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Programmers Are Way Cooler Than Musicians, by Geert Bevin

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Programmers are the wizards of our age. We weave the fabric of the modern society, tell the stories and bring dreams to life. Geeks are ruling the world of today and programmers make it all happen. The uninitiated marvel at what we accomplish without an inkling about how everything comes to fruition. Many centuries ago, musicians held a similar role in society but today they have lost that grasp on the world. Programmers are in an unprecedented position in which we can not only make a good living, but fuel our work with passion, creativity, collaboration, innovation, and forward thinking. Programmers can make a significant difference in a world that is truly our oyster, and that is worth celebrating. Recording for the slides from GeekOut 2013 on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/69631185

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Programmers Are Way Cooler Than Musicians, by Geert Bevin

  1. 1. Programmers are way cooler than musicians Geert Bevin
  2. 2. Musicians narrate with sound
  3. 3. Programmers create new realities
  4. 4. Second Life
  5. 5. Burning Man Festival
  6. 6. Burning Man Festival
  7. 7. Burning Man Festival
  8. 8. Burning Man Festival
  9. 9. blink(1)
  10. 10. Open-source programmable USB Light
  11. 11. IFTTT + blink(1) = net bliss
  12. 12. Where’s Daddy?
  13. 13. Eigenharp
  14. 14. The most expressive electronic instrument ever made
  15. 15. Expressiveness vs.Technology
  16. 16. The EigenKey
  17. 17. • 11 bits resolution over 0.9 mm of travel • 400 nm of real resolution, which is the width of a bacteria • Read at 500 μS, a 2 kHz rate per axis, a 6kHz rate per key • Data rate is preserved from end to end
  18. 18. Data rate it preserved from end to end
  19. 19. That’s like a retina screen for 3D touch sensors
  20. 20. The blank canvas
  21. 21. Create possibilities Provide new rules Don’t restrict
  22. 22. Multi-touch instruments (or how different rules challenge protocols)
  23. 23. Per-note synthesis
  24. 24. Traditional MIDI designed for 31.25 kBaud ~ 1kHz of messages
  25. 25. High-speed MIDI ~ 400x faster
  26. 26. Eigenharp iConnectMIDI EigenD with audio plugins Firewire Audio Interface USB Hub Camera Connection Kit USB Optical Audio audio digital/analog iPad WaveGenerator, Animoog expression data or MIDI
  27. 27. Total kludge to set up, but opens an entirely new world
  28. 28. Time for protocols to change
  29. 29. Human body interaction
  30. 30. Human body interface
  31. 31. Leap Motion Controller
  32. 32. • 10µm of real resolution • 5x less accurate than Eigenharp, 200x more than Kinect • Adaptive sample rates: 60-300 hz, defaults to 120 hz • Data rate is preserved from end to end
  33. 33. Latency just below gesture threshold, barely noticeable
  34. 34. New interaction rules New user interface New protocols
  35. 35. 10 thousand free developer units
  36. 36. Figure out the possibilities together
  37. 37. Geco Multi-dimensional MIDI expression through hand gestures
  38. 38. Think of medical applications
  39. 39. So much is going on!
  40. 40. Don’t be afraid Experiment Collaborate
  41. 41. Put the soul in a machine
  42. 42. Change the world