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a close shave barely successful, barely avoiding an ...

a great deal much, many, a lot
give up, leave something/one behind
capability, you can do, nat...

make a commercial, tell about thing for sale
recommendation, suggestion; opinion
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  1. 1. AMERICAN LANGUAGE COURSE INTERMEDIATE LEVEL DICTIONARY OF SYNONYMS A a close shave barely successful, barely avoiding an accident a good deal a bargain, bought at a reduced price or discount a good deal ofa lot of, many, much, a large quantity WD
  2. 2. ‫الدغيلبي‬ a great deal much, many, a lot abandon give up, leave something/one behind ability capability, you can do, natural or acquired skill abnormal not normal, unusual [opp normal, usual] abrupt sudden, quick; sharp (angry) abruptly suddenly, without warning absolutely definitely, completely, thoroughly, entirely, positively absorb take in, soak up, receive abundance plenty, more than sufficient accelerate increase speed, go faster, step on it; step on the gas accept take, receive, agree, believe, approve, to be willing accident unexpected happening [opp on purpose] accomplish to reach a goal, to do something successfully according to as told by [someone] account a report or statement of business account for explain, give the reason accumulate gather, pile up, increase, collect over a period of time accurate precise, exact, correct accustomed toused to, familiar with ache pain acknowledge recognize, greet, salute acquire get, gain, obtain act do, behave, imitate activate start, initiate, put into action activity movement, motion, exercise; do something actually really, as a matter of fact ad an advertisement add put together, plus, +, find the sum additional added to, in addition to, extra, a little more, extra adequate sufficient, enough [opp insufficient, inadequate] adjust to correct, make small changes so it will function admire to respect, look up to someone Adopt to vote to accept; to choose and follow a plan or course; to take a child into your home legally and treat as your own adult a mature person, one who has reached legal age advance develop, improve, progress; development adverse difficult, unfavorable, negative ‫الدغيلبي‬
  3. 3. ‫الدغيلبي‬ advertise make a commercial, tell about thing for sale advice recommendation, suggestion; opinion advise suggest, counsel afford something or be able to do something without having to worry about the consequences against opposing, opposite; touching, in contact with agree be of the same opinion, go along with, approve aid help, assist;(n) assistance ailment sickness, illness (measles, flu, a cold) air-conditioned the air is cooled by a machine aisle empty row between seats alcohol colorless liquid used as solvent, in drugs, in intoxicating drinks alert awake, paying attention, on the ball, watchful, ready, prepared algebra a kind of mathematics alike similar or the same in appearance, identical all in all generally, usually, by and large, altogether, on the whole all of a sudden suddenly, very quickly without notice all set prepared, ready allow permit, let, give permission allowance part of your pay alloy a mixture of metals alone by oneself, solo, unaccompanied, singly Alter to convert, to change, to transform although in spite of, even though, (anyway), still, despite altitude height above sea level (for a plane) altitude height between the ground and the aircraft aluminum a light metal amazing remarkable, wonderful, incredible, extraordinary Amber brownish-yellow color [red - amber - green] amend to change, improve something amendment change, alteration, correction, improvement ammeter an instrument for measuring electricity amount quantity ‫الدغيلبي‬
  4. 4. ‫الدغيلبي‬ amount to add up to, total amusement enjoyment, fun anesthetic a drug that reduces pain announce say, tell, notify announcement notice, news, bulletin, information ant a kind of insect antagonistic unfriendly, angry towards someone anyway just the same, nevertheless, still apartment a place to live, several are in one building apologize to say you’re sorry, to express regret Appealing interesting, easily liked appear seem, look like; to become visible appetite hunger, desire for food appliance machine (electrical), apparatus; (stove, refrigerator, etc.) apply be appropriate or correct (it applies to all.) apply use; enforce, impose appoint choose, select, name appointment an arrangement to meet a person or be in a certain place at a set time appreciate be thankful for, value approach (n) coming near; method, way approach come near, go towards, get near, heading approval agreement; authorization, permission approve accept as correct, agree, endorse, favor, support, authorize approve to give your consent or support, to find acceptable, to express a favorable opinion [opp disapprove] approximatelynearly, about, around, almost, not exactly, more or less area district, zone, region argue disagree, fight with words, dispute, oppose arrange plan, fix, organize, put in order arrange for plan arrangement agreement; planned or orderly display; structure or shape of something arrive to get to a place after traveling artery carries blood away from the heart ‫الدغيلبي‬
  5. 5. ‫الدغيلبي‬ artificial synthetic, man-made, manufactured, not natural artist a skilled painter, writer or musician Asbestos a material that resists fire ascertain find out, be certain of, determine, learn assemble put together or come together assign send (to a place), give a job (to someone) assignment mission, job, responsibility, duty assist (v) aid, help assistance (n) help, aid assistance help, aid, support assume believe, think, suppose; take assume control take over assure promise, guarantee at last finally, eventually at least as a minimum at once right away, immediately, without delay; at the same time at the rear of in the back of, behind athlete a man who is good at sports athletic good at sports atmosphere the air surrounding the earth attach fix, secure, fasten together attack fight, opposite of defend attack to begin a battle, to hit or hurt a person Attend be present at, come/go to; listen, concentrate attract pull toward, draw to oneself [opp repel] author writer of books authority power, command, control autobiographyself-history book automatic operates by itself, not manual available able to be used, in stock average normal, usual; not high or low, typical, regular avoid keep away from, stay away from, stay clear of aware conscious, knowing awfully very, mighty, extremely, greatly Awkward tricky, difficult; clumsy, unskilled ‫الدغيلبي‬
  6. 6. ‫الدغيلبي‬ B balance state of equilibrium; put or maintain in this state balcony upper level in a theater bar an oblong piece of soap, metal, chocolate etc.[any piece of wood, metal etc. that is longer than it is wide or thick] ; to block the way or prevent entrance barbershop a shop where hair is cut bargain good price; something offered for sale at a favorable price, usually below cost or below the regular price; a good deal barometer instrument for measuring air pressure base the lowest part; a military place basement room below the ground floor of a building basic fundamental, essential, primary, elementary basket a kind of woven container battle fight, struggle, two armies fighting be against be opposed to, be contrary to, disagree with be aware of know what’s happening be aware that realize, know be determined to be decided, not to change after deciding be subjected to submit to, undergo; be exposed to be up something is happening: something must be up be used to to be accustomed to, to be familiar with be willing to agree to bear tolerate, endure, stand because of on account of become get, develop, grow, change become aware of realize, notice behave conduct yourself, act behavior actions/conduct/manners of an individual believe think, suppose, imagine, trust, accept, guess believe so to think something is true bench vise a device for holding wood or metal in a workshop benefit improve, make better, help; (n) help, gain bent curved, twisted, not straight beside next to, near, close by besides in addition to, also, as well, furthermore ‫الدغيلبي‬
