The Classification Of Pearl, How Much Do You Know?
The Classification Of Pearl, How Much Do You Know?
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The Classification Of Pearl, How Much Do You Know?

  1. The Classification Of Pearl, How Much Do You Know? For centuries, pearl jewelry have been considered as the symbol of beauty and purity. It is also because this reason that people make jewelry with pearls. Then, all kinds of glorious pearl jewelry is produced. However, how much do you know about pearl? There are lots of types of pearls. First, for example, according to the reason pearls are generated, pearls can be classified as natural pearls and cultured pearls. Natural pearls come from wild shells and cultured pearls are produced by people. Natural pearls are always in deep seas, so they are hard to get and thus more expensive. Second, there are freshwater pearls and sea-water pearls. Freshwater pearls are produced by clams in fresh water, while sea-water pearls come from shells in deep sea. Freshwater pearls are often smaller than sea-water pearls and freshwater pearls have lots of shapes, but sea-water pearls are always round. Third, pearls have lots of color, such as white, red, yellow, grey and so on. Some pearls are dyed into different color and become more beautiful. Finally, pearls have different shapes. What are most usual are round, elliptical and semi- circle. After we learn about pearl, we will know a lot about pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry is the most fashion jewelry in 2013, and we can even call pearl jewelry as jewelry 2013. Real pearl jewelry is a bit expensive, so you’d better wholesale handmade jewelry. Which can save you a lot money. we can call our friends or relatives to buy pearl jewelry together.
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