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All About Memes (Pop Culture to Watch) (2014 Edition)

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Internet memes are extremely popular in today’s world, especially with younger audiences, but can be overwhelming for some. Between LOLcats, Ylvis, Gangnam Style, and Doge, it sometimes seems like a different language. In this class, we will learn exactly what a meme is and some of the most popular memes being used on the Internet today. We will also talk about resources you can use to learn more about various memes or other slang words. Finally, we will discuss how other libraries are using memes and how you can easily create your own images for use in flyers and other promotional materials.

Rachel Eichen is a certified presenter who has had over three years of teaching experience. She has taught computer classes to passengers on the Grand Princess cruise ship, which included such topics as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office. She also taught classes while working within the software industry. She enjoys learning about new technology trends and loves sharing this information with others. Rachel holds a Master’s degree in Library & Information Science and a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing.

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All About Memes (Pop Culture to Watch) (2014 Edition)

  1. 1. Connecting with Pop Culture:
  2. 2. Quick Poll How much do you already know about memes? (1-10)
  3. 3. What is this class about? Meme: Philosoraptor
  4. 4. What is a meme? “A way for people to transmit social memories and cultural ideas to each other” 1976, Richard Dawkins
  5. 5. Memes are … Quick to digest and mostly individual creations Meme: First World Problems
  6. 6. Memes are … More popular with younger audiences Meme: Duck Face/Invisible Spaghetti
  7. 7. Memes are … Constantly changing and evolving Meme: Actual Advice Mallard
  8. 8. A meme is like a joke we all know...
  9. 9. With many variations…
  10. 10. Memes are… Mostly humor or shock-value based Meme: Grumpy Cat
  11. 11. Memes … Combine elements from other memes Meme: Keep Calm and Carry On Meme: Frozen
  12. 12. Types of Memes Image Macros Meme: Ridiculously Photogenic Guy
  13. 13. Variations..
  14. 14. LOLCats Meme: LOLCats
  15. 15. Variations
  16. 16. Types of Memes Viral Images Meme: Doge
  17. 17. Variations
  18. 18. Variations
  19. 19. Types of Memes Viral Videos Meme: Gangnam Style
  20. 20. Variations
  21. 21. Other viral videos Meme: What Does the Fox Say Meme: Harlem Shake
  22. 22. Types of Memes Catchphrases Meme: Haters Gonna Hate
  23. 23. Variations
  24. 24. How memes spread
  25. 25. How memes spread
  26. 26. How memes spread TV & Movies
  27. 27. Downsides Memes don’t always respect privacy or copyright Meme: O RLY?
  28. 28. Memes can have a short lifespan
  29. 29. Memes can be insulting Meme: Unflattering Beyonce
  30. 30. Research! http://www.knowyourmeme.com/
  31. 31. Research http://www.urbandictionary.com/
  32. 32. Memes & Libraries
  33. 33. http://elizabethlieutenant.com/2013/11/27/o pen-access-journal-articles-lis-meme/
  34. 34. https://twitter.com/Dogebrarian
  35. 35. Create Your Own! http://memegenerator.net/ http://memegenerator.net/Ridiculously-Photogenic-Guy- Zeddie
  36. 36. Create Your Own! http://dogr.io/
  37. 37. Other Good Resources  Wikipedia  WhatsaMeme  History of Internet Memes  I Can Has Cheezburger?
  38. 38. Best Practices for Memes  Never use outdated memes  Who is going to be your audience?  Give yourself time to research  Make sure you understand usage  Look up unfamiliar terms
  39. 39. You just got Rickrolled!  Never use outdated memes  Who is going to be your audience?  Give yourself time to research  Make sure you understand usage  Look up unfamiliar terms Meme: Rickroll
  40. 40. Go forth and create! Meme: X all the Y
  41. 41. Any questions?
  42. 42. adverb@gmail.com slideshare.net/adverb Rachel Eichen www.learnsurge.com www.novarelibrary.com