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24 Hour Fitness Marketing & Rebranding ideas

I had the opportunity to learn from Elisabeth Diana of facebook back when I was in grad school. Now I have updated and took her comments into consideration and present these to anyone. Any comments and/or referrals would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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24 Hour Fitness Marketing & Rebranding ideas

  1. 1. Creative Briefing Presented to Elisabeth Dana | Corporate Communications Director at Facebook Presented by Alan Arguelles | Jamies Yam || Account Planning 2 March 2011 Revised 2015
  2. 2. Company Story Started in 1983 as a one-club operation, the club was originally called 24 Hour Nautilus founded by Mark Mastrov.
  3. 3. Since then, the company grew to over 420+ clubs around the U.S. and several clubs in HK, Singapore & China under the name California Fitness.
  4. 4. Brand Mantra Change lives through fitness
  5. 5. With their success, there’s also challenges
  6. 6. Challenge MEMBER RETENTION
  7. 7. The industry has pushed heavily of recruiting new members, but has not paid too much attention on retaining current members.
  8. 8. Retention rates of memberships are as low as 50 – 60 percent within 90-120 days since sign up
  9. 9. This is not only a case for 24 Hour Fitness, but for most fitness gyms as well.
  10. 10. Goal Embody a lifestyle brand
  11. 11. Competitors
  12. 12. Direct Competitor
  13. 13. Background More than 45 years ago, Joe Gold opened a modest fitness center in Venice Beach, California and began a tradition of commitment, passion and dedication that is now practiced at more than 600 locations across the globe.
  14. 14. Persona: The Good Big Sexy Strong Prestigious “The gold standard”
  15. 15. Know your own strength Brand Mantra
  16. 16. Persona: The Ugly Intimidating Taunting Aggressive Scary Stereotyped as “lunkheads”
  17. 17. Direct Competitor
  18. 18. From a single club opening in the UK in 1993, Fitness First has expanded through Europe, Australia and Asia. It is the largest privately owned health club group in the world; operating in 370 clubs with around 1.3 members around the world. Background
  19. 19. Fun Active Balanced Convenient “The Metro Gym” Placing their gyms at Commercial A buildings in Asia, Fitness First offered convenience of fitness like getting your hair done. Convenience didn’t really translate to profit.
  20. 20. Early 2014, Fitness First started rolling out their new image - all centered around the idea of “Rewriting the Rules of Fitness”. A £225-million investment in an effort to upgrade the company, and revitalize the static gym market. From a new logo to staff training, to facilities, the project is a complete overhaul. In the first 8 months, they have received 16,000 new sign-ups. Re-branding
  21. 21. Believing that fitness evolves over time, Fitness First aims to break the typical gym experience. They have developed their own core class called, “Freestyle™” - utilizing their studies based on Dynamic Motion Training (DMT).All to be at the cutting edge of fitness innovation. New brand, new philosophy
  22. 22. Indirect Competitor
  23. 23. Founded during the height of the Great Depression, Dr. Sidney R. Garfield wanted to treat anyone who needs care, no matter what financial status they were in. Background
  24. 24. Along with Henry J. Kaiser, Dr. Garfield pushed a new kind of ideal: emphasizing prevention. By keeping people healthy and treating them early on to prevent more serious problems later. Rather than merely treating illness and injury, they spearheaded a new kind of care. Background
  25. 25. To contribute to the well- being of our communities Brand Mantra
  26. 26. Trends Report
  27. 27. In smaller group activities, people’s learning progress are higher with concentrated attention from passionate instructors. Several studies suggests that this help push people to work harder and perform better when they have the company (or friendly competition) of others in a smaller group setting. Small Group Activities
  28. 28. Nutrition information is easily accessible, but that alone is no longer enough. Not only are people becoming more aware of what they eat, but also where the food comes from. From locally grown to organically farmed produce, people are thinking over long-term effects of their behaviors not only for themselves, but to their community and environment as well. Socio-consumption
  29. 29. Wearable smart devices are now widely accepted as a means to track and store fitness activities. From heart rate monitoring, to personalized coaching, wearable tech is another platform for people to gather and import information to share their peers and continuously inspire each other. Eventually, the same information may also be forwarded to their doctors or health care providers to give them a more personalized care / treatment. Information + Inspiration
  30. 30. Our Audience
  31. 31. They desire a prolonged good quality of life (even up to when they retire) and be able to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones, doing similar activities together such as travelling, hiking, etc. Active Engagers (early 20’s to mid-60’s)
  32. 32. They exercise not to look like super models or bodybuilders, but to be able to do everyday activities with more energy and with ease (functional rather than aesthetics).
