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Hotel security officer resume sample pdf ebook free download

hotel security officer resume sample pdf ebook free download

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Hotel security officer resume sample pdf ebook free download

  1. 1. 15 tips 1 to write a killer resume for position: FREE EBOOK: hotel security officer Tags: hotel security officer resume sample, hotel security officer resume template, how to write a killer hotel security officer resume, writing tips for hotel security officer cover letter, hotel security officer interview questions and answers pdf ebook free download
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  3. 3. Top materials for hotel security officer job interviews: + 64 resume samples: resume123.org/free-download-64-resume-samples s + 36 secrets to write a successful resume: resume123.org/free-ebook-36- secrets-to-write-a-successful-resume s + Free ebook 195 interview questions and answers: jobinterview247.com/free-ebook-195-interview-questions-and- answers s + Free ebook 48 secrets to win every job interview: interviewtips365.info/free-ebook-48-secrets-to-win-every-job- interviews 3
  4. 4. 1. Think of your resume as a marketing tool 4 It’s easy to think of your resume as a summary of your work experience. But a resume isn’t just about listing your professional history. Rather, it’s a strategic tool for marketing your individual brand. Consider the perspective of a recruiter. The recruiter is seeking a candidate who fits a job description and can bring value to an organization. They don’t have time to delve into your resume and figure out who you are, so you need to connect the dots for them. As you build a resume, think strategically. Consider what you’ve accomplished in the past and what you can offer in the future. Make sure your resume tells a clear story about who you are as a professional. When it comes to the job hunt, you need to sell yourself as the best candidate for the role. hotel security officer resume sample
  5. 5. 2. Adapting your resume to your target audience Always make sure to tailor your resume, including job titles and descriptions, to the job for which you are applying. Each time, before you send your resume for a specific position, research the position and company. Create a master resume, which will list your job experience, education and skills. As you prepare to apply for a specific job, customize your resume to reflect the priorities emphasized by the company for this position, using language similar to theirs. 5 hotel security officer resume sample
  6. 6. 3. Avoid the type of errors that beginners would make Looking for your first practical experience in accounting? Don’t neglect the “employment” section of your resume. Mention your relevant work experience, extra-curricular activities and any related community service. And finally, make sure that your writing is good. All employers are sensitive to spelling mistakes and may set aside your application based on that criterion alone! 6 hotel security officer resume sample
  7. 7. 4. Tailored to the Job No, you don’t have to write a new resume from scratch every time you apply for another job. But you should take your master resume and edit it slightly for every job. Tailor your summary of qualifications to use the same terminology, in the same order the employer used in the job posting. For example, let’s say you’re applying for jobs in Facilities Maintenance, and you have experience in painting, carpentry, electrical, and plumbing. In addition to those qualifications, you might edit your resume as follows: • For a job at an apartment complex, emphasize your locksmith experience and your diplomacy in dealing with irate tenants. • For a nursing home job, highlight your commitment7 hotel security officer resume sample
  8. 8. 5. Use bullet points and keywords Bullet points with facts and figures will better demonstrate your skills and experience than long sentences, says David Esposito, managing partner at Harvest Time Partners, a professional development and venture capital firm. Consider adding a career summary near the top of your resume that includes two or three bullet points demonstrating the key skills and the value you’ll bring the employer. Not only will this give you an opportunity to use the keywords robots love, but it also will force you to put some serious thought into your elevator pitch, Esposito says. Elsewhere in your resume, bullet points can be a quick and effective way to show the results you delivered or key experience you’ve acquired at previous jobs. “Bullet points within each position should be listed in order of importance relative to the job you want next, not chronologically,” says Bettina Seidman, president of career coaching service Seidbet Associates. 8 hotel security officer resume sample
  9. 9. 6. Quantify Your Impact Tip: Show your accomplishments in numbers, not just words. It’s such an easy way to standout since few people do this. Answer questions such as: how much money did you manage? How many people attended your last event? How many views did your promotional video have? Examples: • Weak: Managed a budget to plan large-scale events for students • Strong: Managed $12,000 budget to plan large-scale events for 2,500 students • Weak: Compiled a pitch deck for buyout of automotive company • Strong: Compiled a 44-page pitch deck for buyout of $53 million automotive company • Weak: Wrote articles on entrepreneurship and technology • Strong: Wrote 8 articles on entrepreneurship and technology, generating 107,000 page views, 8,003 likes, and 3,723 tweets 9 hotel security officer resume sample
