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The Digital Marketplace Addynamo Seminar

  1. Business Man (Business Day & Sharenet)
  2. News reader (BBC)
  3. Entertainment Junkie (MSN entertainment, MTV)
  4. Social media junkie (Twitter, blogger, Facebook)
  5. Facebook (55 – 65 fastest growing audience on Facebook), Viral
  6. Sports enthusiast (SA Rugby, Sport24)
  7. Travel Enthusiast (Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor)
  8. Dating (MSN Dating)

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. However the online Ad spend is low in comparison to size of market. As our market matures advertisers will become more confident in the digital medium. We need to encourage media professionals to upskill themselves in the digital language BIG opportunity for SA.
  2. When Planning an online Campaign, one needs to think how best to split your budget between bigger portals where you can reach lots of users and smaller niche sites. Budget consolidation is key in keeping the most optimum SOV
  3. For the first time we have an online audience that is comparable to TV. We have 1,3 Million Facebook users going onto the site every day, spending an average of 25 minutes connecting with friends and brands! DSTV has 2 million subscribers across the whole platform not per channel. During the World cup, SABC will be charging R900k for 30seconds during half time – that could buy you a whole month of premium exposure on any of the major portals in SA.