  33. 33. Active Engagers want to have enough time and energy so they can continue to pursue what matters most to them. They see exercise as a means to their end, not as a place to spend their time after work. Active Engagers train for life’s adventures, not just for the looks.
  34. 34. OUR MAIN MESSAGE “Start here, go further”
  35. 35. Brand Channels Opportunities & Suggestions
  36. 36. Social Media CHANNEL: Communication Platform Self- expression Tool How they use it Create and/or absorb content Organize and/or influence people Life Comparison Relationship builder Why They Use It: + A form of entertainment + Self validation (“I’m right, right?”) + Reinforce the bonds of their support system + To be constantly connected to people that matter to them + To feel the sense of belonging (tribal) + To be recognized (self-esteem, confidence, respect by others)
  37. 37. Social Media Encourage and develop off-class interaction, to build a community of like-minded individuals that continuously inspire one another. BRAND OPPORTUNITY
  38. 38. MOBILE APPS CHANNEL: Platform Connector Micro Transaction How they use it Micro Entertainment Mobile Productivity Digital Companion Digital Toolkit Why They Use It: + To stay updated with the times + Portability + Feeds their curiosity + As a topic of discussion + As a topic of discussion + Source of constant stimulation
  39. 39. MOBILE APPS CHANNEL: Develop cutting edge technologies that will utilize information as a means of encouragement with member’s performance. Examples: i.e. In-house app that can be integrated with third-party tracking devices ii. Live progress board that encourages other members on their performance and/or activity BRAND OPPORTUNITY
  40. 40. Web Site CHANNEL: Platform Connector Online Transaction How they use it Validate Company Credibility Modern Socialization Consume Information Why They Use It: + To validate company credibility + Look for additional information about the company (schedules, locations, etc)
  41. 41. Web Site CHANNEL: i. Integrate personalized data of each member’s progress. (i.e. Let members log / upload their own data -- from nutrition information, calorie counter, water consumption, etc) . This creates a space for to make fitness suggestions to reach member goals faster. ii. Make it more social (i.e. within members, let them find other members with the same fitness goals. This may also help solidify member retention). BRAND OPPORTUNITY
  42. 42. REBRANDING IDEAS ENERGY + ENTHUSIASM You are adventurous. Everyday is a path to the unknown that constantly opens up to you. You wake up feeling revitalized. Excited and poised to take on what seems to be impossible. You are inspired, but grounded. Ideal, but a realist. Enlightened and balanced. Energy is your second name. This is your life. This is what you do. This is what gets you up in the morning. ‘Exercise’ is not a chore. It’s in your bones, in your blood. It a part of you like the sun is to the vast blue sky. You are ready – every 24.
  43. 43. My take on fitness: Health should be thought of as a whole day experience 24/7. You train for a few hours, be conscious of what you put in your body, and you reap the benefits on a day to day basis. Health should be viewed as a holistic approach.
  44. 44. Color Treatments SAMPLES #DA1D2A #0E0025 #FF6828 #006DB5 Colors that signify individual worth, power, energy, and integrity.
  45. 45. OTHER LOGO Treatment SAMPLES
  46. 46. OTHER LOGO Treatment SAMPLES
  47. 47. OTHER LOGO Treatment SAMPLES
  48. 48. Gyms usually give off an intimidating impression to anyone who’s just starting out. At times there’s not enough guidance and supervision once you join one. Fitness instructors are available, but their focus is more on using the facilities. This is not enough. Sweating in the gym is only half of the work; the right diet, motivation, and some lifestyle changes should also be considered to help members really achieve their fitness goals faster. A holistic approach should be emphasized to differentiate themselves from other gyms. “More than just a gym, this is where change begins.”
  49. 49. A little about me: I’ve struggled on weight issues myself. Since College, I had the “yo-yo diet”. I would lose it, only to gain it twice more after a few months. I joined 24HF in 2007, had a personal coach, and eventually stopped going to the gym for the next 5+ years. Fast forward to the present, I tried crossfit and other gyms and their classes. It seems that there was no one-stop shop solution for my fitness goals. But with a few help and encouragement from friends, I think I’m closer than ever before. I am still working on my goals, but I’ve never felt better than now. Currently, I like to take nature pictures, experiment on food, stay updated on tech startups, and just hang out with friends. @alanarguelles More about me: vimeo.com/alanarguelles instagram.com/autodidactyl