  7. 7. ‫الدغيلبي‬ bet be certain bill statement of money owed bite seize, grab or cut with the teeth bitter cold very cold, freezing, icy Blade the cutting part of a knife blade the cutting edge of a knife blast explosion blink go on and off, flash, open/close eyes quickly block to prevent, to place an obstacle blowout a flat tire blowtorch a tool for heating metal with a flame bluff pretend you will do something blurred not clear, difficult to see blurred vision poor eyesight boil heat water until it changes into vapor bolt a metal fastener boom very sudden and loud sound; period of good business booth small enclosed space border the line between two countries bore make a hole, drill; not interest bored not interested borrow obtain by loan [opp lend] bother worry, irritate, disturb, interfere, annoy, anger, make nervous; to concern, trouble oneself box office place where tickets are purchased [cinema, theater] branch section, part brand a kind of thing )bayer is a brand of aspirin.) Brand the kind or make of an item sold [manufacturer’s trademark] brand new newly made brass an alloy made of copper and zinc brave courageous, not afraid breeze a light wind brief (v) inform, advise; (adj) short; digest, summary brief give all the important facts about a plan; short bright having a lot of light; intelligent bring together unite, collect ‫الدغيلبي‬
  8. 8. ‫الدغيلبي‬ bring up broadcast broke bruise buddy bulletin bumpy burst busy buy by and large by oneself introduce, present, raise a topic transmit radio or tv penniless, having no money a dark mark on your body where hit friend, pal notice, news rough, uneven, not smooth come apart suddenly, explode/fly into pieces occupied purchase generally, usually, all in all alone; without help C cab taxi Calipers tool for measuring distance call back phone again call for pick up, collect call off cancel call on visit, come over call up telephone calm no wind calm peaceful, not angry or worried or excited, relaxed [for sea, weather = not rough] camouflage disguise, hide, conceal cancel call off; erase; undo candle a kind of light made of wax capable able, competent, having ability, skilled capacity the maximum amount something can contain Capture catch, take prisoner care mind, object, be anxious career profession, job (for life) carry on to do, conduct, engage in; to continue as before carry out do, accomplish cartoon comics, funnies, drawings that are usually funny cashier person who collects and pays out money cast staff of a play or movie ‫الدغيلبي‬
  9. 9. ‫الدغيلبي‬ catch to seize, to fasten, to reach level of catch on understand, learn, get the picture cause reason; thing or agent that brings about a change; make happen caution warn against; put on guard [a warning] cautious careful cavity hole (often in a tooth) celebrate have fun, show joy about something centigrade system to measure degrees of heat century one hundred years certain sure, definite, particular challenge to invite into competition; a demanding task Chamber compartment, room for special purpose chance risk, gamble; (n) opportunity, occasion change vary, alter, replace, switch, transform, amend; difference in price of item being bought and amount given as payment; smaller coins or bills change one’s mind decide differently, make a different decision Chaplain a man in charge of religious studies in military character person; identity; style characteristic quality or style that identifies charge price of something, cost; accuse, blame; energize [e.g. a battery] charge with accuse chart map, plan etc.; design, plan, draw [i.e. chart a course] check examine, go over, inspect checking account a bank account for using checks checkup medical examination chemical substance made by chemistry chemistry study of chemicals, a science chief main, most important, major, principal, leader choice a selection, variety from which to choose; the right or privilege to choose choose select, pick out chopper helicopter; whirlybird ‫الدغيلبي‬
  10. 10. ‫الدغيلبي‬ chromium a bright metal circuit complete path of electric current circulation movement [of blood] circumference distance around a circle claim to say as a fact clamp device for holding parts together; action of using a clamp clarify explain, make clear/understandable classified section ads, advertisement section [in a newspaper] classify determine group to which something belongs clean up pick up the trash, tidy clear obvious, easy to understand; not cloudy clear up get better, weather improves clerk store salesman; person responsible for correspondence & records clever intelligent, sharp, smart climate weather conditions in a particular region climb go higher clockwise in the direction in which the hands of a clock turn close call almost have a problem or an accident close to near clothes what you wear cloudburst sudden, very heavy rain; severe thunderstorm cloudy not sunny, dull, many clouds in the sky coarse rough, not smooth cockpit place in an airplane where the pilot sits coil to wind in a spiral shape; a series of connected spirals formed by winding collapse crumble, fall down collect pick up; accumulate; gather collect call the person who receives the call pays for it collision violent contact column article, feature (in newspaper); a vertical division combine join, put together, unite Commence begin, start commerce about business, buying & selling ‫الدغيلبي‬
  11. 11. ‫الدغيلبي‬ commercial connected with commerce; designed for profit or mass appeal; an ad on TV or the radio common ordinary, familiar, usual [opp rare, uncommon] communicate contact, get in touch with community group of people living in one area, village, town comparable similar, alike comparatively relatively; somewhat; in some degree compare determine the similarity or difference between two things compared to to show how two things are alike, or the same compass instrument that helps determine direction, navigate competitive trying to win; opposing complain gripe, say something is wrong, protest, disagree complete be through with, end completely thoroughly, thoroughly, entirely complex complicated, having many parts; difficult [opp easy, simple] component part composed of made up of, consisting of comprehend understand, realize, know compress make smaller or force together by pressure comprise consist of, include compulsory obligatory, you must do it compute calculate, work out, figure out, solve conceal hide, camouflage concentrate think hard about, pay attention to, focus on concentrate focus on, direct one’s attention on concerned worried, anxious concerning about concrete cement, mixture of cement and water condense shorten, compress, concentrate; change from gas to liquid condition circumstance, situation, shape conduct (v) transmit heat, carry electricity conduct behavior; way of acting conduction the movement of heat or electricity through a solid conductor something that carries electricity [opp insulator] confidence being sure, feeling you will do well ‫الدغيلبي‬
  12. 12. ‫الدغيلبي‬ confine restrict to a limited space or range confirm make sure about, check confused not clear, unable to decide consider think about, think over considerable a large number of, a lot of, fairly large, extensive consist of be made up of, be composed of consistent without much difference constant not changing, continuous constantly always, all the time, repeatedly, very often constitution the basic laws or principles of a government construct build, put up, raise (a building) consult ask for advice, refer to consult to ask an expert contact get in touch with, communicate with contain include, hold, have; carry, seat container box, bin, bottle, vessel, tank, etc. continent large area of land, e.g.: america, asia, africa continuously constantly, without stopping contract to become smaller contrary to opposite, different contribute give, add, help controls devices that guide, regulate, or operate a machine convection a way heat moves in a current(in liquids or gases) convenient useful, handy, easy to get to; suitable, appropriate [opp inconvenient converge come together at one point conversation talking with someone, dialog convert change, transform convey carry, take from one place to another convince persuade, win over, make someone believe something is correct/true convinced persuaded, sold on the idea cooperate to work together cooperation teamwork; partnership copper a metal used for wire copy to imitate, do the same as; not original correspondence letters ‫الدغيلبي‬
