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Seamless Retails Research Results - 2015

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Seamless Retails Research Results - 2015

  1. 1. Accenture research reveals retail customers find it easier to shop across channels than last year but desire more digital experiences in store. As part of the research, we also benchmarked retailers around the globe to understand their capabilities as they relate to shopper desires. Seamless Retail Survey Results 2015: Top Global Findings 72% of retailers have “truly” seamless capabilities BENCHMARK BENCHMARK In-store Expectations Delivery Scheduling Personalized Experience Customer Experience Flexible Fulfillment Personal Interaction 75% of shoppers would use scheduling options if available. 64% say delivery speed is important (up from 57% last year). Consumers are less comfortable providing their personal information in exchange for a more personalized experience. Safeguard Customer Data Percentage of people who are very confident that retailers can safe- guard their personal information: Percentage of people who are very concerned about data breaches: Delivery speed and scheduling are both important to shoppers when buying online. 5% 2015 2014 34% 49% Twitter: @AccentureRetail Web: www.accenture.com/seamless Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Accenture surveyed almost 10,000 people in November 2014 in 13 countries around the globe. Accenture also benchmarked 189 retail stores in these same countries across various segments. Same day Next day Percentage of retailers who offer delivery scheduling: 15% 52% On a specific day During peak hours Percentage of retailers who offer fast delivery: 43% 30% ORDER OUT OF STOCK ITEMS Subscription Programs BENCHMARK 34% Percentage of retailers that have subscription programs: All of their purchases More than half of their purchases Some of their purchases Shoppers are interested in subscription programs, but not as enticed as last year. Percentage of shoppers who would shift their purchases if this service was offered: 2014 2015 2014 2015 2014 2015 20% 43% 26% 48% 59%63% ACCESS FREE WIFI ITEM PICKUP Stores Still Play a Role Connected Shopping After business hours, 36% of shoppers will wait for the stores to open the next day to make a purchase. Shopping Around for Best Price After-hours shoppers, who are willing to wait for shipping, are looking around more this year for best price rather than at their favorite retailer. 24% of after-hours shoppers are willing to wait for their item to be shipped (down from 32% last year). 15% would purchase online after business hours and leverage the click & collect service at their local store. BENCHMARK of retailers have click & collect capabilities34% 20152014 18% 12% Shoppers think the in-store experience needs the most improvement. The top 2 services shoppers say would improve the in-store experience most: Integration Expectations Shoppers are finding it easier to shop seamlessly across channels (stores, online, mobile, tablet) this year. BENCHMARK BENCHMARK 42% of retailers have sales staff who can do this 28% of retailers have free wifi in store