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Discover how you too can achieve amazing abs

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For many achieving amazing abs has been a dream. Now discovering how to achieve amazing abs can be done by you as well.

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Discover how you too can achieve amazing abs

  1. 1. ==== ====Discover how to get the body you have always wanted. Get amazing abs.http://www.dietformusclebuilding.com/go/GetAmazingAbs==== ====It is pretty much common sense to know the how to of six pack abs. We all know that in order tobe at our optimal health we must eat right and exercise regularly. The same concept applies whenyou are talking about six pack abs and the how to of getting them. However, there are finer pointsthat most like to call "secrets" and you will probably have to pay a small fee to gain, but here are afew main tips to get you started.#1 - EatingYou will have to change your eating habits if you want those hot abs that you desire. This goes forboth women and men and either the flat stomach or the ripped washboard abs. There is a certainway to eat to give you the best shot at gaining the 6 pack that you desire.Start by getting rid of the 3 meals a day thinking. This is not how we were meant to eat and ourmetabolism only hits its top working level when we graze all day long. Cut your meal portions inhalf and eat 6 times a day. This habit will take a couple of weeks to change, but after that it will beroutine.Also, you will need to avoid certain foods and load up on others. Here are two lists to work with:Avoid these at all costs-fructose corn syrup-sugars-soda/pop-fast food-white bread-hydrogenated oils-white pastaThese are great for you-oatmeal-olive oil-whole grain breads-vegetables and fruits-nuts-natural peanut butter-Chicken, Fish, other Proteins
  2. 2. #2 - ExerciseThe other part of any diet and exercise plan obviously is the exercise. So how much should youexercise and what should you do?You need to be hitting the gym 3 to 4 times a week and using three types of exercise: cardio,abdominal, and weight lifting.Cardio needs to be performed two to three times a week and you should do speed type of training.For example, if you are running you should jog lightly for a minute, then sprint for 15 second.Repeat this 10 to 15 times and you will be doing exactly what you need to do. This will help raiseyour HGH levels and that helps your muscle grow.Weight lifting is important because for every 3 pounds of muscle your body will automatically burnas many calories as if you went and jogged a mile each day. This is done even without any extrawork on your part. You should put in 2 lifting sessions of a half hour each and make sure you workeach major muscle group once per week. There are many different exercises you can use andyour personal trainer can show you a variety of choices or you can do a quick Google search.Last, we have the abdominal workout. This is key to the how to of six pack abs. Perform the wrongexercises here and you are wasting your time and probably hurting your back. Perform the rightexercises and you will see results in 90 days and within 6 months you can make a full bodytransformation.The last tips you need to know is that your body will get used to the same exercise routine overtime so every couple weeks you need to vary it a little bit to keep your body guessing. This willpromote growth in areas you never thought possible.Click Here if you want to discover all the "Secrets" to getting that Six Pack of Abs you desire!Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Brandon_Jiles==== ====Discover how to get the body you have always wanted. Get amazing abs.
  3. 3. http://www.dietformusclebuilding.com/go/GetAmazingAbs==== ====