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Zinkwork portfolio

  1. print: product launch ZKId Network. Print appearing in TIME, Parenting, and shelter books to support start-up Virtual Private Network for child-safe browsing.
  2. print Newspaper recruitment ad for SpaceWorks, soliciting resumes from software engineers. Achieved over 750% of budgeted response.
  3. multimedia: branding Print, mail, TV and collateral branding & customer acquisition campaign for Wells Fargo Bank N.A. Specific products included DDA and loan instruments.
  4. multimedia: new product launch Launch campaign for new credit card product developed as joint venture between Household Credit Services and Ameritech Corp. The TV spots were designed to generate maximum product awareness in a short time frame and support direct mail solicitations following.
  5. multimedia: new product launch Multimedia campaign to medical practioners offering genomic testing services.
  6. sales & branding collateral Brochure component of branding campaign to name & define a new modular product for physical and virtual inventory online management developed and offered by The Garvey Group in Chicago.
  7. traffic-building print Traffic building print ad (TIME magazine regional) for the Santa Monica Museum of Flying.
  8. mail: traffic Clothestime Stores direct mail to young women in store(s) catchment area(s), featuring model as spokesperson with discount coupon as offer. (Creative execution schedule: nine hours.)
  9. “Restore Your Passion”. Website for Volante Classics, a Boston metro-area classic car restoration and sales operation. The shop targets middle-aged men of means seeking restored examples of the sports-cars they cherished as young men and can now afford.
  10. multimedia: branding Branding & new customer acquisition multimedia campaign for Household Bank / Household Credit Services and Household International family of companies.
  11. mail & web B2B campaign for Dell Computers to Federal & State governments. Campaign was timed to hit at end of fiscal year for targeted agencies. Campaign supported by banner ads.
  12. print: branding Branding campaign using fractional ad units for Jet Support Services Inc. This example used two horizontal third-page units to work over and under editorial content, creating the illusion and page command of a full- page ad, but at lower media cost.
  13. website Corporate website for Jet Support services Inc. (JSSI). Graphic design was consistent with collateral rather than print ad work.
  14. collateral A calendar giveaway for trade show booth visitors, featuring the mascot dog “Jessi” as interpreted by various famous artists.
  15. ENVELOPE BROCHURE COVER Visa card mailing for Valley Bank of Arizona. Generated 8.9% mail response rate, compared to industry / category average of 2%.
  16. mail: lead generation Lead generation piece for Hewlett-Packard (small business printers division) and WordPerfect targeted to small business. This mailing generated a 14.9% response rate. It also moved several prospects to keep the originall mailer intact and respond using a photocopy of the reply card, mailed back in a stamped envelope. These prospects wrote highly complimentary comments on their photocopied replies, some of which are shown here.
  17. Presentation Copyright © 2013 Paul A. Zink