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Research task 2a

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Research task 2a

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Research task 2a

  1. 1. Zoheb Ashraf
  2. 2. The magazine has used a strapline which has been used to grab attention and promote an autumn tour. This is the masthead which is NME, this stands for New musical express. It has been placed in the top left hand side which is where most mastheads are placed as that is where they are seen when on shelves so this magazine follows codes and conventions. It always uses the same font so the target audience can recognise it. The target audience for NME magazines are rock and pop. The colour scheme is mainly white and red. This is a consistent theme which helps the magazine to be recognised. The colour scheme targets young people and probably male teens as the colour isn't really feminine. This magazine has used a full body shot but it looks like a mid shot as Dizzee Rascal is bending down. The shot used covers the whole magazine cover which shows him as a big artist. He is an icon to many young fans in the rap/pop world. The image denotes a loud rap/pop star . But this connotation suggest that it is metaphorical for spreading joy which links to the main cover line. This is also a strapline which has been used to promote certain artists. The barcode and issue number are used to sell the magazine and is placed in dead space. The issue number is used to help readers know which issue they have and haven't read which keeps the magazine organised. The layout has been split by rule of thirds. This has been used to organise the magazine and place certain things in hotspots. For example Dizzee Rascals name is in a hotspot. The background is full of colour with graffiti and this links with the genre of the magazine as it is loud like rock/pop music. The main cover line links to the main image as it says ‘spreading joy around the world’ and the main image is Dizzee Rascal with his arms spread as if its going around the world. This puff has been used to promote something in the magazine. This is bright red which pops out and is under the masthead. The magazine has used cover lines to describe articles inside which helps for the audience to know what to expect. A pull quote has been used here to show what is included in the magazine and stands out on the magazine cover.