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Arthur Catalanello Marketing Portfolio

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My marketing portfolio, showcasing a small selection of paid, owned, earned and shared media created and produced by Arthur Catalanello. For additional details on my skills and experience in digital marketing and traditional marketing, please contact me.

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Arthur Catalanello Marketing Portfolio

  1. 1. ARTHUR CATALANELLO Marketing Portfolio
  2. 2. CONTENTS  Bio  Paid media example  Owned media example  Earned media example  Shared media example  Summary  Contact info
  3. 3. BIO  I maximize the bang of the marketer’s buck! Here’s how…  I’m a rare blend of left-brain analytical and right-brain creative. I’m a marketer with extensive experience in market research, communications strategy and execution, social media content and management, project management, business analysis, sales support, training and client relationship management.  I’ve successfully measured the communications effectiveness of over 200,000 print and digital advertisements, in over 200 different industry verticals and consumer segments (list: http://bit.ly/ArthurCatalanelloClients), leading to increased sales and demonstrated ROI. https://www.linkedin.com/ in/arthurcatalanello
  4. 4. PAID MEDIA –VANGOE.COM  Vangoe.com is a start-up competing with eBay.  Created and managed a targeted paid Facebook ads campaign with a $2,000 budget to generate website clicks.  Two sets of creative (traditional and carousel style) ran for 17 days.  Ads reached 260,154 people.  Ads generated 5,411 website clicks.  Cost per website click was $0.39.
  5. 5. OWNED MEDIA – HARVEY RESEARCH, INC.  This blog post utilized a proprietary database of advertisement readership scores.  Trends and normative data for advertisement recall based on size and color were analyzed.  This post was the second part of a two-part blog post shared on the Harvey Research website (harveyresearch.com).  http://www.harveyresearch.com/the- impact-of-size-on-advertisement- recall/
  6. 6. EARNED MEDIA –THE AUGUST GROUP  Created and organized earned media campaign to promote a fundraiser for The August Group  Promotion involved press release, flier and social media posts on LinkedIn, Facebook andTwitter  Tracey Aiello, leader ofThe August Group, was interviewed by the 13 WHAM morning show as a result of our promotional outreach.
  7. 7. SHARED MEDIA –THE MUSSAR INSTITUTE  Managed social media forThe Mussar Institute to promote virtual and in- person events.  Virtual event partnered with other organizations to co-promote specific posts as well as the virtual event. Specific posts were shared by individuals and partnering organizations to drive participation.  Social media efforts included a Facebook page, a Facebook group, a YouTube channel and twoTwitter accounts.
  8. 8. EXPERIENCE SUMMARY Website Blog Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Pinterest Snapchat YouTube GooglePlus Google Analytics Yelp Email Training/Speaking Research
  9. 9. EXPERIENCE SUMMARY  Email & newsletters  Social media (paid & organic)  Marketing collateral (sales sheets & brochures)  Content marketing (websites & blogs)  Direct mail  Video  Research, metrics & analytics  Additional details and work samples available upon request.
  10. 10. CONTACT INFO  Arthur@ArthurCatalanello.com  https://www.ArthurCatalanello.com  https://www.linkedin.com/in/arthurcatalanello  Cell: 585.261.5808