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Technology Trends Return on Investment

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Technology Trends Return on Investment

  1. 1. 27 October 2010
  2. 2. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 2 For the Society of Service Executives Presentation prepared for the Society of Service Executives A Professional Society in the Technical Services & Support Industry http://www.servicexecutives.com/
  3. 3. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 3 Topics  About Zylog  “Who we are” and why we are invited to share this with you  Technology Innovator Trends  SMB Industry Trends  Service Trends  Economic Trends  The Next Big Steps for Your Bottom Line  Best Practices for Return on Investment
  4. 4. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 4  Professional Staffing Services  Specializing in IT and Engineering  Government and Commercial, Fortune 500  Payroll Processing and Consultant Contract Management  Outplacement and Consultant Career Path Management  Application Development  SAP, Microsoft, Open Source  Virtualization, Consolidation, and Migration Services  Field Service Management, Reverse Logistics, Dispatch, and Warehouse Management  Recycling, Sustainability, and Regulatory Compliance  Knowledge Management, Wiki, Blog, Social Networking, and collaborative Business Intelligence  Banking and Finance  Health Records and Hospital Management  Mobile / SmartPhone Applications Zylog Products and Services
  5. 5. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 5 Zylog Worldwide
  6. 6. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 6 Combine Global Coverage with Local Experience  Zylog intellectual capital is the foundation of specialized knowledge in a broad range of business and technology. IDEA LAB Research and Development Centre in Chennai, India  Proven delivery methodology for Pharmaceuticals, Finance & Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Marketing, Retail, Transportation & Logistics, and Consumer Electronics  Globally positioned with Local Experience
  7. 7. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 7 Sharing Best Practices across many markets  Zylog has a unique ability to integrate and share best practices between diverse business verticals  Field Service Management  Warehouse Management  Inventory Management  Environmental Compliance  Insurance  Claims Processing  Financial / Banking  Risk Mitigation  Telecommunications  WiFi  Cloud Computing  SaaS  Migrating Legacy Applications (Power Builder and FoxPro, for example  Pharma  Health Care  eGovernance  ePolice  Consumer Surveys  Creative Practices (Marketing)  Mobile Computing  Enterprise Social Networking  Managed Services  Energy Monitoring and Reduction  RFID  And client specific experience
  8. 8. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 8 Zylog Strategic Alliance Partners  Zylog has strategic alliances with the following partners:  SAP/Business objects  Compellent  Dell  HP  IBM  JBoss  Microsoft  Motorola  Orange  Redhat  Sage Software  SAS  Sonicwall  Sprint  Sun Micro  Ubuntu  VMware
  9. 9. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 9 Zylog is among the fastest growing companies  Established in 1995, Publicly Traded in BSE/NSE : Ticker (ZYLOG)  Earned a reputation as a respected leader in providing technology- based business solutions and services  Ranked # 244 in Top 500 companies  Ranked # 76 Fastest Growing companies in the U.S (Source: CRN Fast Growth 100)  Internationally ranked in Top 100 Global Recruitment Consultant Industry, and one of the top professional staffing firms for IT and Engineering  “The companies that are included on the Fast Growth 100 are channel industry leaders. They offer business-oriented IT consulting and work closely with their customers to integrate multivendor IT solutions as well as cutting-edge technologies. In addition, they understand the importance of strong sales philosophies. We congratulate ZSL on their well-earned success” - Robert C. DeMarzo, Senior Vice president and editorial director for Everything Channel
  10. 10. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 10 Technology Innovator Trends  What are successful Technology Innovators doing now?
