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Turkey sunumum
Turkey sunumum
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Brief intro türkbirligi (2007 ver.)



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Turkish task presented in Spain, March, 2010.

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Brief intro türkbirligi (2007 ver.)

  1. 1. Brief Introductions About Us
  2. 2. This presentation includes introductions to… Turkey (our country) İzmir (the city we live in) Karşıyaka (where our school is) and our school
  3. 3. Introduction to Turkey (Flag of Republic of Turkey)
  4. 4. This is the location of Turkey over the world.
  5. 5. Turkey is a Eurasian country that stretches across the western Asia and southeastern Europe.
  6. 6. Turkey is bordered by eight countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.
  7. 7. Turkey is the successor state of the defunct Ottoman Empire… Ottoman Empire in 1683 (at the height of its power)
  8. 8. … and it was founded by Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK after Turkish War of Independence against Allies of World War I. Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK (1881 – 1938)
  9. 9. Turkey is subdivided into 81 provinces. 16 of them are metropole provinces.
  10. 10. İzmir (where we are coming) İstanbul (pre-Republic capital – most famous city) and Ankara (capital of Turkey) are leading provinces of Turkey.
  11. 11. The population of Turkey is 72.5 million. Over 20.5 million live in 3 leading provinces. Ethnic Turks form the majority of the population. The predominant religion is Islam but it is not official state religion. (Since Turkey is a secular state.)
  12. 12. Turkey has close relations with both Western and Eastern World. It is member of many international and regional organizations. Turkey has officially begun formal accession negotiations with the European Union since October 3, 2005
  13. 13. Education in Turkey (This is the logo of Turkish Ministry of Education)
  14. 14. Pre-Primary Education Maximum of 3 years between the ages of 4 and 6. For 6 years old kids it is compulsory and without any cost.
  15. 15. Primary Education 8 years (ages of 7 and 14) First 5 years classroom teachers , last 3 years branch teachers attend lessons. Last 3 years students take an exam at the end of year. According to their total score they choose secondary education schools. Primary eduction is compulsory and without any cost.
  16. 16. Secondary Education 4 to 5 years according to kind of school Main kinds are Anatolian High Schools, Science High Schools, and Vocational High Schools. Completing school students who want higher education (university) degrees have to attend a two phased exam
  17. 17. Higher education degrees offered by Turkish Universities Associate Degree (2 years) Undergraduate Degree (4 to 6 years) Master Degree (2 to 3 years) PhD Degree (4 to 5 years) Some universities offer distance education for all of these degrees.
  18. 18. Introduction Video Of Turkey
  19. 20. Introduction to İzmir
  20. 21. İzmir is located in the west part of Turkey. It is composed of 30 districts, 12 of which are metropolitan districts.
  21. 22. İzmir is… the third most populous city in Turkey (3,5 million) the second largest port city Turkey’s third largest exporter and fifth largest importer
  22. 23. İzmir has… almost 5000 years of history (Several artifacts dating roughly from 3000 BC were found) The Alsancak Terminal (1858) the oldest train station in Turkey
  23. 24. İzmir is home to… 7 Universities (3 public one and 4 private) the third U.S. Space Camp in the world
  24. 25. Food Associated to İzmir A Kind of Dessert A Kind of Patty A Kind of Fast Food Lokma Boyoz Kumru
  25. 26. Introduction Video Of İzmir
  26. 28. Introduction to Karşıyaka Exact English translation of Karşıyaka is “the opposite shore”
  27. 29. Karşıyaka is located in the northern and eastern coastline of the tip of the Gulf of İzmir
  28. 30. Karşıyaka is the second largest district of İzmir in terms of population Karşıyaka's overall level of education is recognized as being of the highest in Turkey
  29. 31. Sport is very important part of daily life in Karşıyaka Karşıyaka Sports Club is the sports club of Karşıyaka It is also called "K S K”
  30. 32. K S K’s… Football team is presently in second level but very close to Super League Basketball and volleyball branches are leading contenders in their fields.
  31. 33. Photos of Karşıyaka
  32. 50. Introduction to Our School
  33. 51. Our school is the oldest school in Karşıyaka (108 years) There are nearly 1100 students and 33 classes. Students of grades 5 to 8 (total 16 classes) come to school from 08:00 till 13:00 Students of grades 1 to 5 (total 17 classes) come to school from 13:00 till 18:00
  34. 52. School Staff a Headmaster 2 Assistants of Headmaster 2 Psychological Adviser a Information Technologies Teacher 19 Classroom Teachers 27 Branch Teachers
  35. 53. Our School Building includes: 17 Classrooms a pre-primary education classroom a computer lab a science lab a library a school hall
  36. 54. Introduction Video Of Our School