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Assignment 3a-b

assignment 3a-b

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Assignment 3a-b

  1. 1. FA 102C, Fall 2015: Motion Graphics and Sound Design for Digital Media Amanda Bentley
  2. 2. Observation There is no straightforward, easy to understand way on the portal for students to organize their schedules and make sure they have time to take all the courses they need to graduate. This may discourage some students from taking on internships or being able to graduate on time.
  3. 3. Confusing layout on degree audit
  4. 4. No directions for which semester to take classes
  5. 5. No required internship for credit in certain majors
  6. 6. Desired Behavior Students should be inclined to take an internship and have all the necessary credits to graduate on time. It should be easy to understand which semesters to take classes and how to organize time to take an internship.
  7. 7. Design Tip Employed To encourage people to select a specific option, make it the default; likewise to discourage people from selecting an option, don’t make it the default.
  8. 8. Proposed Nudge Design Solution By having an organized schedule that stacks classes for at least one semester and encourages internships by making it the default credit, students will be more likely to graduate on time and with at least one internship.
  9. 9. Prototype Design ● Breakdown by semester ● Easy to read, color- coded calendar ● Breakdown of courses needed per semester ● Additional resources for internship opportunities
  10. 10. Prototype Design ● Synced with Hofstra portal for easy registration ● All available courses for semester visible in drop down menu
  11. 11. Logo Design: Keywords ● Countries: ○ Germany ○ Bulgaria ○ Italy ● Keywords from research: ○ Organize ○ Motivate ○ Guide ● Translations: ○ German: organisieren, motivieren, führen
  12. 12. Logo Design: Image Associations
  13. 13. Logo Design: Sketches
  14. 14. Final Logo Design