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FAQ 2018 General Quiz Prelims answers

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Cut-off 14.5. Top score 24.

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FAQ 2018 General Quiz Prelims answers

  1. 1. General Quiz F.A.Q 2018 Researched and Conducted by Dr. Aakash Roy
  2. 2. A big round of applause for the fantastic quizzes and magnificent QMs at FAQ 2018….
  3. 3. Statutory warning…
  4. 4. Rules  30 Questions.  Multiples of Five are star marked.  8 teams qualify for the finals.  A tie to be resolved by stars followed by the count- back method.  Prelims score to decide winners in case of a tie in Finals.
  5. 5. 1  Rabindranath Bhatta, Lionel Emmett and Harihar Banerjee form an exhaustive list with respect to the alumni of Calcutta Medical College.  What list, that could make us reminiscent of the likes of an American paediatrician whose book “Baby and child care” has been one of the bestsellers of all time ?
  6. 6. Olympians passing out from Medical College
  7. 7. 2  The House of ______ _______ in Auvers is a 1872 painting by Paul Cezanne who befriended the house owner, who has been portrayed on screen by British actor Jerome Flynn in an acclaimed 2017 Polish production.  Who ?
  8. 8. Doctor Gachet
  9. 9. 3  This sparsely populated region of South America is shared by two countries- Argentina and Chile. It is believed that the nomenclature owes its origin to the expeditions of Ferdinand Magellan who used the term to denote the ‘giant stature’ of its inhabitants.  Which region, also referred to in the title of a Paul Theroux travelogue is this ?
  10. 10. Patagonia
  11. 11. 4  He is the current world record holder in a particular discipline of track and field, which was in news recently. The existing world record was set in Rome in 1999.  What ?
  12. 12. Fastest man to run a mile
  13. 13. 5  Originally a German word for ‘whirlpool’ or ‘eddy’, this item is associated closely with a neighbouring European nation.  An iconic movie sequence featuring this item ended with the antagonist stubbing his cigarette out right onto that very item. The ensuing close-up is a picture of dirtied pristineness; an innocuous trifle senselessly spoiled.  Which item ?
  14. 14. Strudel
  15. 15. 6  The Tale of Thomas ________, 160 years in the making is a 2016 docu-drama which features the stories of Ernest Shackleton’s polar expeditions in early 20th century as well as the heroic tales of Betty- Kirby Green, a female aviator who broke the world record (and the glass ceiling) for flight between London and Cape Town in 1937.  Whose life was the movie based on ?
  16. 16. Burberry
  17. 17. 7  This head anointing ceremony takes place every 12 years. The earliest reference to such an event dates back to 1398 A.D. while the latest one was in 2006.  While some have hypothesised that celestial reasons are behind the spacing of two such ceremonies, others have pointed towards more realistic problems, like construction of huge scaffoldings to be the real reason behind a gap of 12 years.  Which Indian town is the venue for this event, which is set to happen in 2018 and has seen the concerned state Govt. announce a host of special trains during the event ?
  18. 18. Shravanabelagola
  19. 19. 8  An ignorant person might spell this as the fear of something, but in reality this word of Latin origin refers to a depression or a pit in any part of human anatomy.  Which good word be this ?
  20. 20. Fovea
  21. 21. 9  Following the spectacular comeback by AS Roma in the UCL quarterfinals against Barcelona, the TV commentator remarked that tonight Catalan tears will be enough to fill up something, an allusion to the unfortunate set-back for the Catalan giants.  What was it supposed to fill ?
  22. 22. Trevi Fountain
  23. 23. 10  Sukumar Ray used to play host to a weekly gathering of intellectuals in his residence. This ‘adda’ was given a formal name referring to the day of the week when they would usually meet, also referring to a generic term for a Bengali sweetmeat, often used in association with a similar word in common parlance.  What was the name of the club ?
  24. 24. Monda Club
  25. 25. 11  In the United States, _____are generally executive branch officials appointed by the President either with Senate approval or without it.  In the United Kingdom, the term is more loosely used to refer to high-profile appointments who devote their skills to one particular area.  Which word of Balkan origin, known to us in the context of a different nation is this ?
