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How To Achieve Fat Loss

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How To Achieve Fat Loss

  1. 1. ==== ====How To Get Lean Flat Abshttp://alturl.com/4shy6==== ====Before I get started on some very cool fat loss tips... Its important to cover why it is that fat lossand reducing body fat related information and products are so much in demand, yet obesity andbeing overweight are on the up and up - and are actually at the highest rate ever? With the healthand fitness industry booming it seems absurd that this is occurring. What the heck is happening,folks?Quick Note: Fat Loss is not the same as Weight Loss. Please dont get the two confused. Weightloss is "overall" loss of body weight where Fat Loss is based on reducing body fat.Temptation and Obstacles Effecting Your Attempts at Fat LossWe are tempted every day with fatty and sugary foods with super deals of quick easy mealsinvolving drive through access and home delivery. These fast food menus are "fast" and oftenseem "affordable" with meal deals for a family that have you convinced that its probably cheaperthan going to the shop and purchasing fresh food. Before you know it, its the end of the day, thefamily is hungry, dinner time is upon you and your beat. Its easy to see why people get caught upin the hype and convenience of it all when our lifestyles are so hectic.Onto the Fat Loss Tips...Fat Loss Tip 1. The "Alcohol Social and Relaxation" TemptationAn odd heading for this paragraph, I know, but I needed to draw your attention to the fact thatalcohol will not help your fat loss efforts. I know we hear the advice that "doctors say that itshealthy to have one or two glass of wine per day", however this is in regards to the properties ofred wine assisting in the prevention of clogged arteries - not a fat loss miracle! If red wine isnecessary for medicinal purposes and prescribed by a doctor then obviously your health comesfirst. However the topic here is fat loss...If you want to make a genuine effort to lose body fat those couple of alcoholic drinks per day couldeasily effect your fat loss attempts. So unless yours is the case above (medically prescribed) thenI would seriously think about "cutting back". Just going without those few EXTRA drinks after workor consuming less alcohol at social gatherings can make a considerable difference to how muchbody fat you lose.Your body will attempt to burn alcohol off first. If your goal is to increase the expenditure ofcalories and burn more body fat, but youre consuming those few extra glasses of alcohol than youneed too each day or week, its going to make it a lot harder to reach your goals. The energy valuefor alcohol calories is higher than protein and carbs. And its surprising how many folk overlook
  2. 2. beverage calories as not really counting, because its liquid or drink and not food. At the end of theday, it all counts!Fat Loss Tip 2. Quit Fooling YourselfDo not fool yourself by thinking that if you just exercise for one extra session per week you can ridyourself of ALL those extra calorie packed fatty, sugary foods or alcohol. Unfortunately our bodiesarent that easily fixed. If youre consuming way over what your body expends - calorie / energywise - youre going to need a whole heap more than 1 extra exercise session to whip yourmetabolism and your body into shape.Fat Loss Tip 3. Why Most People Dont Succeed at Losing Body FatOther than the temptations mentioned above people tend not to succeed at fat loss because theyare either not committed, not well informed on fat loss or they are committed for the wrongreasons. In other words you either arent abiding by the rules, or have been mislead by some otherbelief, OR you are trying to lose body fat because you are trying to keep other people happy ratherthan yourself.Make Sure You are Trying to Lose Body Fat to Please YOU, Not Everyone Else.Think about why it is you want to lose body fat. Make sure you really want to put in 100% effort.You want to feel great about making this decision not obliged to do it. Losing body fat can helpincrease your self-esteem as well as boosting your health so giving it your best shot with a positiveframe of mind is always the "way to go".Fat Loss Tip 4. Things that You Should Do Before You Get Started!Being organised with food preparation is very very important. It is exhausting coming home after along day and realising you have to then magically put something together for dinner (amongstother things) You can bet the children would jump for joy if you offered them Macs - addedbonus... theres no washing up the dishes after dinner either...Sound familiar?First you may want to