  11. 11. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 11 Technology Innovator Trends  To be ranked in the IW500, companies with revenue in excess of $250 million or more must complete a rigorous application of technology strategies.  The process is quantitative and qualitative. Applications are reviewed by a panel of editors.  The selection identifies companies that have made a demonstrable impact on the way that their organizations conduct business.  Zylog ranked # 237 (Microsoft ranked #234)
  12. 12. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 12 InformationWeek 500 Technology Innovators  Budgets are not “cut – cut – cut” as during recession. IT budgets are focused on empowering employees to use business intelligence and network with customers.  57% expect budget increases this year  53% of the IW500 innovative companies are deploying Business Intelligence as the key initiative to improve productivity this year  Analytics are being used to improve profitability
  13. 13. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 13 InformationWeek 500 Technology Innovators  40% of technology innovators plan to introduce new products and services this year  25% of CIO’s have formal responsibility for innovation in addition to IT. That is up from 16% last year  27% of CIO’s are responsible for business process improvement, expanding the role of the CIO in the business  58% of technology innovators use offshore resources  49% make global support and development part of the regular IT jobs  22% are considering desktop virtualization
  14. 14. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 14 Innovation Plans  Technology Innovators are investing to make business processes more efficient, especially using business intelligence to  Engage Customers  Engage Employees  Engage Vendors and Suppliers  IT investments are targeted for Business Results
  15. 15. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 15 Web Technologies – Social Networking  Increasing collaboration with Wikis, Blogs, and networking tools  The most significant increase in trends is the use of Social Networking to facilitate collaboration, communication, and business intelligence between employees, customers, vendors, and suppliers.  Social Networking offers familiar tools, easy to use, and fast information access
  16. 16. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 16 SocNet Business 2.0  New Knowledge Management tools combine the best practices of Blog, Wikis, Social Networking, Cloud Tags, Reporting, etc. Tools are easy and familiar
  17. 17. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 17 Web Technologies – OPEX over CAPEX  More Technology Innovators are using Software as a Service  Software as a Service (subscription) operational costs are flexible and adjustable to the business, as opposed to License Fees (fixed capital expense)  Cloud Computing offers Virtualization of Hardware. Use what is required as opposed to purchasing equipment to accommodate the highest necessary capacity (adjustable Operational Expense rather than high Capital Expense).  Especially for business that has seasonal trends (pre / post holidays, etc)
  18. 18. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 18 30 Cloud VARs that GET IT  Zylog Recognized on the Everything Channel CRN Fast Growth 100 List. (Four years in a row)  Zylog recognized as one of 30 VARS that get Cloud Computing
  19. 19. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 19 Improved Productivity Results Technology Innovators are getting results from  Collaborative Software  Business Intelligence  Unified Communications  Engaging the Field  Productivity is being improved by leveraging familiar tools to enhance collaboration and communication to share and access business intelligence. Better business with better information.
  20. 20. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 20 SMB Industry Trends SMB Industry Trends  “6 in 10 SMBs agree that new technology is key to staying ahead of the competition” - Bryan L’Esperance
  21. 21. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 21 IT Budget Allocation Small to Medium Business is investing in  Data Storage, Security, and Backing Up Data (Could save with Cloud Computing)  Customer Experience through the Web (Could be more effective with Social Networking tools)  Control Costs of Upgrading Software (Should use SaaS Subscription Software as a Service) Challenges of the SMB market are the same as Technology Innovators. The difference is the selection of solutions.
  22. 22. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 22 More Budget and Purchase Scrutiny Tight budgets mean more scrutiny before investment  Product Demonstration  Team to Study  Total Cost of Ownership  Return on Investment  Trial Basis before Purchase  Requests for Proposals  The process of selecting and investing in new technology is more formal and detailed than ever before
  23. 23. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 23 A more formal approach to evaluating technology SMBs indicate they are taking a more formal approach to evaluating and purchasing emerging technologies. 28% in 2009 28% in 2009 49% in 2010 49% in 2010 With more structure comes an increasing likelihood to develop approved vendor lists. 35% in 2009 35% in 2009 41% in 2010 41% in 2010 But, the desire to explore the full range of options means that approved vendor lists don’t mean as much (33% extremely likely to look beyond lists, compared to 21% in 2009).
  24. 24. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 24 Key Drivers for Adopting Emerging Technology Small to Medium Business deciding factors for adopting new technology  Replace outdated and ineffective technology So what is the biggest obstacle to adopt new technology?  Application and Data Migration. Did you know that as much as 70% of legacy applications can be migrated with automation? (Typically only 30% needs manual validation)
  25. 25. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 25 Software as a Service Small to Medium Business is rapidly adopting Software as a Service for applications that grow (or shrink) with the business  Storage & Security  CRM (example: SalesForce)  Accounting Applications  Applications and related expense adjust to business operational requirements and growth
  26. 26. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 26 Social Media The reasons Small to Medium Business invest in Social Media  Knowledge Access  Communication  Engagement  Marketing  Business Intelligence  The reasons for small to medium business to invest in social networking are the same as technology innovators. The difference in success is in the selection of the tools.
