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Young Lions CZ 2023 | MEDIA 23

  1. n a land far, far away
  2. alled Czechia , there was a taboo topic that few dared to speak of - mental health. Zdroj: Česko v datech - Duševní zdraví 43% believed that there were enough child psychiatrics available to tend to those in need 48 % believed that psychotherapy was nothing more than a mere folly. Sadly, when the true problem emerged, it was frequently too late to address it.
  3. he great mystery that few had ever solved - the true impact of mental health problems on children and adolescents. They failed to understand the long-term physical consequences that these children could have. Zdroj: Česko v datech - Duševní zdraví
  4. So, in this kingdom, children who live in unsafe environments are unfortunately prone to developing negative physical health outcomes. Affecting brain development/ immune and regulatory system Higher Inclinations to alcoholism, depression, drug usage and violence Chronic Disease Cancer and diabeties Source: ACE Study, (Wilkins et al., 2014) People with 6+ adverse childhood experiences have 20-year shorter life expectancy than those who grew up in a safe environment.
  5. eading the children to an unhappily ever after.
  6. Phase 1. - Unhappily ever after We introduce the most classical stories Cinderella and Snowhite, with a twist. Unfinished stories due to lack of help.
  7. Phase 2. - Recruiting the student On the book page, instead of the author, there will be an info, that we are looking for next generation of child psychiatrists
  8. Media plan + Campaign measurement Getting nation talking – 10. 9. World Suicide Prevention Day Partnering with a big publisher we're launching a limited edition book series with illustrations by Michal Bačák. Our brand ambassador will promote the books on social media and attend public readings. All book sales support Kapka Naděje's mission to help those in need. Recruitment campaign. Reveal that Kapka Naděje was behind the campaign The book page will feature information about our search for a Fairy Godmother or Knight in shining armor, along with a QR code that leads to a micro-site with ways to help. We will then use these visuals in University campuses and University itself to help promote the campaign.
  9. Strategy on page Objective: Recruit next generation of child psychologist in CZ by getting nation talking about the growing mental health problem facing children and adolescents Problem: 48 % of Czech population don’t believe that psychotherap y works Insight: People are unaware of the long-term physical consequences of mental health problems. Solution: Demonstrate how critical it can be. If they dont get proper help with something everyone knows using nostalgia in fairy tales Opportunity: We'll get them where they don't expect it.