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Service recovery

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Service recovery in the Food service industry

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Service recovery

  1. 1. Guest complaint and Service recovery Compiled by - Abhinav R Iyer
  2. 2. Learning objectives ● What is service failure? ● Causes of service failure? ● Examples of service failure ● What is service recovery? ● Complaining vs Non complaining guests. ● Things to keep in mind during service recovery. ● Simple steps to service recovery ● Case study!!!
  3. 3. What is service failure? ● Service failure can happen when service organization fails to deliver as per customer’s expectations. Service failure can result in the loss of customer forever ● Service failure may invoke feelings of mistrust in customer’s perception about service delivery
  4. 4. Causes of service failure? There can be many reasons of service failures some of them are mentioned below. • Inexperienced employee • Indifferent or rude behavior of employee • Delay in service delivery or slow service delivery • Equipment breakdown • Power system failure From the above reasons of service failures we can see some of the causes are within the organization’s control but some of them are not. Is the guest bothered about this?
  5. 5. Sample examples of service failures Service failure can happen in a hotel in various following forms. Some of them are :- • Defect in goods: If we do not serve food that is fresh or we have some items unavailable on the menu. • Failure due to facility problems: Cleanliness of facility or absence of right and appropriate signs/directions or machine breakdown • Failure due to unfriendly behavior: Rude behavior of employee at any service providing department, limited options of modes of payments, long waiting time at reception or at the restaurant ● Can you think of any other service failures???
  6. 6. Defining service recovery? ● Service recovery in simple words are actions taken by the service provider in response to the service failures Why is it important ● Due to low entry barriers and high competition, it becomes very easy for the competitor to win over a dissatisfied customer. ● Service recovery will prevent losing customers to competitors.
  7. 7. Complaining vs Non complaining guests In an ideal scenario a customer has these choices Put up with it Leave Complain BAD GOOD :-)
  8. 8. Things to keep in mind during service recovery ● Most customers understand that things can or will go wrong. What the don't like or understand or find interesting are excuses. Eg Org hierarchy ● Don’t panic, every problem has a solution ● Avoid assuming in any scenario. ASSUME = ASS out of U and ME. Eg Dessert ● Learn from customer issues but never use it as an opportunity to train or discipline your staff in front of the guest. ● Don’t imagine that you are doing something special for the guest by making things how they should have been in the first place
  9. 9. Simple steps to service recovery ● Listen and apologize if the situation demands for one. ● Make things right and fix the problem as soon as possible ● Make it up to them. Do something extra that makes them happy. ● Don’t let your mouth make promises that your feet can't keep. ● When the unfortunate happens the customer needs a bit more attention but make sure that you don’t make a mountain out of a molehill ● Follow up and make sure he leaves satisfied.
  10. 10. Case study!!!! A loyal southwest customer was unhappy with the service provided by the airline. The agent whom he spoke to at the airport was not helpful which why he decided to write them a very innovative complain letter. The reply given by southwest airline is an excellent example of great service recovery http://pinnacleperformancechampions.org/2013/09/19/southwest-airlines-customer- service-recovery-in-action/