  13. 13. ‫الدغيلبي‬ count on counter country couple courteous courtesy cowboy crash helmet critical critical crops cross-check cross-check crowded crucial crude crush cure curious currency current curve custom cut down cut in conversation cut out D daily damaged damp data date deaf debt decay depend on, rely on act in opposition to another plan places outside cities; nation two of anything, a married pair polite, well behaved, not rude being polite or well behaved, not rude man who takes care of cows protective hat worn by motorcyclists serious, crucial, very important important, serious plants grown by farmers (corn, wheat, cotton) find out if answer is correct, determine correctness find the answer again by a different method many people in one area or place [opp empty] most important, fundamental, essential, critical primitive, not refined, not finished squeeze out of shape, grind into small bits make a sick person well; medicine interested, want to know more money of a country [e.g. $, Saudi riyal] movement, esp. of water, air, electricity line that does not have a straight path, bend habit, procedure, practice, rule reduce, make less, decrease interrupt, talk while someone else is having a stop, quit every day broken, not in good condition humid, moist, wet information, facts the exact day not able to hear money owed; duty, obligation go bad, rot, break down, spoil ‫الدغيلبي‬
  14. 14. ‫الدغيلبي‬ decimal decision declaration declare decorate decrease defect defective defend defense deficient definite deflate defy delay delicious delighted deliver demonstrate demonstrate denomination dense density Dental depart depend on dependable dependent deposit depress derive from describe design designate desire dessert destroy relating to tens or tenths [0.1, 0.4; choice assertion, statement say (formal); maintain make more attractive make less, make smaller, reduce fault, blemish, malfunction, not working not working well, out of order protect protection lacking, not enough certain, sure, specific, specific release gas [opp inflate] resist, oppose, be against make late, put off, postpone nice to eat, tastes good; good, pleasing very happy bring to, take to, distribute, give out show, display, make clear show by example value of bills (money) thick, heavy thickness, heaviness, weight per volume about teeth leave [opp arrive] rely on, count on reliable, can be trusted relying on another [opp independent] put in bank; coating; put, place [opp withdraw] push down come from, get from tell someone what something is like; explain form plan; draw sketch of appoint [in one’s absence] want, hope, wish, long for sweet food; example: apple pie break, burn up, ruin, wreck ‫الدغيلبي‬
  15. 15. ‫الدغيلبي‬ destructive tending or likely to cause something to be ruined detain delay detect discover, find, locate determination strong purpose, resolve, firm intention determine find out, figure out, work out, ascertain; decide, settle with authority develop expand, grow, spread; move forward, improve; prepare, make ready for use/production; ; create, build deviate turn aside, depart from a course device gadget, instrument, machine, tool devote to spend on, dedicate diagram plan or drawing to explain by outlining parts dial face of a watch/clock/compass etc. diameter maximum width of a circle diary a daily record digit number [0-9] dime 10 cents diminish decrease, reduce, make less, lessen [opp increase] direction way, point of the compass (north) directions instructions dirty not clean disagree not agree, to have another opinion disagreeable not pleasant, offensive, ill-tempered disassemble to take apart discharge emit, send out ; a release from military or job discipline self-control; punish discover find, find out, learn discovery finding something for the first time Discrepancy inconsistency, error [incorrect] discuss talk about, exchange ideas disguise camouflage, conceal the appearance dish plate, bowl, cup, etc.; a particular kind of food disk thin, round, flat object dismissal order or permission to leave [go away] dismissed released, let go; fired disposal getting rid of dispose of throw away ‫الدغيلبي‬
  16. 16. ‫الدغيلبي‬ disregard ignore, not obey, not pay attention to disregard ignore, don’t pay attention to, take no notice of dissatisfied not pleased [opp satisfied] distance range, how far; length of space between two points distract disturb, take attention away from, confuse distribute send, give out; deliver; divide and spread out in equal shares disturb bother, distract, irritate ditch small channel to carry water to fields dive jump in head first divide split, cut into parts divided by one number put into its parts, ÷ doubt be unsure, disbelieve; mistrust dozen twelve drain remove or empty slowly dread fear, be afraid of dressing room a room for changing clothes drift move slowly and without direction drill practice; make a hole, bore driving carelessly driving in an unsafe way drizzle light rain drop fall, reduction, decrease drop in visit drugstore store that sells medicines etc., pharmacy dual two, double due expected, scheduled [to arrive/be ready] ; timed for a certain hour or date; owed dull boring, not interesting; not sharp; not bright dull cloudy]; overcast weather durable strong, does not wear out for a long time, tough duty responsibility, obligation, what one should do E eager edge editorial education keen, ready, willing, excited, enthusiastic side of a knife or tool section of newspaper giving owner’s views learning, going to school ‫الدغيلبي‬
  17. 17. ‫الدغيلبي‬ effective with good results, well done efficient working easily and well eject to drive, throw out/off, expel electromagnet device using electricity to become a magnet element basic chemical part elevate raise, lift eliminate get rid of, dispose of emergency a dangerous time emergency crisis, unforeseen event requiring immediate action emit send out, radiate, give off, discharge emphasize concentrate on, stress, place importance on employ hire to work, provide work and pay for employee a person employed/hired by another, a worker enable make possible encircle make a circle around, surround enclosed surrounded, within, inside encounter meet unexpectedly, run into end up finish, wind up endorse approve; write your name on the back energy strength, power enforce apply, make sure a law is obeyed engage in take part in, participate enjoy like enlarge make bigger, make larger enlist go into the armed services, join the army enough adequate, sufficient, ample entertaining amusing, interesting entertainment something that is amusing, that entertains or is interesting entire all, complete, whole environment surroundings, area erase cancel, rub out, delete erratic uncertain, unpredictable, irregular error mistake escape get out of a bad, dangerous situation especially in particular essential most important, necessary establish open, set up ‫الدغيلبي‬
  18. 18. ‫الدغيلبي‬ estimate calculate, judge, determine approximately evaporate change to a gas eventually at last, finally, at some time in the future, sooner or later exactly precisely, sharp, not more and not less examine check, go over, look over, inspect exceed go, be beyond a certain limit except but, not including, omitting, leaving our, aside from exception something unusual or left out excess more than required, beyond the usual limit excessive too much, extreme, not moderate exchange to give and receive, to hand over [for another thing of a similar nature in return] ; to make a trade excited thrilled, worked up exercise physical activity exert put forth exhaust smoke and gases out of an engine exhausted very tired, worn out exist live, survive, be existence presence, something is there expand enlarge, extend, develop, to get larger expect to to plan to, hope to experience knowledge or skill learned by doing something expert a person with special abilities or skills, professional explain give the meaning of, clarify, make clear, demonstrate, describe explosion bursting with a loud noise expose bring into view, show exposition form of writing, explaining something extend enlarge, make bigger, reach out, spread, expand, make longer extended period a long time extensive much, a great deal, a lot of extinguisher device for putting out a fire extra very, more than usual, spare, excess, in addition extreme very severe; outermost point/limit eyesight sight, ability to see ‫الدغيلبي‬