  26. 26. Czar
  27. 27. 12  Afrika Reich trilogy by Guy Saville gives a fictional account of a Nazi occupied Africa, post the second world war. The official blog of the author dissects the key elements behind this book in a series titled “A-Z of…”  The entry with V has two references, one obviously being violence while the other alludes to something which the SS wanted to profit from if they took control of an island nation. The Jewish revolution that forms the back-story is in fact titled, “Mered Ha- ______”.  What ?
  28. 28. Vanilla
  29. 29. 13  Before May day, AFP’s photo and video team chronicled the portraits of eight people from around the globe, whose means of bread and butter have become endangered as technology transforms societies.  The list included a Neon-sign maker from Hong Kong, a Gramophone salesman from New Delhi, a laundry worker from Quito, a DVD shopkeeper from Sydney, a clock- keeper from Montevideo, an Umbrella repairer of Belgrade, a shorthand typist from Faridabad and one Mohammad Asghar, who according to some estimates is one of the remaining 24000 in that city.  Who and Which city ?
  30. 30. Rickshaw-puller, Kolkata
  31. 31. 14  This form of artillery from the middle ages was named after a mythical figure who would kill a person by a mere glance. It finds many references in English literature over the centuries, the latest one being the most popular amongst all.  What is the name of this venomous cannon ?
  32. 32. Basilisk
  33. 33. 15  Peter _______ was a British adventurer, author and travel-writer, who is known for his books on Brazil, Middle-East and Tibet , among others.  He was a suave, well read, charming man who married yesteryear actress Celia Johnson.  However, it is his brother, a womaniser to the tee, who is a more popular name in this part of the world.  Who ?
  34. 34. Ian Fleming
  35. 35. 16  Catherine Brown, a historian remarked, “It seems to be that there's an identity thing there. We'd lost our monarchy, we'd lost our parliament and we gained our ______”.  Which dish of national importance was being referred, in the context of a major political event of 1707 ?
  36. 36. Haggis
  37. 37. 17  Goa-based author Luis de Assis Correia in his book “Portuguese India and Mughal Relations 1510-1735” has stated that, a certain Dona Maria Mascarenhas while travelling in a Portuguese armada along the Arabian sea, could have been captured along with her sister Juliana and subsequently offered to a young Emperor as a gift by Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat in the mid-1500s.  Whose mistaken identity has thus been sensationalised by the author, which would surely make a FTI,Pune alumnus frown and the Karni Sena unhappy ?
  38. 38. Jodhabai
  39. 39. 18  The Royal Society Events and Exhibitions Manager, Felicity Anderson in an article advocated the institution of a prize which she felt would have been won by Thomas Henry Huxley, though competition in the category is stiff (and bristly), especially amongst its fellows from the Victorian age, with Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, Arthur Robertson Cushny and Conwy Lloyd Morgan all competing at the highest level.  What category would see the Darwin enthusiast win ?
  40. 40. Best Scientific Whiskers
  41. 41. 19  Pathfinder is a leading coaching institute for Engineering and Medical entrance examinations in eastern India. One of their advertisements feature Rajatava Datta as a tensed father awaiting the JEE results of his son. In those nail biting moments of anticipation, he remarks that he had forewarned his son about the upcoming doom if he was to write both his boards and JEE together and uses a particular phrase to stamp his authoritative presence.  The son, needless to say came out with flying colours, being a student of Pathfinder.  While you are wondering at this #success story, what popular culture reference from this part of the world was used by Rajatava, featuring a Buff Striped Keel-back and a Monocled Cobra ?
  42. 42. Hele dhorte pare na, keute dhorte geche…
  43. 43. 20  The following picture is an etching by an unknown artist during the Great Siege of Gibraltar by the joint armies of French and Spanish in 1782.  The British naval commanders set fire to the floating batteries of the enemy, which exploded, thus foiling their attempts of conquest.  However, this picture, according to some scholars, is the first ever depiction of a phenomenon which would be the talk of the town, more than two and a half centuries later.  What am I talking about ?
