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  2. HOW TO DISTINGUISHED GUARD IF THEY ARE IN THE COMPLETE UNIFORM 1. Head gear – Perching cap – Gates and establishment Bull cap – Field area. 2. Service uniforms – Long sleeve white 3. Field uniforms – fast navy blue 4. Foot wear – low cut black leather with black sucks. 5. Paraphernalias – Black leather belt for pistol and night stick holster, hand held radio, flash light, Whistle with lanyard, first aid kit, pocket notebook w/ writing pen. 6. Ornament and patches : National badge, cap device, regulation buckle, collar device, name cloth And agency name cloth. 7. Basic fire arms : 12 GA shotgun, revolver and pistol, 9mm/ HPFAS VIP, cash and valuable Extreme VIP need high power FAS.
  3. 2. SANCTION AGAINST LICENSE SECURITY GUARDS: CLASSIFICATION OF OFFENCES: a. LIGHT OFFENCE : 1. Thus related in-complete uniforms 2. Use of profane language 3. Act of discourteousness 4. Failure to notify in case of dis-order 5. Late or non submission of report
  4. a. LESS GRAVE OFFENCE : 1. No license, DDO,FAS Lic. 2. Use of uniforms not appropriate to one’s position or rank. 3. Leaving his post without proper relieve thus exposing the lives and properties he is suppose to protect. 4. Indiscriminate firing of issued firearms not connected with in line of duty performance. a. GRAVE OFFENCE : 1. Wearing un-prescribed uniforms 2. Using personally owned FAS during tour of duty. 3. Allowing or lending use issued FAS to unauthorized person. 4. Assisting, abetting criminal during tour of duty or off duty. 5. Providing confidential information to unauthorized person. 6. Refusal to provide information to authorized person. 7. Illegal search. 8. Taking alcoholic beverage or being drunk while on duty. 9. Abuse or acting beyond the scope of authority.
  5. 3. PENALTIES ON SANCTIONS:  LIGHT OFFENCE:  1 to 30 days suspension.  LESS GRAVE OFFENCE: 1 month to 6 months suspension.  GRAVE OFFENCE: 6 months to 1 year suspension.
  7.  SECTION 2 RULE XIII 1. Arrest by a security guards – a personnel security is not a police officer, therefore clothed with Police authority. 2. When in his presence, the person to be arrested has committed or actually committing, or is attempting to commit offences. DUTY SECURITY GUARDS MAKING ARREST. • Any SG making arrest shall immediately turn-over the person arrested to the nearest police office, outpost or headquarters for custody. • Arresting officer submit their statement to the police investigator in support for filing a case against the arrested suspect.
  8. INQUEST PROCEEDING: 1. The arresting officer assisted by the assigned security officer were proceed to the hall of justice for inquest proceeding. 2. The assigned lawyer is likewise cross examine the complainant or arresting officer to validate the statement being record by the police investigator. 3. The holder of secretary certificate will be the one to attend the schedule of hearing in court.
  9. 4. WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF STRIKE AND LOCK OUT. (SOP)  Duties and responsibilities during strikes and lock outs under (RULE A) based on RA 5487 policy implementing rules and regulation.  All security personnel in-front of the strikers are not allowed to bring their issued firearms.  Only the guards which is invisible by the strikers are allowed to bring firearms or indirect confront from the srtikers. 1. Reserved force may carry firearms in area not visible to strikers security personnel should avoid direct contact with the strikers. • Ex; not to negotiate or rendered conversation with strikers. 2. Security personnel must stay only within perimeter of installation/target area. 3. Sufficient strength to overcome the numbers of the strikers. 4. Security should avoid abetting any instruction from management to destroy the strikers. Unless they were executing hostile act.
  10.  The company guards force or company security commander should collect all firearms indirect to the strikers.  The security liaison officer is directly contact to the management concerning the situation of the strike.  As a leader you should have the idea or strategy of how to overcome the situation.  In case of strike, or land occupation the CSO is only have the authority to talk with the leader of the strikers if the management refuse to talk with the leader provided that in a peaceful way.  The situation unattainable the security in-charge (SLO) will be the one to request the management to coordinate with police for assistance. • Thank you and god bless.