  19. 19. ‫الدغيلبي‬ F face or thing or in opposite facility fact factor factory facts fail faint easily visible fair familiar famous fan belt fare fashion fasten fatal faucet favorite fear feeling fender fertile infertile] fever few fiancee fiction figure figure out filament file filling financial to turn, or have the face turned toward a certain person a certain direction; to meet squarely or face-to-face; building, equipment, establishment; ability true information, truth fact, element, something to consider, a detail place where things are made data, true information not succeed, not pass weak and dizzy, to pass out, become unconscious; not good, reasonable, just; looks at both sides of a problem known, customary, usual; frequently seen or experienced well-known it turns the fan on a car engine price of travel (bus, taxi, train) style of clothes fix, secure, attach causing death, deadly, disastrous device for turning water on & off; tap, water outlet best, most liked, most popular dread, be afraid of what you feel, e.g. anger, sadness, happiness; mood bumper, front and back parts of a car productive, capable of producing fruit or eggs[opp high body temperature when sick not many, a small number girl you will marry a story not about real people or events to calculate; outline of an object; number understand/solve/find answer thin wire in a light bulb (made of tungsten) a tool for smoothing to fill holes in teeth (often with metal) to do with money, economic ‫الدغيلبي‬
  20. 20. ‫الدغيلبي‬ find find out fine finish fire hire] firing range first aid first-class fit fix fixed flammable flat flat tire flavor the sense of flexible fluctuate fluent language fog follow for example for instance force forecast foreign forest forest form formerly formula fortunate fouled up freeze freezing discover, locate discover, learn, determine very thin; good quality to end, to stop, to be complete to take away a man’s job, to dismiss, discharge [opp a place for practicing shooting emergency medical treatment excellent, very good be the correct size prepare, make; repair, mend; attach, fasten not changing, regular, constant, steady burns easily, easily ignited even, level, smooth puncture, no air in the tire that quality of something that affects the sense of taste or smell not rigid, easy to bend change, vary from large to small smooth, effortless; having facility in the use of a condensed moisture in the air come after, come behind; understand; obey, carry out for instance; such as the following for example, to illustrate pressure; to press; require, make say what you think will happen (esp. weather) from another country; from abroad area with trees large area of trees & bushes shape; create, produce in the past, some time ago, before; previously; already procedure; equation lucky spoiled, messed up, made a mistake change to ice very cold ‫الدغيلبي‬
  21. 21. ‫الدغيلبي‬ frequently often, many times fresh recently made, just arrived, not old [opp - stale] friction rubbing of one object or surface against another[lubrication reduces friction in engines.] frighten scare, make afraid frozen iced, hardened by cold, to be/become very cold[pp of “freeze”] fuel source of energy, e.g. gas, petrol, wood fun a good time, amusement, entertainment function work, operate, perform; purpose fundamental basic, essential, crucial, elementary furnace stove, device for providing heat in a house further additional, farther, extra, more furthermore in addition, besides, also G gage device for measuring something gain get more, become more gamble take a chance or risk, usually for money; a risk or a bet gas oxygen, nitrogen, etc.; petrol, gasoline gate door or solid structure used to control entrance or exit through a fence or wall; opening for passage through a fence or wall general usual, normal generally in most instances, usually, to/by most people genius a very clever person, an expert gentle light, careful, gradual, moderate, not abrupt gentle pressure gradual pressing or squeezing geography the study of the earth get along withagree with, cooperate with; [opposite fight with] get by with manage, succeed get in touch with contact [by telephone or other means] ; communicate with get on with continue, carry on get out of control get out of hand, lose control get out of hand to lose control ‫الدغيلبي‬
  22. 22. ‫الدغيلبي‬ get ready prepare, arrange, plan get there arrive, reach, come get through finish, complete, get it over get together meet, assemble, collect get-together a meeting, informal social gathering give a ring phone given name first name given name first name glad happy glance look quickly; a quick look glove covering for the hand made of leather or cloth go along with to agree with go over check, look over, revise, examine goggles protective covering for the eyes gradually little by little, slowly, bit by bit gravity the force which attracts things to the earth grease very thick oil greasy covered in grease, slippery great deal of a lot of, large amount of grip hold, clamp gripe complain groove long, narrow cut in a surface, rut group team, assembly, gathering, crowd, collection guarantee a promise that repair is good or money back guess to predict, to think guest visitor, company guidelines instructions, rules, advice guilty having committed a crime [opp innocent] gust sudden, strong wing gymnasium a building for exercise or sports (gym) H habit had better hail hamburger something you do regularly, without thinking should, ought to frozen rain a sandwich made with a round piece of beef ‫الدغيلبي‬
  23. 23. ‫الدغيلبي‬ handicapped hindered, delayed; having an injury, disease that causes disadvantage handle operate, use, control; to use the hands, to touch happen occur, take place hardly barely, scarcely hardship difficulty, difficult situation harmless not dangerous, not able to hurt harvest time when food or crops are taken from a farm have got to must, obligatory, compulsory hazard danger, risk hazardous dangerous, unsafe head go; e.g., they headed west. head for go to, go in the direction of headline a line or lines at the top of a newspaper giving a short statement of the most important story of the day (large type) healthy not sick, well, in good physical condition heart organ that pumps blood heartbeat pulse, movement of the heart heat wave a period of very hot weather heavy traffic many vehicles, cars, buses, trucks etc. on a road or highway helicopter type of aircraft, chopper, whirlybird hemisphere half of a sphere, circle hide keep out of sight, conceal, disguise, camouflage hinder handicap, delay, interfere with hinge movable joint hire rent (a car; employ (a person) , give a job hit strike, punch hit the sack go to bed hobby work or study done just for pleasure hold the phone wait a minute, don’t hang up [the telephone], hold on holiday day when you don’t have to work, when businesses close; day set aside to celebrate some event honor regard with respect horizontal opposed to vertical, parallel to the horizon ‫الدغيلبي‬
  24. 24. ‫الدغيلبي‬ hose hot dog hover however huge human being humid humidity hunt hunt for hurricane hurry up hurt hydrogen stockings [ladies] a sausage sandwich stay above something but, nevertheless, yet, still, though very big or large person, not an animal damp, moist dampness, amount of water in the air look for something to kill it to look for, search a bad storm, a severe storm go faster injure, damage; pain, wound a light gas I id card ideal identification idle ignite ignition ignore illegal illiterate illness imaginary imagination imagine imagine so imitate immediate immediately impact impair imperative implement identification card perfect something that tells who you are; passport, i. d. card, etc. not active [inactive], not working begin to burn, catch fire electrical system for burning gas in a car disregard, not pay attention to unlawful, against the law can’t read or write sickness, not being well not real pictures in your mind believe, guess, think, suppose to believe something is true do the same as, mimic, copy close at hand, near now, right away, at once, without delay force of contact damage, harm very important, necessary, essential, crucial, critical tool, instrument ‫الدغيلبي‬
