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Livespeakr - Portable iPod & iPhone Speaker system

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Livespeakr provides unique ultra-portable, multi-functional iPod and iPhone speaker system with superb sounding quality.

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Livespeakr - Portable iPod & iPhone Speaker system

  1. 1. … ......ultimate sound quality on the go!
  2. 2. Livespeakr is a unique ultra-portable, multi-functional speaker system developed by Digital Group Audio (DGA) . It has been designed for use with all generations of iPhone, iPod Touch & iPod Classic . The unique style of the Livespeakr is visually stunning featuring bold design inspired by modern art. Livespeakr is shielded against radio frequency interference that plagues other speaker systems. When the iPhone receives an incoming phone call, the music is automatically lowered and the Livespeakr acts as a speakerphone enhancement, routing the call audio through the speakers and allowing convenient conference call capability.
  3. 4. The 3-Click System Click 1: Simply clip the media player into the Livespeakr and the speakers are stored hidden behind the unit for maximum portability. Click 2: Give the unit a gentle rotation and the Livespeakr rotates 90 degrees to rest in the vertical or portrait position. The user will receive tactile feedback by feeling and hearing a click. Click 3: Another twist will turn the unit another 90 degrees, the speakers will expand and the unit will emit another clicking noise indicating the Livespeakr is now locked in the landscape mode. Simply reverse these clicks to put the Livespeakr back into storage.
  4. 6. Key Features Expanding and contracting speakers allow the livespeakr to work in portrait and landscape positions. Rubberized feet prevent your unit from sliding and keep it stable. The stand features multiple viewing angles working both with landscape and portrait mode. Powered by an AC Adapter or internal re-chargeable Lithium Ion Battery for maximum portability.
  5. 8. Order Your Livespeakr Today at www.livespeakr.com !