make notes on what time of the day, when and where that you will mostprobably find it the most difficult to stick to this program. If, say for instance, "calling in at the drivethru for fast food on the way home from work or picking the children up" is where you find that youare most likely to go wrong with your eating plan then be prepared for it by making the appropriatechanges. eg Having a meal which is already partly prepared (veggies chopped) in the fridge sothat it will only take an extra 10 - 15 minutes to cook. If you take a small amount of time out eachweek to do some food preparation it will take a huge load of your shoulder when it comes time tocook your meals.Fat Loss Tip 5. Re-orgnanising Your Lifestyle - Dont Make it Difficult on Yourself!Re-orgnanising your lifestyle may be quite a challenge for most people and families. But if youwant to succeed at fat loss I am sure you want to be able to do it without tearing your hair out.Your goal is to re-arrange and plan your day so that you, your family and your new lifestyle canrun smoothly. Such as planning your low-fat meals and recipes in a diary. Planning your grocery
  3. 3. shop with a shopping list to prevent you from buying unnecessary junk food is also a great idea.Pre-preparing meals, making appointments for your exercise time slot etc all needs to be writteninto your diary or planner. You can tick each appointment off as the day progresses. Whenplanning your shopping list remember, that unless you have the time, dont go getting all creativewith lowfat banquets etc for lunches and dinner. Choose simple to prepare healthy ingredients andmeals.Fat Loss Tip 6. What Exercise Should I be Performing to Burn Body Fat?Mostly it depends on your fitness level and if you have any type of injuries, back pain or medicalconditions that may affect what you can and cant do. Make sure you check with your doctor firstbefore starting any type of exercise or eating program, so he / she can indicate and provide youwith a letter verifying that it is "ok" for you to start exercising and at what level. One more point... Ifyoure attending a gym or purchasing gym equipment please make the effort to ensure that yourfitness level is suited to the equipment or program youre performing. If in doubt seek advice froma professional - dont just assume because your next door neighbour or friend does it you can.Fat Loss Tip 7. Different Types of Exercising for Burning Body FatThere are plenty of ways to exercise to burn off body fat. Sure cardiovascular exercise viatreadmills and indoor cycles are great but if you really want to ramp things up a notch then tryusing machines that use both your upper and lower body. Why? Because youre exerting yourselffurther in turn burning off more calories. If you enjoy being outdoors then walking, jogging, running,hiking - just to name a few - are also great. Finding an activity that suits your bodys needs andfitness level is important.Weight or resistance training is a huge plus when it comes to cutting back bodyfat. Did you knowthat the more lean muscle mass you have the more calories you burn? This means that your bodycan burn more calories day and night - thats right - even while youre sleeping!To maximise your potential to burn off calories much more efficiently include weight / resistancetraining AND cardio into your program.Ive included some examples below of training routines to give you an idea of a typical program tohelp combat body fat. You can view them here: Fat Loss TipsFat Loss Tip 8. The Wrong Program for You: A Common Mistake that Leads to Lack of Fat LossHave you ever read a successful fat loss story that you, and everyone else you know, tried only tofind that it didnt work that well for you or them? Did you stop to think that maybe the person in thesuccess story had their program specifically designed for their body type, not yours! If you reallywant to "kick some fat loss butt" you need a program that is designed to suit your body type andfitness level. Dont expect super results from a program that someone else used, remember theymay have had a different metabolism, fitness level, body shape and eating program to you, whichmakes it very difficult for you to reach the same levels of fatloss as they did.
  4. 4. Where to go from here...For more fat loss tips and hints on how you can improve your efforts towards firing up yourmetabolism visit Virtual Fitness Trainer.Persons who are of good health, suspect of their health or are aware of any conditions, physicaldeficiencies or diseases should always consult a physician before undertaking any eating orexercise program.==== ====How To Get Lean Flat Abshttp://alturl.com/4shy6==== ====