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Social, Mobile, and Local Walk Into a Bar

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Of course they're old drinking buddies - social media, mobile, and local search marketing are closely tied together for online success. They help influence how we find the bar, which beer we choose to enjoy, how we rate our experience, and even how others see the photos we post after or during our visit. Customers and marketers are armed with devices each time they go out - Aaron Weiche of GetFiveStars.com will help us examine how those devices are creating content that merges social and local search with content and reviews.

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Social, Mobile, and Local Walk Into a Bar

  1. 1. Social, Mobile & Local Walk Into A Bar
  2. 2. They all have phones
  3. 3. Mobile all the time (most of us have a problem)
  4. 4. “more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” Google May 2015
  5. 5. Local search (driven by proximity & context)
  6. 6. 80% of local searches on mobile phones covert comSCORE survey 2014
  7. 7. Via @MaryBowling
  8. 8. Local Search Ranking Factors 2014 MOZ & David Mihm
  9. 9. Local Search Ranking Factors 2014 MOZ & David Mihm 22.5%
  10. 10. Social media (amplify it all)
  11. 11. 844M daily mobile users 300M monthly mobile users 250M monthly mobile users
  12. 12. Social builds brand Social builds trust Social creates mentions Social generates fresh content
  13. 13. Do you have more content on social channels than your website? Fix that.
  14. 14. Top ranking URLs have more social signals – this factor increases exponentially in the top places SearchMetrics 2015 Ranking Factors
  15. 15. 10X the tweets & retweets for websites at #1 over the #10 ranking SearchMetrics 2015 Ranking Factors
  16. 16. Websites at #1 have 2X the likes and shares than pages ranking at #2 SearchMetrics 2015 Ranking Factors
  17. 17. Where does social impact local SEO most?
  18. 18. Trusted websites Links, citations Authority, ranking & visibility Trusted website Trusted people Review, tweet, like, check-in Visibility, information & confidence Trusted business
  19. 19. Why Can Search Engines Trust Reviews?
  20. 20. User Profiles Social Web • Profile Data, G+ • Search History • Devices • Google product use • Purchases • Reviews, ratings, likes • Content, posts, tweets • Check-ins, tagged • Quantity of network • Who we know- quality • Velocity TRUST
  21. 21. They know who we are and they know what we do
  22. 22. Humans trust humans
  23. 23. Reviews build brand Reviews build trust Reviews create mentions Reviews are fresh content
  24. 24. Future: Rating & sentiment matter A LOT
  25. 25. 73% Of Consumers Form An Opinion By Reading 1–6 Reviews
  26. 26. 69% Of Consumers Believe That Reviews Older Than 3 Months Are No Longer Relevant
  27. 27. Only 13% Of Consumers Will Consider Using A Business That Has A 1-Star Or 2-Star Rating
  28. 28. How to improve your customer feedback and online reviews.
  29. 29. Google Local Results 5 Reviews Get You Visible Stars 10 Reviews Give You A Bump In Rank
  30. 30. Reviews improve with a strategy
  31. 31. Ask every customer
  32. 32. Paper Review Request Create your own Hand out to every customer https://www.whitespark.ca/r eview-handout-generator
  33. 33. Automate Use a platform Email feedback requests or landing pages Gather testimonials, improve, encourage online reviews GetFiveStars.com
  34. 34. Make it easy Positive Rating: Ask for an online review Bad rating: Alert email sent to owner Gather feedback, your Net Promoter Score and improve
  35. 35. Market your testimonials Allow your best customers to market for you on your website Marked-up with schema/code to produce “stars” in search results
  36. 36. Fix business problems
  37. 37. Strong NPS = Reviews Optimize for Quality Service, Not Reviews Net Promoter Score Business #1 NPS 60 Business #2 NPS 90 Open Rates 38.9% 46.7% Review Site Visits 1x 3x Reviews Left 1x 6x Research from GetFiveStars & Mike Blumenthal
  38. 38. Diverse Review Websites
  39. 39. 1. Social Local and Mobile are integrated already for you, don’t try to silo them 2. Empower and lead the mobile army 3. Brand matters A LOT 4. Reviews, have a strategy Takeaways
  40. 40. Twitter: @AaronWeiche LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/AaronWeiche GetFiveStars.com Thank you!