  27. 27. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 27 Cloud Computing Reasons SMB are using Cloud Computing  Reduce Capital Expense  Cut Costs  Need new features or rapidly deploy new technology  Operational Efficiency  Small to Medium Business is beginning to realize the cost efficiency of cloud computing for reducing capital expense and the ability to deploy new technology (especially software as a service)
  28. 28. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 28 Service Trends Trends in ServiceTrends in Service  Adapting Technology to ImproveAdapting Technology to Improve ProfitProfit
  29. 29. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 29 Historical Service Trends Historical Service Trends  Use Web and Technology to educate consumers  Use Web and FTP to conduct online transactions  Consolidate Spare Parts Inventory & Management  Centralize Service and Repair in a single Depot location  Use Technology to enhance Operational Efficiency  VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)  3PL Reverse Logistics
  30. 30. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 30 Current Service Trends Historical Service Trends  Use Web and Technology to educate consumers  Use Web and FTP to conduct online transactions  Consolidate Spare Parts Inventory & Management  Centralize Service and Repair in a single Depot location  Use Technology to enhance Operational Efficiency  VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)  3PL Reverse Logistics Current Service Trends  Use Social Media tools to interact with consumers  Use Web and XML to conduct real time transactions  Virtual consolidation of Spare Parts Inventory (best location)  Virtual decentralized workforce (on-demand labor)  Use Technology to enhance Operational Efficiency  VMI (Virtual Managed Inventory)  4PL Reverse Logistics
  31. 31. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 31 EvolvingTrends in Service Historical Service Trends Focused on  Logistics  Service & Repair  Spare Parts Management  Technical Labor Skills and Certifications Current Service Trends focus on using Technology to improve Business and the bottom line (ROI)  Compare Vendor / Suppliers Availability and Costs in real time  Service & Repair are being replaced by Field Replaceable Units (FRU), Consumer Replaceable Units (CRU), Advance Exchange, and Disposal  Components and whole unit exchange in lieu of spare parts  Virtual workforce and field service management in lieu of technicians
  32. 32. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 32 New Challenges for Service New Service Trends and New Service Challenges  Price reduction of products means cost compression for service  Virtual inventory and field service management mean better collaboration and integration of diverse systems  Need to consolidate multiple ‘functional specific’ software applications into consolidated integrated operational applications  New H1B Hiring Rules in US restrict hiring, impacting access to contingent workforce and labor market
  33. 33. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 33 Green IT  More replacement / disposable product means more recycling  Recycling Regulations and Legislation require more tracking Environmental Compliance. The latest challenge for the service industry is the most significant opportunity for strategic differentiation and future growth. Providing solutions for regulatory compliance, reuse, responsible recycling, and downstream tracking will involve all economic operators.
  34. 34. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 34 Economic Trends Economic TrendsEconomic Trends  Recession Response and ForecastRecession Response and Forecast
  35. 35. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 35 Economic Trends: Recession We are here Compared to previous periods of economic recession. (27 Oct, 2010)
  36. 36. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 36 Economic Trends : Recession and Stock Market Comparing performance of the S&P500 to the same time period (30 months of recession compared to 36 months stock performance) Economic trends and recession created pressure to cut spending, reduce budget, cut costs, and reduce labor. New growth pressures demand flexible operational expense
  37. 37. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 37 Economic Trends : Risks indicate Slow Recovery US Unemployment over 9% (the “New Normal” WSJ) USA Home Prices not stabilized, another decline likely Home price decline likely to impact consumer confidence, slow spending, and extend the recession in the US. Early recovery appearing in Canada.