  25. 25. ‫الدغيلبي‬ impose place a burden on impression idea, opinion; feeling, sense improve get better; x fail; x worsen improvement something that is better, progress, development, advance impulse force that starts a body into motion; momentum; a sudden inclination or desire in addition besides, also, furthermore, as well in advance before, ahead of time in bad shape not healthy, in poor condition in charge having the responsibility/control/supervision of in order to so that in particular especially in the open outside, out of town, not hidden inability not being able to do something inadequate not enough, not sufficient incapacitated disabled, unable to work because of injury include add, contain income money from your job incorporate unite ; include increase gain, become bigger, make bigger, not decrease independent free, with no assistance [opp dependent] index indication of; any thing that guides reference Indian people who lived in America first; person from India individual for one person only industrial related to manufacturing industrious hard working inexpensive not expensive, not costing too much, low priced/cheap inflate put air in, fill with air [opp deflate] influence affect/alter the action, thought or character of inform tell/give information or knowledge of something informal relaxed, casual, unofficial ingredients parts of a mixture injure hurt, harm, wound insect kind of animal; example: ant or fly insect small animal with six legs [e.g. fly, mosquito] insert place, put into inside interior, not outside ‫الدغيلبي‬
  26. 26. ‫الدغيلبي‬ inspection careful examination of people/things install put into operation instant moment; quick; very small amount of time instantaneous occurring without noticeable delay; occurring at a specific instant instead of in place of instruction direction, guideline, rule insulate cover with rubber, protect from electricity or heat intake part of the engine where the air enters intelligence being intelligent, comprehension, ability to learn intend to to plan to intention purpose intentional on purpose, deliberate interested in curious about, paying attention to interfere bother, disturb interfere with hinder, delay, interrupt interior inside, internal [opp exterior] intermediate in the middle, medium internal interior, inside [opp external] interpret decide what something means interrupt cut in, cut off (telephone), stop, to speak when another is speaking intersection crossing, crossroads, road junction intersection where two streets cross interview to question or talk with a person in order to obtain information about him and about his ideas/opinions introduce meet; bring up; present invent create, think up invention something made for the first time investigate search into, examine in detail invisible can’t be seen [opp visible] involved included in irregular uneven, rough; x smooth; unusual, erratic irritate bother, cause continuous small pain, annoy irritated annoyed, angry, bothered, upset isolate set apart, separate from a group or whole; place in quarantine ‫الدغيلبي‬
  27. 27. ‫الدغيلبي‬ J jaw bone holding the lower teeth; holding part of pliers, wrenches etc. jerk pull suddenly, move suddenly; sudden movement jet an airplane with jet engines join attach, combine, connect; enlist jot down write down, make a brief note of jump to conclusions to make a quick, careless decision jury 12 people in a court - decide if a man is guilty just fair; recently; simply, only just the same anyway justice fairness; the administration of the law K keep retain, hold, store; maintain, continue keep an eye on watch carefully, to guard, look after, take care of keep on continue kerosene oil for lamps or stoves kit a box with equipment knob handle of a door or drawer [usually round] knock hit, strike knock it off stop doing something, quit, lay off, cut it out L labor work or workers lack not having enough, a shortage of, not having any, complete absence [opp sufficiency] ; to be in need of, to be short of; not enough [opp adequate] lake water surrounded by land land come down, go down; property lane path, course lap from your waist to your knees when you sit laundry cleaners, place for cleaning clothes lay off knock it off, stop, quit, cut it out ‫الدغيلبي‬
  28. 28. ‫الدغيلبي‬ leaf the green part of tree, bush leak a hole where liquid runs out; liquid running out lean cast one’s weight or position to one side leave abandon, go; (n) vacation lecture lesson, speech legal about the law; meets the requirements of law [opp illegal] leisure time free time, spare time, time when you are not working let allow, permit let go release, let out level flat, smooth, even, surface parallel to the horizon [opp uneven] library a place for borrowing books license a permit, authorization by law to do some specified thing such as drive a car etc. lift raise, pick up, elevate, hoist lightning a flash of light in the sky caused by the discharge of atmospheric electricity from one cloud to another or from a cloud to the earth likely probably limit boundary surrounding a specific area; restriction of something; to confine or restrict linear measurement inches, feet, miles, meters, kilometers liquid fluid, not solid: water, oil, milk literary about books, writing lobby central meeting place in hotel or theater local in this area; not national or international locate find, discover, come across; establish in a place located situated, found location position look for search for, scout, hunt for look forward to to be eager about something which should happen, hope for, wait for look over check, examine, go over, review look up find (in the dictionary); pay a visit, call on lose track of misplace, no longer know location of ‫الدغيلبي‬
  29. 29. ‫الدغيلبي‬ lower loyal lubricate lubrication lumber lungs luxury bring down, x raise; reduce, decrease true, devoted, faithful, dependable, patriotic to protect using oil or grease grease or oil used to reduce friction in a machine wood (cut up), timber, boards part of the body you breathe with something extra, nice but not necessary to have M mad very angry, annoyed made up of composed of, consisting of magnet device which attracts iron mail correspondence; send letters main most important, major mainly primarily, mostly major main, most important, chief [opp minor] majority more than half make it arrive, come in time, succeed make up [one’s] mind decide malfunction stop working normally, not working correctly man-made synthetic, artificial, x natural manner method, way manual labor hand labor, by hand manufacture make in a factory mark visible impression on something, a spot, dent or line; to make a visible impression; to make a mark on something material cloth; matter, substance; information, ideas matter problem, what’s the matter?; substance, material, stuff maximum most, biggest, highest, fastest, x minimum means method, way, course of action measles a common childhood disease causing red spots on the skin medium something midway between extremes; means of mass communication [e.g. newspapers, TV] ; average, intermediate meet encounter, run into member one person of a group mental relating to the mind [opp physical] ‫الدغيلبي‬
  30. 30. ‫الدغيلبي‬ mentally thinking, using the mind mention talk about briefly, bring up, refer to menu list of foods served at a restaurant; foods served at a meal merchant trader, businessman, tradesman mercury a liquid metal mess up do something wrong, make a mistake metal examples: iron, copper, steel, silver, aluminum meteorologist the weather man microscope device for seeing very small things might maybe, perhaps mighty very migration moving from one place to another mild moderate, not extreme in any way; gentle in nature; having a soft, pleasant taste; pleasantly warm mind care, object to; (n) brain mine where you find metal or coal under the ground minimum smallest, least, x maximum minor unimportant, lesser, slight, x major; a person who is not legally an adult minus take away, subtract from, − miss skip, omit, not catch; be sorry not to be with miss the point to fail to understand missile rocket (weapon) mission assignment, job, the objective, task mistake error, something wrong mixture two or more things combined together moderate within reasonable limits modern of the present/recent times, up-to-date, not out-of- date money order a check you buy from the post office monitor checking device or person; to supervise; to check systematically mood feeling, emotion (angry, happy, etc.) motion movement, action motivate make someone eager to do something motivated interested in doing a good job, eager multiplied by times, 3 x 3 = muscles the parts of the body used for movement & strength ‫الدغيلبي‬
