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Lmg retail-intro-v4.0-lo

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Lmg retail-intro-v4.0-lo

  1. 1. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Free Flash Catalogue (See last page for details)<br />SELF-QUALIFIED LEAD GENERATION SPECIALISTS<br />
  2. 2. Lead Generation at its Best . . . <br />A Selection of Our Unique <br />High Profile Direct Partners<br />Lifestyle Media Group, which was established in 1999, has over 10 years of online marketing and lead generation experience and is the UK’s most highly targeted lead generation specialist. The flagship brands, Catalink.com and TravelBrochures.co.uk, are used by millions of households across the UK.<br />LMG clients range from niche mail order companies, through to high-street retailers and department stores; from tourist boards in the Outer Hebrides to multinational package holiday and travel companies; from political parties to charities; but they all have one thing in common, they all have a message they want to convey.<br />Whether it is “buy my products”, “vote for my party”, “visit my county”, “fly with me” or “help my cause” they all want to engage directly with new consumers and realise lead generation offers them the perfect opportunity.<br />With over 2 million adult members (growing by 30,000 every month), generating over 4 million page views across our network of sitesand an ever expanding network of high-profile partners across the full range of media, LMG provides the perfect medium for its clients to promote themselves and their products or services to a huge audience of potential lifelong customers. <br />
  3. 3. Back to Basics – Lead Generation . . . <br />It’s all in the definition! So, let’s make sure we are all on the same page . . .<br />Lead generation ISN’T like an affiliate programwith costly upfront setup fees and maintenance fees, with no guaranteed returns and commission rates driven up by your competitors. What you pay for ISa pay-for-results only service based on a budget you can control with no large setup fees or monthly maintenance and no commission, just a one-lead-one-payment basis.<br />Lead generation ISN’T like printed advertswith big upfront costs for limited space reaching a largely miscellaneous audience and providing little or no ROI tracking. What you pay for IS unlimited space to engage with a targeted audience who you can track and identify as they request your literature or click through to your website.<br />Lead generation ISN’T like Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) where you bid on keywords and hope an unknown visitor you have just paid Google £1.50 to click your advert, goes on to make a purchase. What you pay for with lead generation IS the actual name, telephone number, address and email address of a person who has purposefully shown a genuine interest in your brand.<br />Lead generation ISN’T like list rentalwhere you rent a million “one-time-only-use” names and send out costly “one-off” mail shots or email campaigns. What you pay for with lead generation IS a prospects contact details you keep for life, consumers you can communicate with, contact by email, conventional mail or even SMS and use as many times as you want.<br />
  4. 4. All Forms of Literature . . . <br />LMG provides lead generation services for a wide range of clients and across an equally wide range of formats. Whether you have a traditional printed catalogue or holiday brochure , a downloadable PDF or online Flash brochure, or simply an eNewsletter you send out regularly, LMG can help you grow your customer base.<br />Using proven, effective methods, we introduce exactly the type of consumers who are a match for your brand, helping to:<br />Build targeted permission-based customer email and address lists<br />Build your brand awareness from within a new environment<br />Acquire new customers who otherwise may never have come across your brand<br />LMG Puts You in Control of Your Lead Generation<br />Choose with whom you want to engage<br />Choose how many new leads you need<br />Choose how much you want to spend <br />Digital Signups<br />Traditional Paper Requests<br />
  5. 5. Standard Features . . . <br />Standard Listing<br />Each client is provided with a dedicated page on the Catalink and Travel Brochures websites with unlimited space for their company/literature description, an image to promote their literature or newsletter and a link to their website. Each client can then:<br />Choose relevant categories in which to feature their literature<br />Add up to 20 keyword tags to enhance search results further<br />Set their own budget to ensure there is no wasted expenditure<br />Which means they only attract genuinely interested consumers.<br />The Small Print – Please Read Carefully!<br /> <br />No Setup Fee <br />No Subscription Fee<br />No Annual Fee<br />Only Pay for Results<br />
  6. 6. Enhanced Features . . . <br />Open Web Link &<br />Extra Image<br />Visual Effects: Extra Images<br />If you wish to add an additional image to your page, we can accommodate that. <br />Visual Effects: Video<br />Have you spent a fortune producing a commercial or short video? Great! We can embed it into your page alongside your text so that visitors can watch it while reading about your company.<br />Extra Bonus:- Improving your Google PageRank. <br />Every company wants to appear as near the top of Google natural searches as possible. LMG websites enjoy very high Google PageRanks of 6-7. Over time, this powerful “inbound” open web link from one or more LMG websites will effectively help to increase your own website’s Google PageRank (for more details on Google PageRank please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank).<br />Video Capabilities<br />
  7. 7. Increased Reach . . . Partnerships<br />LMG have setup and continually develop new relationships with leading media companies and other high profile partners, all of whom embed our lead generation platform within their website and drive their visitors to it. These partner sites dramatically expand the reach of LMG and the audience it attracts.<br />Clients feature on partner sites in much the same way as on LMG. This “front page advertising” provides excellent increased promotion and brand awareness and enables you to reachspecific consumer audiences as they:<br />Visit their favourite newspaper portal<br />Enjoy their chosen TV or Radio programme<br />Make use of lifestyles sites<br />Arrange a trip, move house or seek advice<br /> <br />
  8. 8. A Selection of Our Retail Clients . . . <br />
  9. 9. The Next Step . . .<br />Whether you have a holiday brochure, electronic catalogue, information pack or any other type of literature, arranging to feature it on one of the LMG websites will take up just a few moments of your time. Just send us:<br />A jpeg image of the cover of your literature (or send a copy in the post)<br />A short description of your products or service<br /> That’s it! We do the rest . . .<br /> There are, however, many optional promotional opportunities which your customer care executive will be pleased to discuss with you such as:<br />Monthly newsletter advertising<br />Banners and various other visual sponsorships<br />Front page (and white label front page) advertising<br />Solus email broadcasts<br />Dedicated campaigns to generate larger volumes of leads<br />For more details or if you have any questions please call us on 01799 544656<br />Lifestyle Media Group Ltd<br />tel: 01799 544656 fax: 01799 541747<br />e-mail: merchants@catalink.com<br />
  10. 10. LIMITED TIME OFFER . . .<br />*Online Flash Catalogue<br />We take your standard PDF file and convert it into a catalogue which can be viewed online via a normal Internet Browser:<br />Example Links: Example 1 HereExample 2 Here<br />As an added bonus, for this month only, new clients are offered a completely free conversion and hosting service for an Online Flash Catalogue*. Simply provide us with a PDF version of the literature you would like to display and we will do the rest!<br /> <br />Visitors to your specific page on one of the LMG websites can then instantly view your literature online. The details of each LMG member who has viewed your Flash Catalogue will be provided to you in the same way and on the same basis as your normal requests.<br /> <br />If you have enquired about Online Flash Brochures through other companies before, you will know what a costly business this is running into many hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds to setup and usually involving an additional fee per page view.<br /> <br />So, hurry and take advantage of this generous time-limited offering.<br />