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SEO Linkbuilder

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At SEO Linkbuilder We provide you the best quality, productivity and affordable link-building services to gain maximum visibility to your website.

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SEO Linkbuilder

  1. 1. NEW LINK BUILDING RATESFair, Transparent, Consistent and Affordable
  2. 2. LINK BUILDING PACKAGESBronze Package : £175 per MonthSilver Package : £275 per monthGold Package : £400 per monthPlatinum Package : £550 per month Please read next slides to see what you get for your money
  3. 3. BRONZE PACKAGEOne unique article creationManual article submission to top 10 Article websitesOne manual social bookmark in top 50 social bookmarking sitesManual submission to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo ect30 manual directory submissions Check next slide for Silver Package
  4. 4. SILVER PACKAGE• Free basic on-page and keyword research• Creation of 2 new articles• Manual submission to 30 top article sites• 2 manual social bookmarks for each article in the top 50 bookmarking sites• Profile set-up in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin• Create 1 web 2.0 page• 60 manual directory submissions (including local directories)• 50 blog comments in your niche and top blogs• Read the next page for Gold package details
  5. 5. GOLD PACKAGE• Standard on page report on – meta tags, links and content (10 pages)• Google Analytics set-up• 200 manual directory submission – contains local directories• Create 5 new articles• Manual submission to top 30 article sites plus article directories• Profile set-up in top social networking sites. Profiles updated daily with 4 links/tweets• Creation of 2 web 2.0 properties with your target keyword all linked to your articles and website. Linking structure applied• Manual social bookmarking to top 100 SBM sites and also pinged• 150 blog comments in your niche and marketplace• 60 Forum marketing posts with your website profile• Look at our Platinum package next
  6. 6. PLATINUM PACKAGE• Advanced on-page report – Meta-tags seo,, linking seo, content seo and image seo – upto 10 pages• Keyword research on 10 keywords. This will be conducted on Google search and results will include keyword competition, as well as global and local search results• 8 new articles created and sent to ALL article directories including top 50 directories• 100 forum comments in your niche• We will social bookmark your created articles and bookmark 4 of your website pages into ALL active social bookmarking sites (100) and then Ping all the links.• Profile set-up in top social networking sites. We will also update your profile by 20 tweets, 4 Facebook and Google+links and 1 Pinterest link everyday.• Manual directory submissions to the top 400 directories (including local) – Not less than PR3 sites• Blog and RSS submission to top directories• Set-up and monitor Google Analytics and Google Webmaster PLEASE NOTE
  7. 7. PLEASE NOTE• Monthly work reports will be provided so you can get all the progress of your project such as, search engine placements, backlinks and number of links submitted every month.• A dedicated link builder and team leader are appointed to your project. You can consult with your team leader at any stage.• All packages are 2 months minimum duration.
  8. 8. CONTACTTo proceed with your booking please contact Adrian Whitworth by any of thefollowing ways:Skype ID : adrianjohnwhitworthUK telephone : 01422 355349 and 07971 796 748Email : Adrian@adrianwhitworth.comI look forward to working with you