  31. 31. ‫الدغيلبي‬ N nail a kind of fastener for wood napkin a small cloth for cleaning hands & fingers narration form of writing, telling a story narrow not wide natural not synthetic, original, true [opp man-made, synthetic] natural gas a gas form of petroleum nature the world/land as it was originally created; natural scenery; the character/quality that makes something [or someone] what it is navigator the person who guides a ship or plane NCO non-commissioned officer near close to neat tidy, orderly, clean need require, want; requirement needle used for sewing; hand on a gage neighbor person living next door nervous having to do with the nerves; a showing of emotional tension; restless, unsteady, fearful, not calm neutral not part of either side, not involved newcomer stranger nice pleasant, good nickel a five-cent coin nitrogen a type of gas normal usual, regular, natural [opp abnormal] notice observe, see, be aware of; bulletin notify tell, inform, report about something Novocain a kind of anesthetic now and then sometimes, occasionally numb not feeling anything numerous consisting of many persons or things nut fastener on a bolt O obey directed object carry out orders, obey orders, do as you are told or (n) thing ‫الدغيلبي‬
  32. 32. ‫الدغيلبي‬ object to be against something objective purpose, goal, mission, aim; fair, just objectively giving only the facts, not opinion obligation responsibility, duty [have to] observe notice, see, watch , pay special attention to obsolete no longer used, not available obstacle hindrance obstruct block, in the way of obtain get, take, acquire obvious clear, easy to see, easy to understand, apparent occasionally sometimes, from time to time, now and then occur happen octopus kind of sea animal, has 8 arms offense attack, violation of established rules or laws; x defense official person in charge; formal often frequently, regularly, repeatedly, many times omit leave out on account of because of on sale at a reduced price, at a price lower than usual on the blink not working well, defective, malfunctioning on the contrary the opposite is true on the other hand in contrast, the opposite idea once in a while sometimes, now and then, occasionally oncoming coming towards you one-way going in one direction only operate use, work, run, function, perform operate cause to function, put or keep in action; to run, manage, put and keep in operation operator person who operates some machine; person in charge of a telephone switchboard; person who operates any electronic communication equipment opinion idea, impression, belief, feeling (not a fact) opportunity chance, occasion oppose be against, resist, argue against, hinder opposite contrary to, against ‫الدغيلبي‬
  33. 33. ‫الدغيلبي‬ optional order organ organization orient situations original otherwise ought to ounce amount out of order outfit outline outrun outside over overeager overhaul overheat oxygen not required, your choice; x compulsory; x mandatory tell to do something, request, demand special parts of the body (heart, lungs, liver, stomach) arrangement, structure; group, society be used to; cause or become familiar with facts or first item made; new or, if not, else, under different conditions should [modal] unit of weight equal to 1/16 of a pound [oz] ; any small not working to equip; an organization; a set of clothing or equipment the major parts of skeleton; summarize outlast, exceed, run faster than in the open, not inside finished, completed very excited in desiring to do something, keen repair to become too hot one of the gases in the air P pack to put something in a case or container package packet, box of things; parcel, bundle pain ache, hurt painful causing pain parade public procession; military display/review of troops; to march past pardon me excuse me participate take part in, play a part in participation sharing or taking part in particle very small piece of something partner person who takes part in activity with another; one of two or more persons who own/operate a business party a group of people [for fun] patient sick man in hospital; calm, not excited; composed ‫الدغيلبي‬
  34. 34. ‫الدغيلبي‬ patriotic loving one’s country, loyal pay attention to concentrate, listen pay for buy, purchase, acquire peak mountain top, summit, highest point pedestrian person traveling on foot, a walker penetrate pierce penny a coin worth one cent perfect without faults or mistakes, without errors perform to work, function performance function, operation perhaps maybe, possibly; x unlikely period a length of time; a lesson permanent lasting, unchanging; fixed, not to be changed or moved [opp temporary] permission consent to do something permit allow, let, give permission perpendicular at a 90 degree angle person human being, man, one, individual, someone personal private ; x public persuade convince, talk into petroleum crude oil pharmacy drugstore, store that sells medicines etc. phase section, segment, stage, level physical using the body [opp mental] physical education exercise or sports pick out select, choose pick up learn; get picnic eating outside, away from your home pie dessert, e.g. apple pie pier a place where ships are loaded or unloaded pinpoint find the exact location or cause pint a measure of liquid pipe tube plain flat land plan intend, decide what to do in advance planet earth and other large objects of sun’s family ‫الدغيلبي‬
  35. 35. ‫الدغيلبي‬ plant put in the ground and cover with soil so as to grow; a young tree/shrub/vegetable/flower/fruit; land, building, machinery etc. used for industry plate a kind of dish pleasant nice, agreeable pleased happy, glad, delighted, content plenty a lot pliers a kind of tool used for holding small objects or for bending and cutting wire pneumatic (device) using compressed air point out to show, indicate poison a food or liquid that will make you die poisonous causing death or sickness polite not rude, courteous popular well-liked, liked by many people population how many people live in a place port a town by the sea where ships come in, harbor portable easy to carry possibility being able to happen possible might be done, perhaps postpone delay, put off, do it later pour to make a liquid fall from one container to another power ability to do/capacity to act; strength, force; electrical current powerful very strong practical useful, sensible; adapted or designed for actual use practically almost, nearly, virtually practice repeat an action many times until it is easy precaution safety measure, being careful precede come before precipitation any form of water falling from the sky: rain, sleet, snow precise exact predict to guess about the future prefer like something better prepare get ready, fix prepared ready prescription a written order from the doctor for medicine ‫الدغيلبي‬
  36. 36. ‫الدغيلبي‬ present gift; now, our time ;attending; here, not absent present (v) give; show, display; (v) introduce, bring up preserve save or keep for some length of time press to iron, remove creases from clothes pressed for time having very little time, or too little time pressurized containing air pressure higher than the outside atmospheric pressure pretty fairly, quite, rather prevent to stop something from happening preventive keeping something from happening previously at some time before now primary first, chief, principal, basic, major, main primitive not using much technology principal head of a school; first, the most important principle basic truth, ultimate source prism a glass that splits light into many colors private personal, special, not public probable likely problem difficulty, obstacle procedure routine, regular way of doing things proceed go, continue, advance process method, system, way produce make, manufacture, create product answer to a multiplication problem profession job, career professional skilled, with many years training and experience proficient skilled, good at a job progress advance, get better, get along, improve promise to say you will do something, guarantee promote give someone a better or more important job prompt on time, quick, rapid proper correct, suitable property the things you own, land; characteristic, quality protect to keep safe, defend protection defense protrude project/stick out ‫الدغيلبي‬
