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  1. 1. Moctezuma Moctezuma I (c. 1398–1469), also known as Motecuhzoma, Huehuemotecuhzoma or Montezuma I was the fifth Aztec emperor - king of Tenochtitlan. During his reign the Aztec Empire was consolidated, major expansion was undertaken and Tenochtitlan started becoming the dominant partner of the Aztec triple alliance. Moctezuma was the son of emperor Huitzilihuitl and queen Miahuaxihuitl. He was a brother of Chimalpopoca, Tlacaelel I and Huehue Zaca. Moctezuma executed Zaca for singing and beating his drum loudly. According to legend, Miahuaxihuitl miraculously became pregnant with Moctezuma after swallowing a jewel. This may be the origin of the name Ilhuicamina. Moctezuma later married to Chichimecacihuatzin I , his mother's niece. After defeating the King of Tlatelolco, which had attempted to usurp the Aztec throne, submit to Atonal, Lord of Coixtlahuaca, and razing the cities of Chalco and Tepeaca, he extended his possessions into areas, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Puebla and Oaxaca, and came to dominate the plateau of Anahuac. These victories enabled him to consolidate absolute power, of theocratic character, against the always influential military and priestly nobility. However, it could not prevent a series of calamities, natural, such as floods and famines, asolaran his empire, which resulted in the proliferation of human sacrifice to appease the anger of the gods.