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"Mobile Apps, beyond downloads, what’s next?" by Philippe Dumont

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You thought building, posting and getting your App downloaded was hard?

Wait, the toughest part is yet to come! Getting people actually using your App and coming back for more may be (much) harder than you think…

During this 45 min. workshop, Philippe Dumont will share how to setup useful KPIs for your App and how to effectively retain, engage and convert users.

- Apps: There are downloads and downloads…

- The Valley of Fear: you got tons of downloads but no one is using your App…

- Achieving the 3 pillars of Mobile ROI: Retention, Engagement & Conversion

- What does Mobile Success look like?

- What will next-generation Apps look like?

Philippe is CEO and co-founder of Azetone, a platform that allow to visually analyze, improve and personalize the Mobile User Experience. He previously co-founded MyFanGroup, a mobile and digital marketing agency after heading Marketing and Communications for Microsoft EMEA as General Manager and CMO from 2002 to 2009.

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"Mobile Apps, beyond downloads, what’s next?" by Philippe Dumont

  1. 1. Philippe Dumont, CEO @ Azetone Board Member @ Mobile Marketing Assoc. Mobile Apps, beyond downloads, what’s next? @phil_du phildu@azetone.com
  2. 2. Mobile Apps, beyond downloads, what’s next? • The Valley of Fear: you got tons of downloads but no one is using your App… • Achieving the 3 pillars of Mobile ROI: Retention, Engagement & Conversion • What does Mobile Success look like? • What will next-generation Apps look like?
  3. 3. No One Downloads Apps Anymore!
  4. 4. The Retention Problem
  5. 5. (Basically) Only ONE Way To Get Downloads!
  6. 6. Bright Side: Which Mobile-App Business: • Has more engagement than SnapChat? • Is as big a business as Ebay? • And is less than 5-year old?
  7. 7. OfferUp
  8. 8. OfferUp
  9. 9. OfferUp
  10. 10. 10 • Simple, Clean UI • Optimized UX • Easier and faster to use • http://uk.businessinsider.com /what-is-offerup-2016-6
  11. 11. Test & Learn Don’t confuse with Trial & Error
  12. 12. La différence entre le plan… et la réalité ! 12
  13. 13. Can’t trust your guts! 13 At least 50% of your experiments will NOT give the expected result! -- Håkan Forss, Agile Coach at King Secret #1: You can’t improve what you can’t measure! Secret #2: You need KPIs and tools to improve!
  14. 14. What Methodology? 14 Define KPIs Set Assumptions Analyze Results Make Decisions Collect Data
  15. 15. Retention, Engagement & Conversion CustomersDownloads Retention Engagement ConversionFirst Use
  16. 16. Is 20% retention good or bad?
  17. 17. Is 20% Conversion Good or Bad? 17 Source Quantcast 2016
  18. 18. First Use Exceed initial customer expectations 18 Success Factors • Easy and quick on-boarding (Login, Tutorial…) • Simple and elegant Homepage • Focus on one key differentiating feature KPIs • Successful Logins vs 1st Launches • Number of taps on key feature • Time before 1st gesture on Login, Homepage • % of unsuccessful gestures • Crash Rates • Time to launch/load pages Tip from the Pros: Track & optimize Login, (+ Homepage?) based on acquisition
  19. 19. Retention Get users coming for more 19 Success Factors • Frequent content and feature updates • Promotional / News / Event activities • Push Notification / emailing KPIs • # of unique users per day/week/month • Cohort Tracking • App Map (user flow) • Average session length • # of gesture and pages per session • Usage variations per user segment TakeIt Tip from the Pros: Average session time: 120 sec!!!
  20. 20. Engagement Have users interact with your App 20 Success Factors • Focus on content quality and relevance & updates • Optimize key App UX moments • Personalize App to user and context KPIs • Key Page & Feature usage • Exit rate per view • Time and # of gesture per view • First gestures and time between gestures • Number of interactions per session • % of unexpected gestures per view (zooms, up and down scrolls…) PMU Sport Tip from the Pros: Identify and optimize Core vs. Overhead Views
  21. 21. Conversion Time for action! 21 Success Factors • Optimize conversion action and funnel • Personalize App based on context (location, time, weather…) and user profile • Save and provide purchase/usage history • Reminder to users who don’t convert KPIs • Add to cart • % drop rates in funnel • General Conversion Rate • Final Cart value • Customer LTV Tip from the Pros: Never more than 3 pages or views: Search/Select/Validate
  22. 22. User Flow 22
  23. 23. BazarChic Heatmaps 23
  24. 24. BazarChic Heatmaps 24
  25. 25. UX Analytics 25
  26. 26. AVendreALouer Optimizes Its UX And Boosts Its Conversion Rates • AVendreALouer tested in production how different UI variants were performing. • After a few thousand conversions, a winning variant has been identified with full confidence • By A/B testing its action bar, AVendreALouer improved its conversion rate by +36%! +36%
  27. 27. Le Cloud by Orange The App requires a configuration of which files are to be sync’ed • Access to functionnalities must be configuration-sensitive • New users are driven to configuration menus • Recurring users access menus optimized for regular usage • Result: +32% Activation rate
  28. 28. Copyright © 2016 Criteo Source: Criteo – Rapport d’activité surle commerce mobile – Q4 2015 Copyright © 2016 Criteo Conversion Rates for optimized apps are higher than on desktop or with mobile web x2 x1,2 DESKTOPNAVIGATEUR MOBILE APPLICATION What Does Mobile Success Look Like?
  29. 29. Copyright © 2016 Criteo Source: Criteo – Rapport d’activité surle commerce mobile – Q4 2015 # of Products viewed 5,7 Added to Cart 13% Purchase 44% MOBILE BROWSER # of Products viewed 22 Added to Cart 24% Purchase 54% APPLICATION +286% +85% +23% Optimized Apps perform better than Web at each step of the Funnel Conversion rate x2,2 What Does Mobile Success Look Like?
  30. 30. What Next-Gen Apps will look like? • Look for: • API • Algorythms • Bots • Personalization • « What we want is no longer make an App for all of our customers, we want to make an App for each of our customers » Yvan Delègue, Mobile Apps Director @ Orange Rich, real-time, server-side enabled UX
  31. 31. It is an App World… So the World is Yours! Thank You! @phil_du phildu@azetone.com www.azetone.com
  32. 32. Some References You May Want to Look at: • How delivering personalized Apps is transforming the market (Orange): https://partner.orange.com/personalized-apps/ • OfferUp review (Business Insider): http://uk.businessinsider.com/what-is-offerup- 2016-6 • SlideShare Mobile Marketing Resources: http://www.slideshare.net/Phildu1/ • Azetone Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIct991DmVWjnfJjFvihmCQ • 2016 Mobile Trends (Azetone): http://www.slideshare.net/Phildu1/2016-mobile- trends-by-azetone • Mobile Marketing Association: http://www.mmaglobal.com/ and http://www.mmaf.fr/