  37. 37. ‫الدغيلبي‬ prove show that something is true provide furnish, give, supply public not private, for everyone publish to print, make a book or magazine punctuality being on time purchase buy purpose reason, aim, goal, objective push-ups a kind of exercise put out a fire extinguish put pressure on force, influence, make puzzle a game where you must put pieces together puzzle confuse, be difficult to understand, mix up; problem puzzled confused, unable to understand, mixed up Q quality quantity quart quart] quarter question quiet quit quit it quite quite a quotient R race radiate radiation rag rainbow raise rare well-done] rate value, worth; standard of work amount, portion, degree liquid amount, a little less than a liter [2 pints = 1 25 cents ask, inquire, examine; doubt not noisy, silent stop, give up stop, lay off, cut it out, knock it off very, entirely, thoroughly, totally, positively rather a (very good) answer to a division problem speed contest emit, send out heat or light light, heat or energy moving out of something a piece of cloth band of colors seen in sky after rain lift, elevate, hoist; make animals or crops grow not common, difficult to find; cooked slightly speed; cost, price; fare ‫الدغيلبي‬ [opp
  38. 38. ‫الدغيلبي‬ rather than instead of raw not cooked reach contact, speak to; arrive, get to react respond, reply, answer realize to understand, after some time really actually, as a matter of fact, certainly, truly; very, extremely rear back reason purpose, cause, objective, aim, motive reasonable fair, moderate (in price) receipt paper/form acknowledging payment recent at a time near the present/not too far in the past recently lately, a short time ago, newly reckless inclined to do dangerous things, not careful recognize identify, know from past experience recommend advise, suggest recreation sport or hobby done for fun reduce make cheaper or smaller, decrease refer to speak of, call, name; look at, consult reference a source of information, a standard reference book dictionary, encyclopedia refine change something to make it useful reflection the image seen in a mirror region area, zone, section, part regularly often, frequently constantly, commonly; occurring at fixed intervals regulate establish rules; control reject refuse, turn down, not accept relative family member relatively comparatively, to a degree relaxation taking it easy relaxed not tense, at ease, not nervous release let go, let out reluctant not willing remain stay, sit tight, be left [opp depart, leave] remainder what is left over remember think of again, recall; x forget ‫الدغيلبي‬
  39. 39. ‫الدغيلبي‬ remount put back on its proper place; put back together remove take away, take off repair fix, mend, correct, amend repel fight off, push apart, opposite of attract replace change, exchange, substitute, take the place of report inform, notify, tell represent speak for, stand in for, act for request to ask for require need, demand, want require to need required compulsory rescue save, bring out of danger reservation land given to indians by u. s. government; reservation advance booking for a trip or hotel room reserve to keep for future use resident someone who lives in a place residential area of private houses, area for families to live resign to give up one’s position/job resist fight or push against, repel, oppose resistance slowing down (electricity); hindering, opposition resource source of material, supplies respectable worthy of respect, proper; moderate, fair in size, quantity or quality response answer, reaction resume summary, digest, brief return address sender’s address on letter, your own address reveal make known, show review a short article telling about a book or movie revise to look over and make corrections revolve go around in a circle, rotate, spin right away immediately, at once, without delay rigid strict, inflexible, stiff, hard, cannot be bent rip tear or cut open risky dangerous [opp safe] rivet metal pin or bolt used to fasten pieces of metal together rocket missile rotate turn on an axis ‫الدغيلبي‬
  40. 40. ‫الدغيلبي‬ rotation rough round trip routine ruin rule run out rural rush turning on an axis uneven, not smooth or level, bumpy; difficult there and back, return trip [opp one-way] regular, usual, habit to make something unusable, to destroy regulation, instruction, guideline become short of, use up in the country, not in the city to hurry, go at speed S safety belt seat belt in planes and cars safety measure precaution satisfactory adequate, all right, ok, suitable saturate make very wet saturated filled to capacity; having absorbed all that can be taken in saturated (with) full of liquid, soaked (with) save rescue; keep, reserve, set aside save a life rescue, keep from dying saw a tool for cutting scale a system for measuring; a device for weighing; small plate-like covering on fish and reptiles scatter send or throw in different directions; spread out scene area, location scenery beautiful countryside, landscape schedule timetable science a study of knowledge like chemistry, math scout look for, search for screwdriver a kind of tool, used with screws seaport a town by the sea where ships come in search try to find, look for, seek season period of 3 months - spring, summer, fall, winter section part, division, department, unit in an organization secure fasten, tighten; safe, protected seldom not often, rarely select pick out, choose ‫الدغيلبي‬
  41. 41. ‫الدغيلبي‬ selector knob a knob used for choosing a level of control sense feeling, perception, capacity to understand that which is sound in reason separate divided, not attached; to divide, split up, keep apart, space apart serious critical, important, severe serve bring food to the table set up establish, open, start settle come to live, make a home several more than two, a few, various severe serious, difficult, extreme, harsh shallow not deep shape condition, form share give some things you have to others sharp clever, intelligent; exactly sharp good-looking, well-dressed sharp good for cutting, not dull sharp sudden, abrupt (turn) sharpen make sharp shatter break into small pieces shift move, transfer from one to another shine glow, be bright shock an electrical shock; a sudden force shorten condense, compress, make shorter shot medicine from a needle should ought to, had better [modal] show reveal, indicate; be easily noticed shower light rain sideburns hair along the side of the face sidewalk place beside the street for walking signal message; indicate silk a smooth, soft cloth material silver a metal similar alike, like, comparable simple easy, elementary; x complicated; x complex single not married, only one sirloin cut of meat from the hind-quarter of beef ‫الدغيلبي‬
  42. 42. ‫الدغيلبي‬ situation size skeleton skill skilled skip skull slacks slam sleet slice slight slightly slippery slot telephone] smooth snack snack bar so so long so-so solder solid solution solve sometimes occasionally sour source souvenir space spacious spare special specific speech condition, event, experience, circumstances how big something is: depth, length, width. the bones of the body; basic structure ability to do something well having a lot of experience, highly trained, capable omit, leave out the bones of the head pants for casual wear to close the door loudly small pieces of partially frozen rain to cut; a piece of something that has been cut very little a little, partly easy to slide on small opening [for coins in vending machine, public not rough, even, flat; not bumpy; polished a little food eaten between meals a place to eat snacks therefore good-bye average, not good or bad join two pieces of metal with melted metal having definite shape, volume; not liquid or gas answer find the answer to, work out, figure out from time to time, now and then, once in a while, opposite of sweet beginning, origin, where something comes from something you buy to remember a vacation outside earth’s atmosphere; room with lots of space, as in a large room extra, additional, supplementary noteworthy, of importance particular, definite, special conversation, talk ‫الدغيلبي‬
