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Augmenting your Technical Documentation with User-Generated Content

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Presented by Scott Abel at the Society for Technical Communication Summit, June 2, 2008 in Philadelphia.

Your user community can be an invaluable source of information about your product or service. Using Web 2.0 technologies, you can augment your existing technical documentation with user-generated content. The presentation will explore the possibilities, as well as the perils, of leveraging this often-overlooked resource.

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Augmenting your Technical Documentation with User-Generated Content

  1. Augmenting Your Documentation With User-Generated Content By Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler
  2. What Is User-Generated Content? Blog Posts, Comments, Ratings, Reviews, Videos, Podcasts, Profile Info, And More!
  3. Blogs Allow Anyone To Become A Publisher And Develop Audience Shifts Balance Of Power From Traditional Publishers To Individual Voices
  4. Consumers Of Blog Content Can Participate In The Conversation The Rules Of The Game Have Changed: Engaging Content Consumers Is Key
  5. You May Be Many Things: In Control Is Not One Of Them Radical Changes In Enabling Technologies Has Shifted The Balance Of Power
  6. Technology Has Made It Possible For All Users To Participate Prior To Web 2.0 Technologies, The Cost Of Participation Was Too High For Consumers
  7. Shamless Self Promotion Alert! http://thecontentwrangler.ning.com
  8. Creating Communities Used To Be The Job Of Associations Cost Was Prohibitive. No Longer Do We Need Offices, Staff, Phone, Postage...
  9. In As Little As 7 Minutes You Can Set Up A Global Network Software-As-A-Service Offerings Provide Drag-And-Drop Interfaces. Set-Up Is A Snap!
  10. Build It And They Will Come Is Seldom A Successful Strategy It’s All About The Audience: Either You Have One, Or You Don’t
  11. Social Networks Allow Us To Join Groups Of People Like Us Birds Of A Feather Flock Together Online - Networks Provide Missing Human Element
  12. Personal Preferences Prevent Us From Seeing The Possibilities Forcing An Organizational Structure On Others Is Contrary To The World We Live In
  13. Our Approach Is Incongruent With Changing User Expectations We Can No Longer Rely On Principles Designed For Use In A World Limited By The Laws Of Physics
  14. Not Everything Has Its Place ... Everything Has Its Places We’ve Mistakenly Continued To Use Physical Models To Develop Digital Solutions
  15. Pieces Of Digital Content Can Exist In Multiple Places Dump Content Into A Digital Pile And Let The Computer Handle Placing It Where It Needs To Go
  16. Dynamic Personalized Content Ensures More Relevant Experiences Content Component Management, XML, Structured Content Make It Possible, Affordable
  17. Rich Metadata Makes It Possible To Associate Content With People Social Networking Technologies Can Match People With Content Of Interest In New And Exciting Ways
  18. Lesson 1: There’s No One Best Way To Organize Information What Consumers Want And What We Give Them Are Two, Often Totally Different Things
  19. Apple Changed The Rules And Took 70% Of The Market Old School Business Models And Wishful Thinking Opened The Door For Competition
  20. User-Generated Ratings Are Part Of Everyday Life For Consumers 8 of 10 Online Transactions Are Directly Influenced By User-Generated Ratings
  21. iTunes Is Also Home To One Of The Largest Podcast Networks Anyone Can Upload Podcasts And Start Their Own Podcast Channel
  22. Lesson 2: Users Don’t Care Where They Get Help From They Just Want To Find The Answer To Their Problem When They Encounter It
  23. HEY, CONTENT WRANGLER: TRY ALT F8+SHIFT+ESC. THEN, CLICK YOUR HEELS THREE TIMES :) IF YOU’RE LUCKY.... THANKS POWERUSER101. IT WORKED AND I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE MY RUBY SLIPPERS ON. Learning From PowerUser101 And The 4:30 AM Flight While Users Helping Users Can Be Risky, It Can Also Extend Your Customer Service
  24. Product Reviews Are Often Described As “More Authentic” Providing Users With Different Views Of The Information Provides Relevant
  25. 62% Of Consumers Say They Read User-Generated Reviews Reviews Help Consumers Confirm Purchase Decisions ... Or Change Them
  26. Lesson 3: Users Are Not A Homogeneous Group Of Clones We Know This Is True. So, Why Do We Continue To Pretend Otherwise?
  27. Community Members Need To Be Able To Form Targeted Groups Give Them Control: Unless You Have Psychic Powers, You’ll Fail Miserably, Anyway
  28. Lesson 4: Users Are Talking About You Right Now! Ignoring These Conversations Is Stupid: They Provide Valuable Information and Insight
  29. If You Pay Attention, You Can Learn A Lot About Your Users Listening Can Help You Better Serve Them, Increase Satisfaction, And Make New Sales
  30. Forums Are Web Applications That Support User Interaction Peer-To-Peer Interaction Is Valuable Source Of Rich Information About User Needs
  31. Forums Provide Additional Access Points For Customers Discussions, Help, “How To” And Training Provided By Customers For Customers
  32. Forums Provide A Way For Users To Interact, Share, And Learn The Long Tail: The Fact That They Are On The Web Makes Them Even More Valuable
  33. Forums Provide A Voice For Users Who Hope You’re Listening When You’re Not, You’re Leaving The Door Open For The Competition
  34. Lesson 5: Consumers Love Video And Increasingly Expect It We All Know That Some Tasks Are Simply Easier To Understand When We Watch Them
  35. Users Don’t Want To Read Your Manual Nor Download Your PDF What They Want Is A Quick And Easy Solution To Challenges That Impede Them
  36. While You Were Writing, User Expectations Changed You Can Pretend They Didn’t, But, They Did. What Are You Going To Do About It?
  37. A Few Suggestions For Those Interested In Leveraging UGC Join The Content Wrangler Community, Explore YouTube, SlideShare.net, scribd.com
  38. Carefully Develop Your Professional Online Profile Don’t Litter The Information Superhighway With Useless Information: Make It Count!
  39. Learn To Use “Embedd” Code And Repurpose Content Find Places To Upload Your Content And Share It With Others
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