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Title Goes Here

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It was on May 27, 2017 where I got an opportunity to share the colourful tale of designing for a startup and some of my experiences that has taken my life to new places, and how life experiences in turn have driven my multiple reincarnations as a designer.

Startup designers are usually expected to take too many avatars and most of the time we wear multiple hats, designers don’t have a title as such and that’s the reason why I named the presentation as ‘Title Goes Here’.

We’re occupied with too many things. Need illustrations for a blog post? You got it. Wait — those illustrations need to be animated now? Coming right up. Need marketing collateral? Leave it to us. Need print material for our merchants? Done!. Need interior design advice? Startup Designer can handle it! You get the idea.

At the stage of huge crisis the must have attitude for startup designers is to understand when and where they can affect change, and when to close their eyes, take a deep breath, and know everything will be ok.

Medium Blog: http://bit.ly/titlegoeshere

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