Engaging Content for Social Media - DC Dental Society Nation’s Capital Dental Meeting

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2 Apr 2011

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Engaging Content for Social Media - DC Dental Society Nation’s Capital Dental Meeting

  1. DC Dental Society 79th Annual Nation’s Capital Dental Meeting April 2, 2011 Engaging Content For Social Media Presented by: Adele McAlear @AdeleMcAlear
  2. About Me •  20+ years marketing experience •  Consulting for last 4 years specializing in social media •  Joined LinkedIn February 2004 •  Joined Facebook (the 2nd time) in May 2007 •  Joined Twitter in April 2007 •  Named one of top 10 most influential women in social media in Canada in 2009
  3. Your Turn •  Did you go to David R. Norton’s session yesterday? •  Who’s got a business page on Facebook? –  Personal profile? •  Is your dental practice on LinkedIn as a company? –  Personal LinkedIn profile? •  Who’s on practice has a Twitter account? –  Personal Twitter account?
  4. What’s on the sched? •  I’m going to play mythbuster with some tough love •  We’re going to take one BIG step back •  Everything is social •  Ideas for original content •  Help you with an action plan •  Answer lots of questions
  5. Social Media Mythbuster
  6. Reality Check Have you tried to use Facebook, Twitter or Linked in and were disappointed with the response? Do you feel like you’re missing something here?
  7. Don’t believe the hype! You are less likely to “go viral” than you are to win the lottery. Often brands only go “viral” because they pay agencies tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars to make it happen.
  8. Who cares? •  Why should someone Like your page on Facebook? •  Why should they follow you on Twitter? •  Why should they visit your web site? •  Why should they read your blog? •  Why should they watch your videos? WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM?
  9. Broadcasting vs. Conversing Why “join the conversation” does NOT mean it’s all about you. Old marketing values vs. new marketing values Don’t be that guy.
  10. Ooo! Shiny! They’re just tools. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, blogs, podcasts, Foursquare, Google Places, etc., etc. New channels to speak to people. There will always be new tools. What you are saying and who you are saying it to is most important. Not which tool you are using to say it.
  11. Social Media is a long-term commitment It’s a slow burn. A marathon. The web is littered with abandoned accounts from well-meaning people who just didn’t think things through.
  12. Why Bother? Because… •  The social web is happening whether you are participating or not. •  You are losing business to those doing a better job at it. •  You are likely over-spending on traditional advertising.
  13. Big Step Back a.k.a. Marketing 101
  14. Strategy & Tactics The 5 Ws are strategic Who What When Where Why How is tactical (Guinea pig time!)
  15. What? •  What are your objectives? –  Get new clients? –  Increase frequency of visits? –  Increase the level of services? (upsell) –  Raise your profile within your peer group? –  Raise your profile outside of your local geography?
  16. Who? •  Who do you want to reach for those objectives? –  Non-clients in your geographic locale? –  Existing clients? –  Friends & family of existing clients? –  Other dentists and/or specialists? –  National organizations? –  Media?
  17. Why? •  Why are you different from your competition? –  Staff? –  Ambiance? –  Awards? –  Rare abilities? –  Specialization? –  Customer care? –  Flexible booking schedule?
  18. When? •  When should you market to reach your objectives? –  Time of day? –  Season? –  New staff? –  Daily/Weekly/Monthly intervals? –  New techniques/products? –  At time of visit?
  19. Where? •  Where should you target your potential clients? –  In your office? –  In their homes? –  At work? –  In the car/on transit? –  In the neighborhood? –  On the internet? (I’ll explain a bit later how everything is social now.)
  20. What About How? •  Once you know your strategy: –  What your objective is –  Who you want to reach –  Why you are different –  When you should reach them –  Where you should reach them •  How is the LAST thing you should answer –  Don’t make the mistake of starting with How.
  21. How? •  Devise the tactics that you’ll use to reach your objectives –  Tactics are measureable –  You will likely have several that work together –  The 5Ws will drive everything you do. Create A (educational info - why) Targeted to B (parents - who) Distributed via C (email - where) Every D (month - when) Call to action resulting in E (2 referrals/month – what)
  22. Everything is Social
  23. Physical Places
  24. Physical Places
  25. Physical Places
  26. Print •  Billboards & print ads –  QR codes –  URLs
  27. Any Web Page •  Any page on the web –  Like / Tweet / +1 –  Email –  Delicious, Google Reader, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon
