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Ignite Presentation_Aditya

  1. Experiential Education and Student Leadership By Aditya,based on the work of Joy In Classrooms
  2. How many people do you know in this room? A) No one B) A few C) Lots
  3. After graduating from your program of TFI,you would: A) Continue working in classrooms, B) May not continue working in classrooms
  4. Leadership can be practiced by: A) A select few people B) Anyone and everyone
  5. Which statement do you agree more with: A) There is one correct way of leading B) There are several correct ways of leading
  6. Leadership is… A) Continuous action informed by a mindset B) A periodic action
  7. Note down one thing that you would like to take away from this session.
  8. Categorise! Philosophy ↓ Mindset ↓ Meaningful Actions →What does leadership mean to me? →Am I practicing the leadership that I want my students to embody? → How do I create opportunities for them to become leaders?
  9. Self- Verification
  10. Imagine a class where student leadership exists! What do you see and/or hear? Collaborative Leadership
  11. A Critical Look What do you think, would help children take these leadership actions? What do you think, would stop children from taking these leadership actions?
  12. Safe Learning Environments P hysical Safety I ntellectual Safety E motional Safety S ocial Safety = PIES safety
  13. Experiential Education Cycle
  14. Role of the Teacher
  15. Cooperation Stage – Leader • Put ups/put downs, Hidden agendas, Active Listening, Mixing, Perspective Taking • Takes care of confusion,along with anxiety. • Students try to make sense of their environment.Anyone walking by the classroom would see the teacher directing the activities. • Active leadership role. Leadership is welcome.Gurukul First Day • The students are seen making sure what they are ‘supposed to do’. • At this point,the teacher is seen as the expert. • Playing,Getting to know each other,Challenge by Choice
  16. Play For Peace Core Values: 1. Inclusion 2. No Competition 3. Emotional and Physical Safety (rules,no correct way) 4. Role Model 5. Fun! Khel Se Mel – Documentary on YouTube -23 minutes (English Subtitles)
  17. Trust Building Stage - Guide - Making mistakes,trustworthiness,Empathy,Risk Taking, Physical and emotional - Power shift begins. - Still in charge of PIES safety.Taking help of the Contract. - Expression and class vocabulary – Nexta Hungra - Opportunities to students to make decisions - Processing is important during this phase -reflection journal - Spotlight activities,Blindfold activities,Risk Taking
  18. Problem Solving stage - Mentor - Decision making,Group Goals,Taking Turns,Leadership, Conflict Resolution - Process observer. - Sometimes a well-placed time-out for an observation from you is all your students need in order to refocus. (Rule of Loud Example) - Sharing observations - Helps make students aware of strategies they may not have known about before. (new stuff) - Academic Content, Problem Solving Initiatives
  19. Challenge Stage - Consultant • Individual goals,Stating needs,Support,getting over fears,Success / failure • An equal part of the community – approval of leave • No longer the sole expert • Can offer connection to the larger picture and offer suggestions • Students can choose to take your advice or not. • Encourage independence.Challenge by Choice. • Handle the meta-data • Community work,Outdoor experiences,Presentations and projects
  20. 3 personal keywords 1. Trust the process 2. Self-facilitation 3. Relationships
  21. Reflection 1. Think about the last 50 minutes and your original objective 2. Continue,Start,Stop
  22. • References: • Journey Toward The Caring Classroom, By Laurie Frank • Article ‘Creating Safe Environments’ – Trimiti Newsletter on Mental Health – Aditya and Nisha (2014) • Group Formation,Group Challenge,Group Support,and Group Achievement are from p.32 of “A Dissertation of Varying the Sequence of Categories of Adventure Activities on the Development of Group Cohesion,” an unpublished dissertation by Christian Bisson,1997.
  23. Thank you! ANY KOCHANS?