  44. 44. 20
  45. 45. Mushroom Cloud
  46. 46. 21  Digoxin is a drug commonly used in Cardiac failure. It typically produces an inverted hockey-stick like appearance of the QRS- complex on the ECG which was given a more fancier name by clinicians due to its resemblance to something iconic, which forms the basis of an eponymously titled absurdist, humorous 1954 book co-authored by Philippe Halsman.  What is the name given to this ECG feature ?
  47. 47. 21
  48. 48. Dali (moustache)
  49. 49. 22  Koichiro Miyamoto, son of a Japanese immigrant in Honolulu was the first to manufacture this product using Japanese Kimono fabrics.  However, the modern version of the product was devised in the early 1930s by a Chinese merchant, Ellery Chun of King-Smith Clothiers and Dry Goods, a store in Waikiki.  What, that gained worldwide popularity through an individual’s exploits in 1961 ?
  50. 50. Aloha Shirts
  51. 51. 23  “A ride to _________” , Duane Thorin’s brilliant fictionalized account of life as a prisoner of war through the Korean War takes the reader from the start of the groups imprisonment through to their last seconds of incarceration.  FITB with the name of a place that has been mentioned in a Billy Joel song referencing to headlines from 1953.
  52. 52. 24  Gerald Marzarotti, a former editor of the “Times” magazine wrote an article on the eve of this year’s French Open Ladies Singles final, titled, ‘The ____ of Sloane Stephens’ in “The New Yorker”.  Marzarotti analyses her calmness on court and remarks that despite being “long-legged” and “quick”, there is no flurry of activity in her movements on court and her face is as relaxed as possible, whatever be the outcome of the match.  FITB with a suitable word, a favourite amongst the Beat generation poets of the West.
  53. 53. Zen
  54. 54. 25  The picture in the next slide is a statue by Benvenuto Cellini located at the Loggia dei Lanzi of the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy.  It shows, the Greek hero, Perseus after a gigantic achievement, in all his power and glory.  What has been blanked out in the picture, a resemblance of which can be seen over the anterior abdominal wall of alchoholic patients with a diseased liver ?
  55. 55. 25
  56. 56. Medusa's head
  57. 57. 26  Greek island of Lesvos, about 18 miles from Turkey across the Mytilini Strait, has an unique man-made crematorium in one of its beaches and numerous drone images has confirmed that its existence does not date back to more than a couple of years.  What is unique about this graveyard ?
  58. 58. Lifejacket graveyard
  59. 59. 27  Femina, a Times group magazine has been organising the Miss India contest since 1960s. Before that, another woman-centric magazine started a nationwide contest of beauty pageants that took off in 1959. The first winner was Fleur Ezekiel, of Armenian descent.  What very appropriately named weekly magazine was this ?
  60. 60. Eve’s Weekly
  61. 61. 28  What is common between the observance of the Andalusian Jews, on Saturday- a day of Sabbath, the Lebanese and Syrian Christians commemorating the Feast of Assumption and the Shias celebrating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein at Karbala in the month of Muharram ?
  62. 62. Eating Harisa/ Haleem
  63. 63. 29  Guns N’ Roses were in India for their first ever gig here in the winter of 2012, when an individual’s love for Blues and Rock music came into headlines. The person offered Axl Rose, the celebrated front-man of the band, his personal vanity van on the day of the concert.  It is a little known fact, that he owns a collection of guitars signed by some of the premium musicians in the world, including the likes of David Gilmour. In the lead up to the concert, the person reminisced about the thrill of first witnessing a Guns N’ Roses show back in 1991 in New York.  Who is this good Samaritan ?
  64. 64. Sanjay Dutt
  65. 65. 30  This is Edward Thomas, the British war poet who was killed in action in France during WW-I. Yet his personal war was with his ravaging depression and with his struggle, to find a literary expression through poetry.  In the summer of 1915, he received a letter with the draft of a poem from a friend across the Atlantic. Many hypothesise that the poem might have spurred him to join the army, the following year.  What poem changed the destiny of Thomas’s life ?
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Cut-off 14.5. Top score 24.


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