed applications per market segment • Technology identification for different products and processes • Competing technologies • Main technical challenges Ecosystem Market Techno @2016 | | Sensors for Biometry and Recognition
  3. 3. 3 METHODOLOGIES & DEFINITIONS Yole’s market forecast model is based on the following elementary structured blocks: Yole’s analysis framework @2016 | | Sensors for Biometry and Recognition
  4. 4. 4 360 Biometrics, 3M (Cogent),Abacus Infotech,Anviz Biometric,Apple,Aware, BioEnable, BioID, Bio-Key, Biomatiques, CMITech, Cognitec, CrossMatch, CrucialTec, DeltaID, Dermalog, Egistec, EyeLock, EyeVerify, Fingerprints Card, FotoNation, Fujitsu Frontech, Futronic, Goodix, GreenBit, HID Global, ID3, IDEX, InvenSense, IrisGuard, IrisID, Iritech, Kona C, Knuverse, Lumidigm, m2sys, NEC, NextBiometrics, Nuance, Precise Biometrics AB, Princeton Identity (SRI Identity), Qualcomm, Safran Morpho, Secugen, Sestek, Sonavation, Suprema, SynapticsValidity,Vkansee, XinguoduTechnology, ZKTEco and many more ! @2016 | | Sensors for Biometry and Recognition COMPANIES CITED IN THIS REPORT
  5. 5. 5 REPORT SCOPE Only sensors dedicated to biometry and recognition @2016 | | Sensors for Biometry and Recognition Physiological biometrics sensors (eye, face, finger, hand, voice, etc.) ADN identification Behavioral biometrics (keystroke, signature, etc.) Smart cards Not included in the report
  6. 6. 6 SCOPE OF THE REPORT Focus on the uniqueness of the physical parts of the human body @2016 | | Sensors for Biometry and Recognition Biometrics Physiological Face Fingerprint Palm Iris Voice Retinal/EyeVein Behavioral Signature Keystroke Sensor Applications Markets Trends Forecasts
  7. 7. 7 BIOMETRICS ARE RAMPING UP SINCE OVER A DECADE AND EVEN MORE NOW Semiconductor industry improvements lead to smaller and more reliable sensors able to recognize a unique human @2016 | | Sensors for Biometry and Recognition The advent of the smartphone industry since 10 years offers to biometric company the opportunity to install sensors on potentially each human. Biometric Increasing importance of digital identity and digital banking (ID, Login, Password) Tightening security measures in the defense, customs and borders protection Increased threat of terrorist attacks Enrollment exclusions Forgery of biometrics Reticence of the population to be monitored Silicon-based sensors improvements Worldwide Surveillance/ security concerns Smartphones installed base key trends enhancing Biometrics 3
  8. 8. 8 APPLICATIONS OF BIOMETRY AND RECOGNITION 2 traditional industries, and the newborn consumer business is skyrocketing Applications have been split among 3 sectors: 1- Consumer 2- Industrial 3- Homeland and Security  Office access  Travel/Airport security  Healthcare/Clinics  Retail  Financial & Banking  …  Mobile  Smart home  Automotive  …  Government offices  Citizen management/Voter registration  Police/Military citizen management  Defense  … @2016 | | Sensors for Biometry and Recognition Industrial Consumer Homeland / Security Biometry
  9. 9. 9 DIFFERENCE: IDENTIFICATION VS. VERIFICATION Identification requires a database @2016 | | Sensors for Biometry and Recognition 1 vs n 1 vs 1 Sensors Input Interface APU/MCU Processing Unit Display/Indicator Output Interface SecureElement Encrypted Data Compared or Sent Internal/External Database Data Comparison Sensors Input Interface APU/MCU Processing Unit Display/Indicator Output Interface SecureElement Encrypted Data/Pattern compared to Enrollment pattern The 1-to-n nature of identification typically requires a database of identities against which to match (the ‘n’) Verification is answering the question,“Are you who you say you are?”
  10. 10. 10 BIOMETRICS MARKET TREND IN MOBILE Recent security cases may have shorten the entry in the security technology From convenience to security feature… 20202012 2014 2016 2018 2022 20% 30% 50% 70% Fingerprint biometrics is a convenience feature 90% Market Penetration Convenience/feature Security technology Could biometrics become a critical security technology ? Mobile Payment Online Identity Biometric Personal Identification Device (BPID) ? 950XL Unlocking Account + Advanced fingerprint sensing + Iris recognition Facial recognition A mix of technologies but a false rejection rate (FRR) has to be lowered… @2016 | | Sensors for Biometry and Recognition
  11. 11. 11 MAIN TYPES OF FINGERPRINT IDENTIFICATION DEVICES Optical is the main technology for high-end markets, while capacitive technology is the most used in the consumer market @2016 | | Sensors for Biometry and Recognition Sensor Cover Illumination ASIC /CPU OPTICAL CAPACITIVE THERMAL* PMUT Mostly for Industrial and Homeland/Security applications Mostly for Consumer applications but thermal detection could be used for specific applications
  12. 12. 12 AND MANY MORE INFORMATION @2016 | | Sensors for Biometry and Recognition
  13. 13. 13 RELATED REPORTS Discover more related reports within our bundles here. @2016 | | Sensors for Biometry and Recognition
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