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The Undeniable Power of Design ✨ by Lorenzo Cercelletta, Designer @Quiet.as

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✊Lorenzo Cercelletta spent 3 years as Lead Designer at Clue. More than a tracking app, it became a flagship brand for woman health and has gathered millions of women across the world. Lorenzo now runs his own independent agency Quiet, one of the the only in Europe specialized exclusively on digital end-to-end design, with clients like Volkswagen, Soundcloud, Adidas, Monoqi, and numerous startups. 

 He explains how you can translate your culture & values into your design, and how design can in turn feed your DNA. He also shows how you can use design to conquer or create new markets, putting design at the service of real user pains. Lorenzo draws from several use cases he's worked on at several early stage startups.

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The Undeniable Power of Design ✨ by Lorenzo Cercelletta, Designer @Quiet.as

  1. 1. The Undeniable Power of Design When and how to use design, and, most importantly, why. THE FAMILY Lorenzo Cercelletta
  2. 2. Design is a key factor in the success of any company. But why is that?
  3. 3. WHY USE DESIGN ? Higher user retention Higher user engagement Faster & cheaper product delivery Higher sales
  4. 4. People often associate Design with a pretty brand, pretty website, and pretty illustrations but that’s just the packaging.
  5. 5. Design ≠ Beauty Good design is more about the actual outcome than pure aesthetics. WHAT IS DESIGN ?
  6. 6. So how can Design impact your company? Through extensive qualitative research.
  7. 7. People = Users + X The people using your product are more than just users. HOW TO DESIGN ?
  9. 9. THE GOLDEN EQUATION Physical Interactions x Cognitive Patterns x Emotions = Engaging Product USERS PEOPLE
  10. 10. THE PROBLEM Onboarding drop-off THE SOLUTION Intensive lo-fi testing for 2 months
  11. 11. THE RESULTS 9/10 Users through on-boarding +80% On-boarding retention
  12. 12. THE PROBLEM Active users and data points THE SOLUTION Customer support as a design tool
  13. 13. THE RESULTS +10% Monthly active users +200% Daily entries
  14. 14. THE PROBLEM Active users and data points THE SOLUTION Chatbot hacks to drive “stickiness”
  15. 15. THE RESULTS Awarded European Seal of Excellence Funded Permides EU Accelerated Fast Track Malmo
  16. 16. THE PROBLEM Design without a full-time designer THE SOLUTION Intensive workshop to plan MVPs
  17. 17. THE RESULTS Product strategy Feature definition Testing-ready
  18. 18. Design is a very effective investment.
  19. 19. EXTRA NUMBERS 1000% cheaper “Fixing a problem after development can cost you up to 100 times more.” Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach, Robert Pressman 225% ROI “Every €112 a design alert business spends on design increases turnover by €252.” The Value of Design, Design Council
  20. 20. EXTRA NUMBERS 21 Acquisitions of designer-founded startups or creative agencies in 2017 Design In Tech, John Maeda 63% Of 400+ international startups believe design contributed to a higher valuation Future of Design, NEA
  21. 21. Thank you lorenzo@quiet.as – www.quiet.as