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Building on Water @Dutch Embassy

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Materi Paparan Konferensi "Bangunan diatas Air" ( Building on Water Converence) Erasmus Huis, Jakarta, 9 April 2013.



(please forgive for my poor in English..)

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Building on Water @Dutch Embassy

  2. 2. Background A lack of land-provide was decreased Climate change and population increase fast BUILDING ON WATER: Housing, Infrastructures and service facilities
  3. 3. LEARN FROM WATERFRONT CITY Indonesia as Island Nation BUILDING ON WATER Pontianak as WATERFRONT CITY They made their homes and environment comfort with sea and waterside around.
  4. 4. Pontianak Waterfront City
  5. 5. Pontianak : kota air (water city, waterstad)
  6. 6. Building on water at Pontianak  Geretak as a Stage Structure for Infrastructure & facilities Platform.
  7. 7. Courtesy of Mr. Nizar Kauzar Photographs Water Level in Ebb condition (surut) Water Level in Tide condition (pasang)
  8. 8. LEARN FROM WATERFRONT CITY liked promenade made from lumber structure on the river front and wet areas GERETAK as Pathways pathways with stage structure Could be integrated to place utilities
  9. 9. LEARN FROM KOTA AIR intended to support accessibility of community around the river and any wet areas at the city also functioned for a dock/pier and a place of gathering peoples occasionally GERETAK as infrastructure platform usually placed by the cable web of electricity, Telephone, water pipe, etc
  10. 10. Courtesy of Mr. Nizar Kauzar Photographs “functioned for a dock/pier and a place of gathering peoples “
  11. 11. Building on water at Pontianak  INFRASTRUCTURE & SERVICE FACILITIES
  12. 12. Courtesy of Mr. Nizar Kauzar Photographs Bracket / clamp of pipe & cable
  13. 13. Courtesy of Mr. Nizar Kauzar Photographs Un-integrated Water pipe
  14. 14. Environmental and Social Issues
  15. 15. ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL ISSUES GERETAK as PATHWAY has changed its materials commonly with concrete a part of its unique was gone threatened ancient districts
  16. 16. ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL ISSUES increased capacity of national and local civil society groups to manage and deliver conservation initiatives in a strategic and effective manner linked to development and landscape planning and natural resource management CONSERVING GERETAK to generation, adoption, adaptation, and application of lessons for improved conservation outcomes
  17. 17. Building on water at Pontianak  Design Innovations: FLOATING STRUCTURES
  18. 18. Building on water: Innovations & Inventions  Floating Structures  Anchored Structures  Telescopic Structures
  19. 19. CONSIDERATIONS ACTIONS Screening criteria and planning procedures for Building on Water Environmental Assessment on Water area Involuntary Resettlement: Jakarta case The policies on physical & cultural resources Environmental and Social Safeguard Process and Responsibilities
  20. 20. ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT ON WATER AREA  The structure of building on water should not harm the ecosystem surroundings.  Needs a specific assessment of water science and environment competency
  21. 21. Screening criteria and planning procedures for Building on Water  Needs codes and design criteria of building on water
  22. 22. THE POLICIES ON PHYSICAL CULTURAL RESOURCES  Development on water will involving many interest  Needs policies on physical, social and cultural resources.
  23. 23. Waterfront Development Involuntary Resettlement: Jakarta case  should be prepared firstly with infrastructure planning.  should be considering about how to manage utilities and service
  24. 24. Back to reality: Jakarta Nowadays
  25. 25. The Ancient Study: Jakarta as a Waterfront City
  26. 26. Jayakarta,abad-16 Batavia, abad-17 Batavia,abad-17
  27. 27. The future : Jakarta Waterfront City
  28. 28. Environmental and Social Safeguard Process and Responsibilities  should be managed with Environmental and Social Safeguard Process and Responsibilities.  Involving active peoples and community participation  neighborhoods development on water area.
  29. 29. References:  Priatmodjo, Danang. Waterfront City. Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, 2010  Jones, Bernie. Neighborhood Planning. Chicago : American Planning Association , 1990.  Hester, Randolph T. Planning Neighborhood Space with People. New York :Van Nostrand Reinhold Company Inc. , 1984.  Clay, Phillip L. Neighborhood Policy and Planning. Lexington : D.C. Heath and Company, 1983.  Kauzar, Nizar. Best Photographers of Pontianak Communities. Pontianak, 2011-1012. ---- @ ----
  30. 30. “Cuci tangan sampai bersih” CUKUP SEKIAN, TERIMA KASIH adinarch@yahoo.com