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Test review

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Review for Ch. 23 miniTEST

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Test review

  1. 1. One a half sheet of paper, write a thesis paragraph for the prompt: Analyze the similarities and differences in the twentieth century revolutions in Iran and ONE of the following: China Russia
  2. 2. One a half sheet of paper, write a thesis paragraph for the prompt: Analyze the similarities and differences in the cultural results of the 1979 Revolution in Iran and ONE of the following twentieth century revolutions: China Russia
  3. 3. One a half sheet of paper, write a thesis paragraph for the prompt: Analyze the similarities and differences in the twentieth century political changes in South Asia and ONE of the following regions China Latin America Southeast Asia
  4. 4. • Analyze continuities and changes in nationalist ideology and practice in ONE of the following regions from the First World War to the present: • Middle East • South Asia • Sub-Saharan Africa
  5. 5. Decolonization Review
  6. 6. VOCAB for Decolonization • Self-determination • Nationalism • Satyagraha • Indian National Congress • Militant • Gandhi, Nehru • Jinna • Partition
  7. 7. VOCAB for Decolonization • African National Congress • Afrikaner • Apartheid • Mandela • Ho Chi Minh
  8. 8. VOCAB for Decolonization • Dependency • Nationalization of Resources • Privatization • State-run economy • Secularization • Westernization • Western-style democracy
  9. 9. VOCAB for Decolonization • Ataturk • Shah (Pahlavi) • Ayatola Khomeini
  10. 10. VOCAB for Decolonization • Global South
  11. 11. Comparing independence movements in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa • India, African States, Both, or Neither? • Creating political order after independence was difficult because of cultural diversity. • Both • Went from a continent ruled by many European nation-states to being divided into many independent nation states • Africa • Popular political parties were often replaced by military dictatorships. • Africa (and Pakistan)
  12. 12. Comparing Africa and Indian independence • India, Africa, Both, or Neither? • Growing population numbers made it difficult for political and economic stability. • Both • Post-independence economies have generally failed to industrialize. • Africa • After independence, there was violence between groups within the region. • Both
  13. 13. Decolonization • What is the term? The idea that humankind is naturally divided into distinct peoples or nations, each of which deserves an independent state of their own? • Self-determination • What were the ways the World Wars led to independence movements in colonies? • European moral superiority was lost • Europeans promised new freedoms during the wars • The idea of EMPIRE was not positive anymore
  14. 14. Decolonization • Why were Europeans controlling colonies in Asia and Africa a “double-standard”? • Because the nations were democracies but didn’t allow self-government in their colonies • What was the biggest obstacle to a united independence movement in India? • Division between Hindus and Muslims • What was Gandhi’s term for his belief in a confrontational, though nonviolent, approach to political action • satyagraha
  15. 15. Turkey, Iran, Neither, or Both • Created out of the Ottoman Empire after World War I? • Turkey • The Shah, supported by the U.S., made reforms to westernize this nation-state. Both of these led to his overthrow • Iran • Experienced 12 years of civil war as troops loyal to Muslim imams or leaders fought those who were supported by the Nationalists • Neither
  16. 16. Turkey, Iran, Neither, or Both • In which nation-state did the school system change to reflect the new government’s goals. • Both • Religion is predominantly Islam • Both