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Cultissime: How to Create your Startup's Culture

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Having a good team, or even an excellent team isn't enough - you need to build a "cult". Make no mistake: if it was obvious, we wouldn't need a workshop about it.
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Cultissime: How to Create your Startup's Culture

  1. [Cultissime]
  2. Having a good team, or even an excellent team isn't enough - you need to build a “cult.”
  3. Most founders ride a fine line between feeling in total control and going crazy
  4. Welcome to the club you're normal!
  5. Creating a cult starts with the way in which you build your team - the hiring process!
  6. The best ideas are those where you can convince people to join even when there is no money
  7. Full-time, equity-only commitments are a key sign of strength!
  8. You are only as good as your weakest asshole
  10. Interviewing is not good enough
  11. Hire Slowly Fire Quickly
  12. A = a(a), so a=a B=c(c), b=c and c=0
  13. You can also hire fast And fire fast - it requires a lot of strenght
  14. Your team must have ownership
  15. “thank God I got a job early on in this company, because there’s no way I could get one now”
  16. Make Sure Every Single Candidate is Treated Like Gold
  17. Don’t Negotiate Be Fair
  18. Create a Dominant Market Share
  19. Why Buy Silver when you can Rent Gold
  20. Be transparent
  21. Try new shit All the time
  22. If you discover a rock star pay them
  23. Founders Don’t Interview Candidates it’s the Other Way Around
  24. You have already decided to risk everything to do your idea; for them, this is your idea and you are asking them to risk their career for you
  25. If you find a person you want on your team, then never let go!
  26. Press?
  28. Try Before You Buy
  29. Founder's Veto
  30. “The most common reason why people don't make it through is actually not competence, it's culture”
  31. Double Unanimous (Making them all say "yes")
  32. Hire for talent, not negotiating skills
  33. Offer them the Peter Thiel Deal!
  34. Miscellaneous: 83b, Game Rooms, Food, Big Monitors, SOMA, yada, yada!
  35. One Mile Rule
  36. Know Your Worst Case Scenario
  37. Remember: it is not your birthright to lead your team just because you founded your company. You must earn it every single day.
  38. apply@thefamily.co