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Leading High Performance Teams Of Tomorrow Today

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As the world resets, how do you inspire others to extraordinary performance at home, work, community? It starts with yourself. You need to ignite the powers of inspiration within your self by defining your passions & purpose and allowing these fires to light the same in others towards a compelling vision.

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Leading High Performance Teams Of Tomorrow Today

  1. 1. intentional leadershipleading highperformance teams oftomorrow today BDS Hons, ACMC, CSP Intentional Leadership 17 January 2012
  2. 2. “Go to the people. Live with them. Learn from them. Love them.Start with what they know. Build with what they have.But with the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, the peoplewill say "We have done this ourselves".” Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist Philosopher, 600 BC-531 BC
  3. 3. `http://www.ted.com/talks/tom_wujec_build_a_tower.html
  4. 4. A snapshot of changing The world isthe business atthe beginning Concept 2of 2008... Oceania 2009 Collaboration & Connection IN Control & Command OUT 13
  5. 5. “The world we have created isa product of our thinking;it cannot be changed withoutchanging our thinking…” Albert Einstein
  6. 6. No-one anywhere reallyknows what the hell is going on…So we are all simply just making it up as we go along…
  7. 7. What if ....all you needed to know about leadeRship you leaRnt fRom home?
  9. 9. leaRning paRtneRships in tRibes
  10. 10. future leadeRs childRen GEN YpResent leadeRs paRents GEN X past leadeRs eldeRs BABY BOOMERS
  11. 11. know youR self
  12. 12. unfReeze youR passion
  13. 13. PassIon
  14. 14. Go for the sweet stuff Connect the dots in faith
  15. 15. nspiRing Authenticity Leadership ESSENCECommon sense Being pResent
  16. 16. Authenticity truth lose your mind be yourself
  17. 17. know youR self
  18. 18. pre-sense show yourself see & hear othersBeing pResent
  19. 19. READ THE BOOK
  20. 20. sense-ableapply yourselfthink of othersCommon sense
  21. 21. be response-able wisdom ofstRategic position shift multiple perspectives
  22. 22. nspiringvisionlose yourselfempower others
  23. 23. unfReeze youR passion
  24. 24. Running It Role Modelling TheRe-Organise 7R’s Respect of Parenting Review/ Rules Reflect Routine
  25. 25. StaRt due for release Kidding 01 July 2012 YouRselfleaRning leadeRship fRom paRenting by DR Yvonne Sum eCourse http://www.dryvonnesum.com/Product/The-7Rs-of-Parenting.html
  26. 26. If you sell for a living, you Here’s what’s inside: 1 1 manage a sales team, or are Paul Sparks. The evolution of professional selling: E understanding the past to inform our future sales responsible for the growth of EMERGING TRENDS IN PROFESSIONAL SELLING performance. your business and you want EMERGING Michael Schiffner. Building high performance sales EMERGING TRENDS IN PROFESSIONAL SELLING the best outcomes for your teams: going beyond a training mindset to achieve sales efforts – this book is for sustained sales success. you. Julia Palmer. Strategic networks: the key to sustainable sales success. T Some of the world’s leading Mo Fox. See before you sell: how changing your sales trainers, consultants and perception is the key to better sales results. Michael Foulds. The sale is the negotiation: TRENDS IN coaches bring you detailed ideas reframing the sales process for better sales and on how you can improve your stronger customer relationships. personal performance, and the Malcolm Dawes. Sales leadership or sales performance of your sales team. management? It does make a difference for high PROFE performing sales teams. Inside this volume you’ll find Suzanne Mercier. Are your sales people sales 12 chapters to ensure you are imposters? How to overcome fear to create great informed about the latest trends, sales results. PROFESSIONAL research and best practice in John Barraclough & Warwick Burgess. Gaining the last yard in sales: the value of persuasive professional selling and sales communication. management. Mark Purbrick. Simply the best: how to attract, select and retain high performing salespeople. Each chapter is a book in Jason White & Giles Rhodes. Rewarding the sales itself – with more up-to-date force: a taxonomy of sales roles to inform reward information on personal selling SELLING and incentive programs. and sales management than any Sally-Anne Cotton. The alchemy of 21st century single book published in the last selling: transmuting balance, alignment and intent into golden sales results. decade. Dr Yvonne Sum. Tribal insights for sales leaders: the power of learning partnerships. “The best book on modern selling and sales management I’ve seen in years with a great range of VOLUME 1 the 6 DVD companion set which contains over 12 hours of presentations, relevant content. I can’t wait for Volume 2.” – Bob Bentley, 25 year sales veteran, ICT industry. PAUL SPARKS COMPILED AND EDITED BY See inside for details on discussions and interviews featuring the authors as they take a deeper and wider look at the The la chapter topics. This professionally produced DVD set is an invaluable tool for sales training and development and is also great for using in sales meetings to begin research discussion on critical topics in professional selling. in selling anPAUL SPARKS COMPILED AND EDITED BY The latest innovation, Com research and best practice Pa Australia $66.00 RRP Inc GST in selling and sales management 14217 EM_Trends Cvr 21mm.indd 1 Compiled and edited by Paul Sparks http://www.dryvonnesum.com/Product/EMERGING-TRENDS-IN-PROFESSIONAL-SELLING.html
  27. 27. http://purl.library.usyd.edu.au/sup/9781921364181
  28. 28. comments and insights Any questions?