  10. 10. 7. Offer a skills summary right off the bat As you start to build a resume, consider adding a skills summary to the top. Make sure to reflect the job description when you describe your own areas of proficiency. For instance, a company hiring a digital product designer might look for someone skilled in a program like Sketch or InVision. A recruiter looking for a marketer might seek someone familiar with Google Analytics and Google AdWords. Review the job description as you build your skills summary. That way, this section can be both accurate and tailored to the job at hand. 10 hotel security officer resume sample
  11. 11. 8. Ditch the personal objective statement Career counselors used to encourage applicants to include a personal objective statement at the top of their resume. It would say something about what kind of job and organization you’re seeking. But the objective statement has largely fallen out of favor. For one thing, recruiters tend to care more about what they’re looking for than what you’re looking for. Another important reason is that objective statements are often too generic to add much. Unless you’re able to make an impactful statement, it won’t improve your application. It’s better to leave it off. 11 hotel security officer resume sample
  12. 12. 9. Highlight your accomplishments rather than your responsibilities When you build a resume, you’ll provide a few bullet points under each job title. But don’t use this space to simply describe your responsibilities. Instead, focus on your achievements. “Don’t just rewrite the job description for your previous jobs, I promise you it won’t make an impression,” said Eleni Cotsis, a hiring manager for AllTheRooms and freelance recruiter for New York-based startups. “Explain what you accomplished and why you did the job better than someone else would have in that same position.” For example, consider these two statements for someone in account management: • Handled accounts for public relations firm. • Managed 10 accounts in excess of $5 million annually and came in under budget by 10 percent. 12 hotel security officer resume sample
  13. 13. 10. Limit your resume to one page You may have heard the warning not to exceed one page for your resume. For most people, this old rule of thumb holds true. You should be able to communicate everything you need to say on a single page. Of course, there may be some situations where it makes sense to exceed a page. For instance, you may need additional bandwidth if you’re applying for upper management or a professorship at a college. But otherwise, you’ll likely be better off sticking to one page. If you’re emailing your resume, try saving it as a PDF first. That way, the recruiter will see the right page length and formatting. 13 hotel security officer resume sample
  14. 14. But Don’t be afraid to use a second page A one-page resume is a commonly- used recommendation which is hardly realistic to follow. Don’t feel that you must limit the resume to one page, think about the most relevant information you better include on this page. If you do use a second page, include a header with your name and contact information at the top of this page. Be sure to leave some “white space” on your resume; crowding all your information on to one page makes it difficult to highlight the important information. 14 hotel security officer resume sample
  15. 15. 11. Focus on core skills. When you know what core skills are important to the employer, you have to write it in a manner that demonstrates you have those skills – offer quantifiable results. Avoid including information that is irrelevant or that doesn’t add value. If you do, it will only dilute your message. 15 hotel security officer resume sample
  16. 16. 12. Proofread several times When you build a resume, you must be very detail-oriented. First, you must ensure a consistent design. Be intentional about margins, font, font size, and spacing. Second, double check your spelling, punctuation, and word choice. And make sure your dates of employment are correct. “Clean formatting and no typos are huge for me,” said Stephanie Prause, a corporate communications professional who works with college students on their resumes. “I almost immediately write off candidates who fail on these two items.” A resume contains a lot of specific information. Before sending it off to an organization, check everything for accuracy. 16 hotel security officer resume sample
  17. 17. 13. Ask for advice It can also be helpful to seek out another pair of eyes. Ask a friend or coworker to look over your resume. When you stare at a document for a long time, sometimes you can no longer see its strengths and weaknesses. Gaining a fresh and objective perspective can help you identify areas for improvement. 17 hotel security officer resume sample
  18. 18. 14. Ramp up your LinkedIn profile Beyond your resume, many recruiters check out your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is also a useful tool for reaching out to your network and discovering job opportunities. So don’t forget to build your LinkedIn profile with as much care as you do your resume. Use the same principles on LinkedIn as you do in your resume. Use action verbs and highlight your accomplishments. You can also add testimonials from past employers or coworkers. Make sure your LinkedIn profile and resume are consistent with each other. You wouldn’t want a recruiter to ask why your LinkedIn profile tells a different story than your resume. 18 hotel security officer resume sample
  19. 19. 15. Take out unnecessary information Keep your personal details to a minimum. Name, phone, email and a suburb or postcode instead of your full address will be enough. Only include hobbies if they are relevant to the role. If you’re applying for a youth worker role they would probably be happy to know you’re a scout leader. Whereas sharing your fondness for binge watching Netflix is something you can save for the tearoom. Unless specified in the job advertisement, supply references only upon request. This is often the final step in the recruitment process, you generally won’t have to supply details 19 hotel security officer resume sample