  38. 38. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 38 Best Practices Best PracticesBest Practices  The Next Big Steps for Your Bottom Line
  39. 39. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 39 Best Practice investments in Technology today  Risks of extended recession, or even “double dip” decline before recovery, demand flexible approach for investing.  Operational Expense over Capital Expense  Software as a Service, subscriptions over license fees  Open Source as a cost effective alternative for Middleware  Cloud Computing, virtualization of hardware to accommodate growth when needed and as much as needed, with the ability to scale down when appropriate  Automated Application and Data Migration to minimize cost of transition, allow rapid deployment of new technology that supports integration with current technology, customers, and vendors  Migrate from legacy end-of-service-life hardware before it is too late
  40. 40. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 40 Be Best Practice for your Clients  Establish a competitive advantage by being a Technology Innovator for your clients. Improve their bottom line and yours.  Knowledge Management leveraging Social Networking (SocNet)  SharePoint, Blogs, Wikis, and familiar web tools  Collaboration and Communication with Web Tools  Collect and Strategically Share Business Intelligence  Empower employees with access to information and easy tools  Leverage Partners with collaborative technology, enabling virtual networks, expanded virtual workforce, and minimize logistics  Engage your vendors and suppliers in your technology roadmap  Become a flexible Operational Expense vendor or supplier for your clients by leveraging web tools, virtual workforce and technology
  41. 41. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 42 www.Zylog.ca
  42. 42. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 43 Zylog in Canada  Feb 2010 Zylog acquired Brainhunter, one of the top two technology staffing and solutions companies in Canada  Preferred Vendor status with over 100 prestigious Canadian & US firms  Preferred government contractor status, Top Secret Security Clearance, NATO Security Clearance, Federal and Provincial Contracts 150+ Employees 1,600+ Contractors 35+ Years in business (includes acquisitions) Offices in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal Feild Operations in Calgary, Vancouver, and India US Operations Headquarters in Edison, New Jersey
  43. 43. www.zylog.cawww.zylog.ca 44 Zylog Clients
  44. 44. Offshore Development Center (ODC) - INDIA 82/40 First Main Road, CIT Nagar Nandanam, Chennai 600 035 T. +91 44 2435 1600, 4212 8400 F. +91 44 2432 6420 F. salesindia@zsl.com US Head Quarters 85, Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ 08820 T. +1 732 549 9770 F +1 732 767 6644 E. sales@zsl.com Europe Head Quarters 18 Mansell Street London, UK, E1 8AA T. + 44 (0) 207 954 4250 F. +44 20 8741 5296 E. saleseurope@zsl.com Canada Head Quarters 2 Sheppard Avenue East Suite 2000 Toronto, ON M2N 5Y7 T. 416.225.9900 F. 416.225.9104 E. canada@zsl.com Zylog Systems Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, #1 North Bridge Road, # 06-27 High Street Centre Singapore 179094 T. +65 6238 1401 F. +65 6238 1402 E. salessingapore@zsl.com Ducont FZ LLC #201, Building No 3, Dubai Internet City, Dubai United Arab Emirates T. +971-4-3913000 F. +971-4-3913001 E. salesap@zsl.com

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  • Zylog presents Technology Trends and Service ROI
  • Topics
  • Topics
  • Zylog Products and Services
  • Zylog Worldwide
  • Global Coverage with Local Experience
  • Zylog shares Best Practices across many markets
  • Zylog Strategic Alliance Partners
  • Zylog is among the fastest growing companies
  • What are successful technology innovators doing
  • InformationWeek IW500 Technology Innovators are based on qualitative results as well as quantitative revenue
  • IT budgets are expected to increase
  • CIOs have greater responsibility for business and innovation
  • Technology Innovators are investing to engage employees, customers, vendors, and suppliers
  • The most significant increase in trends is the use of Social Networking to facilitate collaboration
  • New Knowledge Management tools combine the best practices of Blog, Wikis, Social Networking, Cloud Tags, Reporting, etc
  • Technology Innovators are choosing flexible Operational Expense over high cost Capital Expense Commitments
  • Zylog recognized as one of 30 VARS that understand Cloud Computing
  • Focus on collaboration and business intelligence is driving results
  • SMB Industry Trends
  • SMB IT budget is being spent on data storage, web, and controlling costs of software
  • There is more scrutiny on budgets and investments
  • The process of selecting new technology is more formal than ever before
  • Key drivers for adopting new technology are replacing outdated technology
  • Software as a Service is being used for Storage, CRM, and Accounting
  • Social Media is being used for knowledge management, communication, engagement, marketing, and business intelligence
  • Main reasons for Cloud Computing are to reduce capital expense, cut costs, and rapidly deploy new technology
  • Adapting Technology to Improve Profit
  • Historical Service Trends
  • Current Service Trends
  • Evolving Service Trends
  • New challenges for service
  • Green IT is a strategic differentiator
  • Recession response and forecast
  • Comparing trends in periods of economic recession
  • Comparing economic recession to the stock market
  • Unemployment and housing prices threaten continued slow recovery
  • Best Practices and using technology to improve your bottom line
  • How to invest in technology today
  • Become best practice for your clients
  • www.Zylog.ca
  • Zylog in Canada
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