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Journées ABES 2014 - Projet CIB - Uwe Rich

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Journées ABES 2014 - 20 mai 2014 - Session "SGBm, Hub, Base de connaissances - quelles convergences ? " - Uwe Risch (consortium HeBIS) : "Focus sur CIB Project"

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Journées ABES 2014 - Projet CIB - Uwe Rich

  1. 1. Information auf den Punkt gebracht Focus sur »CIB Project« - Towards an international infrastructure for library data Dr. U. Risch Journées abes, May 2014
  2. 2. Information auf den Punkt gebracht CIB Cloudbased Infrastructure for Library Data (Cloudbasierte Infrastruktur für Bibliotheksdaten) applied for at the German Research Foundation (DFG) HeBIS (consortia leader) BVB KOBV as part of the DFG-tender „New alignment of supra-regional information services“ („Neuausrichtung überregionaler Informationsservices“) official start at 1.9.2013 (funded 3 + 2 years)
  3. 3. Information auf den Punkt gebracht Library Networks in Germany HBZ GBV SWB BVB KOBV HeBIS
  4. 4. Information auf den Punkt gebracht German Science Organizations on CIB German Science Council (Wissenschaftsrat) and German Science Foundation (DFG) expect a thoroughgoing reform of german library networks towards a „functional“ instead of a regional division of work. Local library systems (ILS) have to be part of this reform.
  5. 5. Information auf den Punkt gebracht ILS – integrated “local“ library system ILL Search Global Regional (network) Library GND, ZDB (authority files) National union catalog HeBIS, BVB, GBV, SWB, (KOBV) 5 Architectural Levels Kuali OCLC WorldCat OCLC WorldShare Platform ExLibris Alma SerialsSol utions Intota NN Six library networks are running five functionally identical cataloging systems Should that be centralized?! 5
  6. 6. Information auf den Punkt gebracht CIB: Aims and Directions Aim: New positioning of libraries as partners in education and science First: Future cataloging will not take place in regional cataloguing systems but in internationally oriented environments using international metadata standards. Second: Today‘s ILS will (almost) entirely migrate into cloudbased systems. Third: A „national data window“ will be established to back up data in a system under national law and to allow for services solely needed for national purposes. 6
  7. 7. Information auf den Punkt gebracht 7 Moving to a new Architecture Strong political bias in a reform of german library networks – functional, not regional division of work • Changing sources of catalog data • Changing rules of cataloging • Changing library systems
  8. 8. Information auf den Punkt gebracht 8 Changing Sources of Catalog Data libraries spent a permanently growing amount of their acquisition budgets in order to buy „electronic“ resources scientific literature especially in natural and live sciences turns to become more and more „born digital“ same holds true for eBooks, especially for PDA metadata/catalog data come as part of licence- bundles - and will not be entered manually into a catalog database more centralized metadata management would be helpful
  9. 9. Information auf den Punkt gebracht 9 Changing Rules of Cataloging RDA: a comprehensive set of guidelines and instructions on resource description and access covering all types of content and media. Introduction of RDA in Germany will be completed in 2015 implements for the first time an international standard for cataloging in Germany … and gives way to a much easier (re-)use of data from external (library) data sources. can we use records from foreign countries, from foreign (cataloging) languages?
  10. 10. Information auf den Punkt gebracht 10 Changing Library Systems More then 80% of German Academic Libraries and all German library networks use Ex Libris or OCLC systems. Next Generation Library Systems of both suppliers are cloudbased should we make use of this business model „Cloud“?
  11. 11. Information auf den Punkt gebracht 11 Make Or Buy? Are there good reasons to develop a national cataloging platform? We didn‘t find any… in-house developments of this scale are overloaded with technical and organizational risks, and not justifiable with respect to already existing solutions Citing from the DFG testimony on CIB: „It is particularly convincing that … in-house developments will be avoided.“
  12. 12. Information auf den Punkt gebracht Clouds for Library Data 12 Ex Libris Alma OCLC WorldShare Platform Pro Quest Intota Kuali Foundation Kuali OLE (Open Source)  are already available – don‘t reinvent the wheel!  partly based on existing data collections (WorldCat)  will provide the whole functionality of today‘s „integrated library systems“ (ILS)  some supplier will provide customizing of services („App Gallery“)
  13. 13. Information auf den Punkt gebracht Challenges: Platforms CIB will not prescribe libraries or networks which platform provider to use! But: we have to start with a small number of partners and a clear commitment to the project. 13
  14. 14. Information auf den Punkt gebracht Cooperation and Committments CIB partners signed cooperation agreements with OCLC und Ex Libris, stating that platforms will be synchronised with respect to german library data - a Unified German Data Space emerges GND (Integrated Authority File) and ZDB (German Union Catalogue of Serials) will be integrated into the platforms an appropriate project organization is to build up in order to manage CIB project 14
  15. 15. Information auf den Punkt gebracht 15 WorldCatAlma Unified German Data Space synchronisation of metadata from German libraries OCLC Number (OCN) as common and unique identifier. Deduplication takes place in OCLC WorldCat. Unfied German Data Space
  16. 16. Information auf den Punkt gebracht 16 WorldCatAlma Platform Data Models Sync Record Policy German Network Zone Prototype will be realised by CIB-Partners Unified German Data Space Unified German Data Space
  17. 17. Information auf den Punkt gebracht OCLC and ExLibris have committed themselves that platform synchronization will raise no further cost for German libraries. ӿ public libraries? 17 ӿ Unfied German Data Space
  18. 18. Information auf den Punkt gebracht 18 Challenges: Data German Cataloging Resources German authority files and central cataloguing resources have to be integrated in cloud platforms GND (Integrated Authority File) – will be integrated via a bidirectional synchronization. An integrated cataloging workflow will be set up. ZDB (German Union Catalogue of Serials) – will be coupled with the platforms to receive all titel entries made in the platforms
  19. 19. Information auf den Punkt gebracht Challenges: Privacy Cloudbased systems evoke new problems in data privacy US Patriot Act allows an immediate access to all data of US-guided enterprises, even in exterritorially branches/sites and without notification of users and/or public authorities concerned Partly solvable by contract design Careful evaluation and design of the cloud-operating company Eventual exclusion of sensitive data from the cloud Consultations with legal authorities clearly signal ways to solve these problems 19
  20. 20. Information auf den Punkt gebracht Union Catalogue GND, ZDB (Authority Files) ILS ILL OPAC/ Discovery Global Regional Library Network Library National 21 Library Infrastructure 2020? Kuali OCLC WorldCat OCLC WorldShare Platform ExLibris Alma ProQuest Intota NN Synchronisation – unified german data space 21 National Data Window eResour ces Loan Acquisit ion Services instead of Systems Management and Aggregation of Services
  21. 21. Information auf den Punkt gebracht Infrastructure (HW & SW) Application Management Extended Support Partner Management Global Data Management Migration and Manage- ment of local/ regional Data or Collections Metadata-Management Quality Control Development Service Integration Basic-Support Regional Global Core App-Development Service-Mashup Who offers which Services?
  22. 22. Information auf den Punkt gebracht Aims of the first project phase (3 years): International cataloging platforms are ready to be used Synchronisation between OCLC WorldCat and ExLibris Alma works German Authority File (GND) and other central cataloging resources are integrated National Data Window is up and running those libraries migrating in the second project phase to cloudbased library systems are nominated and ready to start. Aims 25
  23. 23. Information auf den Punkt gebracht 26 Thank you for listening ! Any Questions?