  28. Reviews Yelp, Google
  29. Types of Media
  30. Your Social Hub Your web site is your social hub. •  Make sure you’ve given it a tune up •  If you choose to have a blog, it should be on your site’s domain. •  Any online accounts should link back to your site •  Drive traffic from your outposts to your web site. •  Your site/blog will hold links to everything you’ve published online.
  31. V.I.T.A.L. Conent Ideas
  32. V.I.T.A.L. Content Video Images Text Audio Links
  33. Where Can I Put Content? Examples to create cross-linking •  Blog - home to all content + outposts + sharing •  YouTube channel - video content •  Facebook page – text*, photo*, video* + updates •  Twitter - updates & links •  Flickr - photo & light video content + sharing •  Email newsletter - text content + sharing •  Podcast - audio or video content * Beware Facebook’s right to use your content
  34. I Don’t Have Time for All of That! •  It comes down to making realistic expectations for how much you can produce and maintain •  Many of these ideas can be sliced & diced to multipurpose content across channels. •  Email marketing can repurpose blog content •  If you are in clinic, have Dentists take turns creating content. •  Think about partnering with a complementary service provider.
  35. Content Guidelines •  Video: ideal = 60 seconds, max = 3 mins. •  Blog posts: minimum 200 words, illustrate with an image, embed video from YouTube, photos from Flickr. •  Audio podcasts: Shorter is better. 5, 10, 20 minutes are more likely people will listen to whole thing. •  Make sure it fulfills your 5 Ws strategy. •  Be aware of your tone. •  Don’t be evil.
  36. Content Ideas •  Demystify the dentist: tools, jobs, who does what, dental specialties, why certain things are done (dental dams etc.), UV light, how to talk to your kids about visiting the dentist •  Care and maintenance: partials, braces, elder care, infants (milk), flossing for kids, the truth about baby teeth •  Health: X-ray facts, amalgam facts, Wisdom teeth facts, causes of bad breath, healthy mouth/healthy taste buds, top foods to damage teeth, cold sores & teeth, cankors – what are they? •  Procedures: Extraction, fillings, cleaning, fluoride, cosmetic procedures, how do braces get put on •  Emergency care: what do do if…/on weekend, tooth knocked out, lost filling, lost crown, cracked/chipped tooth, dry socket •  Consumer products review: truth about toothbrushes, toothpaste, home whitening, floss •  Community Help: non-profit/low-cost dental options for low income, students etc.; dental-related charity (smile train, etc.) •  Pop Culture: dental humor, celebrity makeover smiles (who’s had what done?), who are the dentists to the stars, top movies featuring dentists
  37. Content Aggregation •  Collect the best of the web for your niche. Make sure that it supports the 5 Ws. •  Once a week make a links post to the highlights from the web / news etc. •  Use Delicious to share your bookmarks to your blog. •  Use Google Reader and share the feed here. •  Use your Twitter account (in part) to post links to interesting stories (in addition to your own original content) •  Use Storify or for more depth
  38. Staying on Track •  Create a spreadsheet with the following: •  Editorial calendar, by week •  Measureable objectives with time frame •  Who’s responsible for which editorial piece •  Where editorial is distributed. •  Each week record # of Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, # of Foursquare checkins, # of reviews left on each of the sites etc. to track changes over time and spikes in performance. •  If you are using incentives like couponing or refer a friend loyalty via Facebook or other, track conversion. •  Track web traffic/visitors from Google Analytics on your site. •  Track Google Page Rank.
  39. Paid & Earned Media •  Facebook Ads & Google AdSense are highly targetable to location. •  If you have a special story to tell, reach out to bloggers to see if they’ll write about you (mom bloggers, dental bloggers, health bloggers.) •  Offer to guest post on other blogs. •  Don’t forget to reach out to your traditional local media as well.
  40. Last Words •  Don’t bite off more than you can sustain over the long-haul. •  Start small and grow incrementally. •  Make sure your sharing tools are everywhere! •  Explore what other dentists are doing and get inspired for ideas. •  Don’t forget to talk to your fans/followers directly. Be human. Show humor and tact. Show an interest in them, ask them what they want to see/know about. Be helpful. Be a good member of the community.
  41. Resources •  Content Rules by Ann Handley and CC Chapman • (social media education) • (inbound marketing tools, gradrs and info) • (directory of social business tools) • (how to, videos etc.) • (make video with music from photos) • (simple audio podcasting) •  NorthSocial (suite of Facebook apps)
  42. Thank you! Q&A @AdeleMcAlear Blog: 514.277.5623 Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada