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Building Products On An Evolving Platform w/ Rahma Javed, Director Engineering @Deliveroo

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Often times, young founders are handling competing constraints and various challenges in parallel:
While building products, they are dealing with parallel challenges of changing infrastructure, scaling teams, regulatory constraints, external dependencies, and launch deadlines.

We are super excited to welcome mastermind Rahma Javed, Director of Engineering at Deliveroo (ex Wealthfront) at The Family!

In this video, she covers lessons learned from those particular situations during her time at tech startups in Silicon Valley and at Deliveroo.

She has dealt with multiple challenges -- building new consumer products with regulatory restraints, external dependencies, building a team from scratch, strict launch timelines, and doing this all while the underlying infrastructure was changing.

Rahma is the Director of Engineering for Restaurants group at Deliveroo where she focusses on helping Deliveroo becoming the best partner for its restaurants and driving growth and profitability for restaurants.

Prior to this, she was a senior engineering leader at Wealthfront where she led initial products which generated an alternate revenue stream and was the company’s first foray into cash products. Additionally, she’s also focussed on automation by building a risk platform from scratch.

Originally from Canada, she has worked at startups as well as at larger corporations like Microsoft (wherein she was working in the Windows team) as well as IBM Canada and Blackberry.

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Building Products On An Evolving Platform w/ Rahma Javed, Director Engineering @Deliveroo

  1. 1. Building products on an evolving platform
  2. 2. Rahma Javed Engineering Director - Deliveroo (Restaurants)
  3. 3. Expand your product offering
  4. 4. Challenges and competing constraints
  5. 5. What are we building?
  6. 6. Regulatory Constraints Third Parties and Government
  7. 7. Staffing Vestibulum congue Vestibulum congue Vestibulum congue Automationfor engineers New Product and Features Automationfor non-engineers Roadmaps Scaling Stage
  8. 8. Changing Infrastructure
  9. 9. Three Lessons
  10. 10. Being okay with uncertainty
  11. 11. Scale yourself - delegate
  12. 12. People - your team
  13. 13. Questions?