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  1. 1. Outdoor Movie Nights are great ways to get together with friends, family, clients, etc...
  2. 2. Pipe and Drape with Lucite, or LCD Podiums and Lighting Draw Everyone’s Attention
  3. 3. Enjoy Life Size Gaming For Receptions or Parties
  4. 4. Stage Lighting for Theatrical Performances
  5. 5. Up-lighting Changes the look and Feel of any Room
  6. 6. Intelligent Lighting and Spandex Surfaces bring a “Live” Feel
  7. 7. Live Bands for Any Type of Event or Venue
  8. 8. Staging, Decoration, and Sound for Outdoor Events
  9. 9. Professional Sound for Any Event
  10. 10. Inflatable's Provide Fun for All Ages
  11. 11. Casino Nights Are Popular Interactive Themes
  12. 12. Don’t Forget That Wedding Video
  13. 13. Staging for Smaller Venues
  14. 14. The Best in Crowd Interaction
  15. 15. Video Walls and Props
  16. 16. Party On Kansas City