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Marketting mix ppt

Marketing mix of Barista Cafe

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Marketting mix ppt

  2. 2. History•The term marketing mix was coinedin an article written by Neil Bordencalled “The Concept of theMarketing Mix.”•The marketer, E. JeromeMcCarthy, proposed a four Psclassification in 1960•Robert F. Lauterborn proposed afour Cs classification in 1993
  3. 3. Marketing Mix-Four P’s
  4. 4. 4P’s & 4C’s•Product- Customer /Consumer•Price- Customer cost•Place- Convenience•Promotion- Communication
  5. 5. Extended- Marketing Mix
  6. 6. 7Ps & 7CsThe 7 Ps The 7 CsOrganisation Customer Facing Facing Product = Customer/ Consumer Price = Cost Place = Convenience Promotion = Communication People = Caring Processes = Co-ordinatedPhysical Evidence = Confirmation
  7. 7. •C850 : First known discovery ofcoffee berries•1600 : Coffee enters to Europethrough the port of Venice•1654 : The first coffee house opensin Italy•1750 : One of Europe’s first Coffeehouse•1822 : Prototype of 1st espressomachine is created in France•1908 : Invention of the world’s 1stdrip coffee maker•Feb, 2000: First Barista Lavazza atBasant Lok, New Delhi
  8. 8. Coffee-story• Previously only a South-Indiandrink• Confined to the Rich Brahminclass• Places for lawyers andeducated class to holddiscussions• The drink has now becomemore of a concept
  9. 9. Café bars have flockedlike CCD, Barista,Mocha, Qwiky’s etc• Became famous andeven 5 star hotels startedcashing on it.• Coffee houses startedemerging at variousplacesin the country
  10. 10. Marketing Scenario
  11. 11. Barista – Corporate Profile•Has opened 100 outletscountrywide over last2 yrs• Marked its presence in Sri Lankaand Dubaitoo• Now targeting 22 internationaloutletsincludingBangladesh, Bahrain, Qatar,Oman and Kuwait
  12. 12. Marketing Mix• Pricing– 10% higher than Competitors– Prices are lowest they have ever been– High COGS because of Import duties• Process– Self Service• Positioning– Where the world meets
  13. 13. • People– Well trained employees – to bepolite pleasant andpositive– Consistent service at every outlet–Average age – 22yrs– Ensure to have quiet, uninterruptedvisit– Uniforms are in sober shades ofbrown and orange• Promotion– Sales Promotion
  14. 14. Physical Evidence– Logo, colors and images– Décor and architecture– Literature• Place– Outlets located in strategiclocations– Generally located at HighStreet/Familyentertainment centers, in and aroundmalls andcinemas and offices
  15. 15. I may be young, But“please take meSeriously”• Youth – between 15-35 yrs• Students form a majority of customer base• Likes to be in group• Likes to sit, talk and relax• Drinks a cup of Gourmet coffee withaddedflavors• Prefers snacks rather than meals
  16. 16. Advertising Situation– Café Citizen Card– Association with movies– Contests with brands likelevis, Airtel Friends, PepScooty, etc– Event Ticket sales likeEnrique, Bran Adams, EltonJohn
  17. 17. Creative Strategy