  43. 43. ‫الدغيلبي‬ speed velocity spill accidentally pour liquid splice join together two pieces of wire or rope spliced woven together spoil ruin, wreck, go bad, decay, rot, destroy sports games like football, baseball etc. sprinkle rain lightly, drizzle, shower square a shape with 4 sides the same length and 90º squash an american vegetable stall stop, cut out (for an engine) stand for represent starving very hungry static electrical discharges in the atmosphere that interfere with radio reception stay remain in one place stay away from avoid, keep away from steady constant, regular, not changing, fixed steam water vapor step on it hurry, rush, step on the gas, accelerate step on the gas accelerate, go faster stethoscope device for listening to the heart and lungs stick adhere stick to obey, keep to it, adhere to it, x stop stiff rigid, inflexible stink bad smell store keep, put away; (n) shop storm bad weather, high winds, heavy rain straight not bent, not curved, not twisted straight ahead facing you, in front of you strange unusual, unfamiliar, weird, unknown stranger newcomer, someone not known stream a small river strength power, force, energy strict hard, inflexible, rigid; precise, exact, particular strike hit, beat strong opposite of weak; powerful structure something built or constructed; main parts or frame ‫الدغيلبي‬
  44. 44. ‫الدغيلبي‬ stuff subordinate subscribe substance substitute suburb subway successful suction sudden suddenly sufficient suggest suggestion suitable sum summary summit sunrise sunset superior supply support suppose suppose sure surface surprise surrender surround survive suspend switch synthetic things; substance, material; fill, crowd inferior, less important, of lower rank pay for magazine/newspaper delivery to home matter, material take the place of; thing used in place of something else residential areas around a large town a train that travels under the streets in a city having done something intended, reaching the objective movement of air into something abrupt, unexpected without warning, unexpectedly enough, adequate, ample to propose, give someone an idea advice, recommendation, idea, thought favorable, appropriate, proper, correct, right answer to an addition problem resume, digest, brief, outline highest point, top, peak when the sun comes up in the morning when the sun goes down in the evening of higher rank or quality give, provide, furnish hold up, assist; pay bills for believe, guess, imagine, think to think, guess, imagine certain, without doubt, positive the top or outside of something not expected, not known in advance give in, give up, abandon, yield encircle, enclose continue to live after or in spite of hang by support from above device for turning on or off; change; turn on or off man-made, artificial [opp natural] T tailor man who makes clothes ‫الدغيلبي‬
  45. 45. ‫الدغيلبي‬ take take off take over take place take up tax teamwork tear down tear down technique telescope tell say, mention temperature temporarily tense terminate terminology terrain terribly therefore thermometer thermostat thermostat think over thorough thoroughly throw away thunderstorm tie tight tighten tiny title tool topic torch require, need when a plane leaves the ground; to remove clothes etc. assume control, take charge happen, occur begin learning; discuss, introduce an extra charge the government makes cooperation, working together demolish; disassemble, take apart; x put together ; x build wreck, demolish, destroy [opp construct] approach, method, way of doing something a device for seeing things that are far away inform, report, give information, communicate, speak, quantity of heat; how many degrees? for only a short time nervous, worried, , not calm; tight, stretched end, finish [opp begin] words, special vocabulary ground, character of land extremely, very so, consequently, accordingly, as a result instrument for measuring temperature an instrument for regulating temperature device for regulating temperature to consider carefully careful about detail; complete, leaving nothing out completely, definitely, entirely dispose of, put in trash can violent weather with rain, thunder and lightning fasten with string or rope not loose, difficult to turn make tight; x loosen very small, very little name of a book, article etc. instrument, device used for working subject long piece of wood with fire at one end [for light] ‫الدغيلبي‬
  46. 46. ‫الدغيلبي‬ tornado a dangerous fast wind that blows in a circle tough difficult tour trip visiting many places tourist a person who takes a tour to visit places toward in the direction of [opp away from] ; along a course leading to; for part payment trade make an exchange traffic vehicles on the highways transfer assign, send from one place to another; ticket to change buses transform change, convert transportation ways to travel: cars, buses, planes, etc. trash rubbish, garbage, litter tricky difficult, easily misunderstood; puzzling [opp easy] trip journey, to take a tour of a city or country trouble difficulty, problem tubing tubes/pipes collectively tungsten a metal (used in light bulbs) turn rotate, revolve, spin, twist turn down to refuse, reject turn in go to bed turn on to start a machine twisted bent, turned; not straight type kind, variety typical usual, common, an example of, ordinary, normal U unbelievable unconscious undergo underline uneven union unite until unusual up to you remarkable, difficult to believe, incredible without thinking; temporarily lacking full awareness experience, endure, be subjected to draw a line under, emphasize irregular, bumpy, rough labor organization join, put together, fasten together [opp separate up to the time when not normal, not typical your decision ‫الدغيلبي‬
  47. 47. ‫الدغيلبي‬ used to useful usher usually utility accustomed to; formerly helpful to you a person who shows you to your seat normally, generally can be used many ways V vacation holiday/extended free time vacuum an empty space without air vague unclear, indefinite valley land between hills or mountains valuable costs a lot, expensive; useful, helpful value worth, how much something can be sold for vanilla special flavoring vapor steam; gas variable changeable [opp fixed, permanent] variation act or process of changing varied having variety, mixed variety lots of different kinds, assortment vary alter, change, fluctuate vehicle a car, truck, bus vein blood vessel that carries blood to the heart velocity speed vending machine a machine which sells drinks or other items version telling a story from one viewpoint vibration shaking, rapid movement back & forth vicinity area near or close-by viewpoint opinion, belief village a small town, x city, x urban violate break a rule or law violation offense, against the law viscosity thickness of fluid, how fast it will flow visibility how far you can see, how clear the air is vision sight volt unit of measurement in electricity volume amount, capacity, quantity; amount of sound, loudness ‫الدغيلبي‬
  48. 48. ‫الدغيلبي‬ vote choose one to represent you in a government W waiter man who brings food in the restaurant waitress woman who serves tables in a restaurant want ad special notice in a newspaper warfare act of making war warm up to get hotter warn/warning telling a person of a danger; tell someone of a dangerous situation wary cautious, on one’s guard, watchful [opp careless] waste useless, left over, not usable for anything else; use or consume carelessly watch out be careful, look out, take care way direction; approach, method weak not strong weaken become weak; make weak; x strengthen wealth possession of large amounts of money weapon instrument used for fighting weave make cloth, twist, intermix weigh to measure how heavy an object is weight heaviness, density whether if whirlybird helicopter, chopper wild describes animals, plants living naturally, away from man wilderness uninhabited, uncultivated region wildlife animals found in a natural state willing eager, keen, ready to help, not reluctant, in agreement wind up end up, finish, terminate wind up end, finish wipe clean with paper, cloth or hand wire telegram; conductor of electricity [insulated] wiring the electrical wires in a building or machine wise experienced and clever, educated, intelligent wonder about ask yourself, want to know about, think about wonderful amazing, remarkable, great wood lumber, timber ‫الدغيلبي‬
  49. 49. ‫الدغيلبي‬ woods forest, place where many trees are found wool hair of a sheep work function, operate, perform work out figure out, calculate, compute; develop, happen; exercise workmanship quality of work workshop place to do work worn worn out, used, not in good condition worried concerned, nervous, tense worth value, importance would rather prefer would you mind? do you agree?; is it all right? woven made like cloth wrap cover with material wreck badly damage, destroy, ruin wrench a tool used with nuts and bolts X x-ray a photograph of the inside of the body ‫الدغيلبي‬